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Key Takeaways

  • The best Orbea road bikes are the Orca, Avant, Orca Aero, and Terra.
  • The best Oreba mountain bikes are the Rallon, Laufey, Alma, and Occa.
  • Most of Orbea’s bikes come in different model variations so that riders can choose an option that matches their performance and riding needs, as well as their budget.

Orbea has been designing world-class bikes for nearly a century, and their latest line-up is stacked with top-of-the-line road bikes and MTBs.

The best Orbea bikes are:

  • Orbea Orca (Best Overall Road Bike)
  • Orbea Avant (Best-Value Road Bike)
  • Orbea Orca Aero (Best Aero Road Bike)
  • Orbea Terra (Best Hybrid Road Bike)
  • Orbea Rallon (Best Overall Mountain Bike)
  • Orbea Laufey (Best-Value Mountain Bike)
  • Orbea Alma (Best XC Mountain Bike)
  • Orbea Occam (Best Trail Mountain Bike)

After extensively researching Orbea, I have gathered enough information to shortlist the best models in their line-up. My research has indicated that Orbea makes a wide variety of bikes that range in performance capabilities and design, which is why you should evaluate the specs of each model carefully to ensure that they are aligned with your riding needs.



Best Orbea Road Bikes

Orbea is rooted in cycling history and they have been manufacturing bikes since the 1930s. Although they originally designed casual commuter bikes for city riding, the brand has changed gears and adopted modern cycling styles such as road.

These days, Orbea is considered by many industry pros to be one of the leading brands in bicycle manufacturing - with an impressive collection of state-of-the-art road bikes that are built for performance.

Orbea strives to make its bikes accessible to as many riders as possible. However, the majority of their models are focused on enhancing performance, which is why they tend to use high-end parts and frame materials. Depending on the qualities that you want out of a road bike, Orbea offers a solid variety of options with different specs. With that said, let’s dive into the best Orbea road bikes.

Orbea Orca (Best Overall Road Bike)

Orbea Orca
Orbea Orca

The Orca is Orbea’s pride and joy road bike, and many would argue that it is the best of what they have to offer in their line-up. This is a performance road bike with top-notch specs that are guaranteed to enhance your riding capabilities.

Although any cyclist will benefit from owning an Orca, this bike is really geared toward professional riders and hardcore enthusiasts, as the specs encourage performance instead of casual cycling. Orbea has competed in the Tour de France many times over and they continue to make designs like the Orca which push road cycling to new horizons.

This is a fast, reliable