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Key Takeaways

  • The best Raleigh commuter bikes are the Pioneer Crossbar, Pioneer Grand Tour, Strada City Hybrid Bike, and the Propaganda.
  • The best Raleigh classic bikes and mountain bikes are the Sherwood Low Step, Willow, Strada X, and Talus 2.
  • The best Raleigh E-Bikes are the Trace Electric Bike and the Motus Grand Tour.

Raleigh is an iconic bike brand from the UK with historic roots in the cycling industry. Their current line-up is expansive, diverse, and built with integrity.

The best Raleigh bikes are:

  • Pioneer Crossbar (Best-Value Commuter Bike)
  • Pioneer Grand Tour (Best Overall Commuter Bike)
  • Strada City Hybrid Bike (Best Speed Commuter Bike)
  • Propaganda (Best Aesthetic Commuter Bike)
  • Sherwood Low Step (Best-Value Classic Bike)
  • Willow (Best Overall Classic Bike)
  • Strada X (Best-Value Mountain Bike)
  • Talus 2 (Best Performance Mountain Bike)
  • Trace Electric Bike (Best-Value E-Bike)
  • Motus Grand Tour (Best Overall E-Bike)

After extensively researching the Raleigh Bicycle Company, I have gathered enough information to shortlist the best bikes in their line-up. My research has indicated that you should weigh out the specs of each Raleigh bike carefully, as this will greatly impact its performance and capabilities.



Best Raleigh Commuter Bikes

Unlike many of the bike brands that have popped up recently, Raleigh’s standing within the cycling industry is solidified, as they have been in manufacturing for well over 135 years.

This cycling company is embedded in the world of bike riding with ingenious designs and superior builds that have stood the test of time. With that said, Raleigh does not build bikes for winning competitions. Instead, they make quality bicycles that offer well-rounded performance at a reasonable price.

Their selection of commuter bikes is fantastic for anyone looking to get from point A to point B. As cycling continues to become more popular, a lot of folks prefer to take their bikes to work instead of their cars. This is a great way to stay in shape, save on gas, and incorporate bike riding into your daily routine.

Commuter bikes from Raleigh are built with quality parts and components, and of course, feature the brand's iconic designs. If you need a new vehicle to get to work - or simply run errands, a commuter bike from Raleigh is a great way to get around. Let’s dive into the best commuter bikes from Raleigh.

Pioneer Crossbar (Best-Value Commuter Bike)

Pioneer Crossbar
Pioneer Crossbar

Are you tired of seeing red lights and traffic jams on your way to work? You are not alone. There is no better to avoid traffic than a commuter bike like Raleigh’s Pioneer Crossbar.

This is a capable, convenient, and fun commuter bike that is perfect for riding around town and running errands. Raleigh’s stylish design is the first thing that catches most people’s eyes when they see the Pioneer Crossbar, as it has a vintage aesthetic that makes it as pleasant to look at as it is to ride.

The Pioneer Crossbar is a fully-equipped commuter bike that comes with mudguards, a kickstand, and even a rack for panniers. Adding panniers to this commuter bike enables you to conveniently transport groceries and cargo while you are out and about.

With 21-speeds at your disposal, the Pioneer Crossbar offers a fantastic range of gears made by Shimano, so that you can efficiently adapt to even the slightest changes in grade. The Selle Royal Milo Plus saddle and selection of gears make this a very comfortable bike through and through, so you can arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and unflustered.

To keep the weight of the bike light and the build durable, Raleigh equipped the Pioneer Crossbar with a 6061 Aluminum frame, which offers better absorption than steel. The fork is a custom Steel Trekking Fork from Raleigh and it’s designed for longevity. The bottom line is that the Pioneer Crossbar can last you for a lifetime if you take care of it.

I particularly like that Raleigh offers the Pioneer Crossbar in two different frame shapes; crossbar and low step. This gives you more freedom to select a bike that truly fits your riding style - with a crossbar being a better fit for riders who prefer efficiency and speed - whereas a low step frame is more appropriate for riders who value comfort.

Lastly, Raleigh offers this bike in several different size variations - giving riders even more opportunity to find their perfect fit. For the mere price of $240, the Pioneer Crossbar from Raliegh is a bargain deal.

Pioneer Grand Tour (Best Overall Commuter Bike)

Pioneer Grand Tour
Pioneer Grand Tour

Some riders prefer to get to their destination as quickly and efficiently as possible. At the end of the day, time is money and there is no better way to speed up your commutes than the Pioneer Grand Tour.

This Raleigh commuter bike features a similar design to the Pioneer Crossbar but with enhanced specs and safety features. The Pioneer Grand Tour comes with an upgraded drivetrain and 24-gears - giving riders plenty of options when needing to adapt to grade.

The Pioneer Grand Tour has a quality Shimano TY501 crankset and a Shimano HG200 cassette. Much like the previous model, this Raleigh commuter comes with a rack option for panniers, which will greatly improve the storage of the bike, and it conveniently has mudguards that allow you to ride in any weather condition.

This model weighs a bit lighter than some of Raleigh’s other commuter bikes at 32lbs. This is due to Raleigh’s fantastic design which features a quality 6061 aluminum frame and durable Steel Trekking Fork.

If you cycle as your primary mode of transport, having a bike with additional safety features is highly recommended. That is why Raleigh designed the Pioneer Grand Tour with 40c reflective tires that greatly improve your visibility when riding at night.

No one ever said that efficiency had to be uncomfortable! Despite this bike’s speedy characteristics, Raleigh offers the Pioneer Grand Tour as either a crossbar or a drop bar depending on your preferred riding style.

At a mere $300, the Pioneer Grand Tour is just a small price more than the standard Pioneer Crossbar, which is a small price to pay for the increased efficiency and specs.

Strada City Hybrid Bike (Best Speed Commuter Bike)

Strada City Hybrid Bike
Strada City Hybrid Bike

If you live in a city, you need to find the right bike to ensure that your commute times stay optimal. There are a lot of great road bikes out there, but they often lack the practicality that most riders want for their commutes, which is why Raleigh designed the Strada City Hybrid Bike.

This is a sporty and efficient commuter bike with a road bike design. Unlike casual commuter bikes, the Strada City Hybrid Bike is sleek and designed for getting around corners and tight spaces. You can zoom around traffic, improve your commute times, and look cool while doing so.

The Strada City Hybrid Bike has an eye-catching finish with a smooth welded frame design and tan wall 650b tires that look like they are from the 70s. To keep the weight relatively light, Raleigh equipped the Strada City Hybrid Bike with a 6061 aluminum frame and a custom steel fork. With that said, it weighs in at just 26lbs - making it one of Raleigh’s lightest commuter bikes.

Throughout the build, you will find quality parts from Sunrace and Shimano, so you know that Raleigh did not hold back on componentry. And with 16 different speeds to choose from, the Strada City Hybrid Bike gives riders plenty of gear options.

Although most people that have their eyes on the Strada City Hybrid Bike tend to go for the crossbar design, you can choose to buy this bike with an open frame. This makes mounting and dismounting considerably easier - improving the comfort level of the bike. At just $325, the Strada City Hybrid Bike is a great-value commuter bike that is fast and fun to ride.

Propaganda (Best Aesthetic Commuter Bike)


For a lot of city riders, biking is not just a means of getting around - it’s a fashion statement. Commuter bikes are trendier than ever and Raleigh’s Propaganda is a perfect example of that.

If you are the type of person that likes to look good when you ride through town, the right bike can make all the difference. The Raleigh Propaganda is one of the coolest bikes on our list and its single-speed design will make it a desirable commuter bike for some riders, but not all.

Single-speed bikes come with their fair share of perks, which is particularly the case if you value minimalism, as there are fewer parts to maintain and look after. However, if you live in an area with a lot of hills and changes in grade, a bike with more than one gear is highly recommended.

With that said, riders who do not mind the single-gear characteristic of this bike will find that the Propaganda is a fine-tuned machine that comes with superior parts and materials compared to the rest of Raleigh’s commuter line-up. This mainly has to do with the Propaganda’s Chromoly frame which is lighter and better suited for city commuting.

In addition, Raleigh installed aluminum parts instead of steel in the handlebars, seat post, and seat clamp. Although this Raleigh commuter bike is a single-gear bike that does not mean that it is a fixie. To give you optimal stopping power, this bike comes equipped with a precise Promax 249A brake lever.

The 700cc tires offer excellent rolling so that you are not phased by slight bumps, cracks, and debris in the road. Although this commuter bike does not have a low bar option, it does come in two different sizes for you to choose from. No matter which option you end up going with, the stylish aesthetic of the Raleigh Propaganda is guaranteed to turn some heads when you go on your commutes. Given the upgraded materials used to make the Propaganda, this commuter bike is available for just under $600.

Best Raleigh Classic Bikes

When Raleigh first started building bikes in the 19th century, they immediately received recognition for their forward-thinking designs. The original Raleigh bikes that were built back then have inspired the entire cycling industry - with many of the brand’s designs being among the most iconic in the world.

Over the years, Raleigh has changed quite a lot and their selection of bike models has expanded considerably. However, Raleigh is also a brand that values its roots. That is why the legendary UK bike brand continues to release classic bikes that showcase the aesthetic of how bicycles looked in the previous millennia.

Raleigh’s line-up of classic bikes is a sight for sore eyes, and if you miss the style of vintage-era cycling, there is nothing more original on the market. These bikes may not win you any competitions or allow you to set a new land speed record, but they aren’t trying to either. Raleigh’s classic bikes are about experiencing the joy of cycling - nothing less, nothing more. Let’s dive into Raleigh’s classic bike line-up.

Sherwood Low Step (Best-Value Classic Bike)

Sherwood Low Step
Sherwood Low Step

The Sherwood Low Step is about as casual as you could ask for in a bike design. No pretentious features, flashy designs, or vibrant graphics - just a standard bicycle of a previous age come to life.

This is a classic bike through and through. The Sherwood Low Step is a subtle, yet attention-grabbing bicycle with a Dutch-style frame that is seldom seen these days. At the front of the bike, you have a lovely wicker basket which not only adds to the Sherwood Low Step’s aesthetic but also makes it a much more practical bicycle for running errands around town.

Bike riding for fun seems to be a thing of the past. With all the new-age technology designed to optimize speed and performance, a lot of people have forgotten about the joy of bike riding, which is why iconic brands like Raleigh continue to push vintage-era bicycles like the Sherwood Low Step.

A Selle Royal Sky Kennebeck saddle provides plenty of comfort as you go on long rides through the city or in the countryside. Riding the Sherwood Low Step is very intuitive and practical. Effortlessly mount and dismount thanks to the low step design, and enjoy a modest selection of 7 gears as you cruise through the neighborhood.

The Sherwood Low Step features a quality steel fork and frame - both of which are designed for longevity, so your long-term maintenance should be next to none. Although this bike weighs just under 38lbs, the Sherwood Low Step is not meant to be a speedy or agile bike. This is a casual classic bike designed for pleasure riding, and at just $240, it is a great-value option for the budget shopper.

Willow (Best Overall Classic Bike)


Are you still infatuated with the 20th century and looking for anything that will satisfy your craving for nostalgia? The Willow is hands down the most original Classic Bike in Raleigh’s line-up.

This bicycle is a blast from the past and it features Raleigh’s iconic vintage-era design. Forget about carbon fiber frames, 22 gears, and state-of-the-art components. The Willow is stuck in its old ways and that includes having a heavy-set design with an aluminum frame and steel fork.

Cruising around town is what this bike was made for and Raleigh prioritized comfort and aesthetics over everything else when designing the Willow. A Selle Royal Sky Kennebeck 8084 saddle will keep your butt cushioned and your rides cloud-like. Despite only having 7 gears, Raleigh equipped the Willow with a modern Shimano Tourney, so that shifting is reliable and precise.

The relaxed geometry allows virtually anyone to hop on and feel comfortable - while at the same time encouraging good posture when riding. Aside from that, the Willow comes with a convenient kickstand and a classic bell that brings a lot of us back to the 50s.

With that said, the Willow is the ultimate classic bike for joyriding and cruising, that’s it. If you miss riding a bike and just want something that you can hop on and hop off in style, the Willow has got you covered. There are 3 different vintage color options to choose from, 2 frame sizes, and all bikes come with an adorable wicker basket attached.

The great thing about Raleigh’s bicycles is that even their most classic designs are affordable for budget shoppers - including the Willow. For just $300, you can be cruising down memory lane in your vintage-era Raleigh bike.

Best Raleigh Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking emerged in the early 80s on the mainstream cycling scene, and it’s become evident that the sport is here to stay. Although Raleigh has been around for nearly a century before mountain biking was even a concept, that has not stopped the brand from trying its hand at designing a quality MTB.

One issue that I have with a lot of mountain bikes is that they can be very expensive, which makes the sport rather inaccessible to a lot of riders shopping on a budget. Although high-end mountain bikes are well worth the money and feature premium parts and components, Raleigh strives to make their bikes available to everyone - regardless of financial constraints.

With that said, a Raleigh MTB is not going to win you an XC race, but it will certainly allow you to get an authentic taste of mountain biking so that you can hit some beginner and intermediate-level trails. Let’s take a closer look at the best mountain bikes in Raleigh’s collection.

Strada X (Best-Value Mountain Bike)

Strada X
Strada X

Mountain bikes are usually designed for one thing - to shred epic trails. While the Strada X from Raleigh can certainly handle a jump or two, this is more of a hybrid commuter MTB.

Not all casual cyclists are prepared to throw $3,000 to $4,000+ at a premium mountain bike and instead prefer a bicycle with well-rounded specs that can do a bit of everything. The Strada X is a solid mountain bike from Raleigh that is perfect for riding around town and also getting off the paved road.

This is a one-stop-shop solution for most of your cycling needs, as you will find that the Strada X is one of the most versatile bikes in Raleigh’s line-up. The Strada X is a hardtail, front suspension bike with a Suntour 80mm travel suspension fork.

You can confidently take the Strada X on any beginner track and enjoy some quality mountain biking. The frame of the bike is made out of reliable 6061 aluminum, which is both lightweight and durable. And at 30lbs, the Strada X holds up quite well amongst a lot of mountain bikes that cost several times more in price.

To ensure that you have optimal performance while trail riding, this Raleigh MTB is equipped with 21 gears - giving you plenty of options to adapt to changes in grade. Quality parts from Shimano can be found in the cassette, derailleur, front shifter, and crankset.

Once you have had enough trail riding, feel free to use the Strada X for commuting and joyriding, as its dynamic design is suitable for just about any cycling activity. The good news is that since this isn’t a premium MTB, you don’t have to worry too much about damaging the frame, suspension, or components, as the Strada X is on sale for an astonishingly low price of just $300.

Talus 2 (Best Performance Mountain Bike)

Talus 2
Talus 2

Much like the previous Raleigh mountain bike that I covered, the Talus 2 is an all-arounder that you can use for a variety of different cycling activities. Whether you want to commute, exercise, or hit a trail, the Talus 2 is a reliable MTB that can handle it all.

However, unlike the Strada X, the Talus 2 features better specs and performance capabilities for mountain biking, which should pique the interests of MTB riders looking for a Raleigh bike. The Talus 2 has a better geometry overall that feels more natural for mountain biking - enhancing performance and comfort at the same time.

This MTB features a custom-formed AL-6061 heat-treated aluminum frame that is lightweight and durable, as well as an SR Suntour XCE-28 100mm front suspension fork. Raleigh built the Talus 2 with quality parts from Shimano in the crankset, derailleur, front derailleur, and front shifter. And with 21-speeds and quality Shimano brakes, the Talus 2 is trail-ready for any beginner or intermediate track.

This Raleigh MTB features thick 2.25" wide mountain bike tires that are incredibly grippy and designed to eat up dirt and gravel. With that said, one of my favorite things about the Talus 2 is that Raleigh offers it in either a 29” or 27.5” wheel size.

It can be frustrating to feel locked into a specific wheel size when you are shopping for an MTB - especially when you find one that ticks every other box. Whether you prefer the snappy feel and acceleration of a 27.5” or the rolling momentum of a 29”, you can rest assured that Raleigh has the right MTB for you.

The Talus 2 is available in a variety of different size options so that riders can find their perfect fit. And at $475, this Raleigh MTB has impressive specs and offers intro-level riders a great starting point to get their feet wet in mountain biking.

Best Raleigh E-Bikes

The popularity of E-Bikes has exploded in the last decade and millions of people are hopping on this trend. At the end of the day if it allows you to get around without sweating as much, why not.

Whether you have a physical condition, deliver for work, or simply love the feeling of a pedal-assisted bicycle, a quality e-bike is one of the most convenient and practical ways of going from point A to point B. These bikes offer riders a great way to commute efficiently and you can potentially re-introduce cycling back into your life if your health does not permit you to ride a standard push bike.

E-Bikes are becoming more advanced each year - with improved battery life and motor performance. Implying that with the right one, you can pretty much get rid of your car altogether. Raleigh has hopped on the E-Bike trend and it is now at the forefront of their cycling line-up. Their E-Bikes are popular around the world and they are considered to be one of the leading brands in the industry.

With that said, not all E-Bikes are made equal. Raleigh offers a solid selection of different E-Bike styles so that riders can choose an option that fits their cycling needs. Let’s dive into the best E-Bikes from Raleigh.

Trace Electric Bike (Best-Value E-Bike)

Trace Electric Bike
Trace Electric Bike

Are you torn between getting an E-Bike and a standard road bike? If so, you should consider the Trace Electric Bike. This is an E-Bike that looks just like a road bike because the motor and battery are installed in the frame - allowing the bike to look stylish and sleek.

Unlike a lot of E-Bikes that weigh upwards of 40 to 50+ lbs, the Trace Electric Bike is just 36lbs, which makes it light enough to use without pedal assist, in case you ever run out of battery. The E-system features a fantastic Ebikemotion X35 internal battery 250Wh - giving you a range of roughly 50 miles for every charge.

Charging the bike takes only 4 hours, so you can get juiced up at the end of each day or even while you are at work. The geometry of the bike is comfortable and the option to add panniers for additional storage is very straightforward.

If you want an E-Bike but don't have the bankroll for a high-end model, the Trace Electric Bike is not nearly as expensive as you would think. All in all, if you are looking for a solid E-Bike that is practical and reliable, the Trace Electric Bike is a great option from Raleigh at $2,600.

Motus Grand Tour (Best Overall E-Bike)

Motus Grand Tour
Motus Grand Tour

If you want to swap out your car for an E-Bike, the Motus Grand Tour from Raleigh is the way to do it. With the Motus Grand Tour at your disposal, you can handle pretty much all of your commutes and skip the rush hour traffic.

This Raleigh E-Bike features a superior Bosch Active Line Plus motor that gives you a huge boost as far as riding performance. The 100-mile range is perfect for active riders that need to extend their cycling time before recharging. Once the battery is drained, a 7-hour overnight charge time is all that it takes to get you back on the road with another 100 miles of ride time.

The Motus Grand Tour features an Intuvia Display and 500Wh Powerpack, which are also designed by Bosch. With a 6061 aluminum frame and an RST Volant 50mm travel fork, you can rest assured that your E-Bike is durable enough to handle your daily commutes.

Traveling at high speeds requires alertness, which is why you want to be able to slam on the brakes with total confidence. That is why Raleigh equipped this E-Bike with superior Tektro T285 Hydraulic disc brakes.

Lastly, the low step frame makes mounting and dismounting feel effortless - adding comfort to the bike’s already pleasant geometry. If you are looking for a top-notch E-Bike, Raleigh’s Motus Grand Tour is a fantastic option at $3,200.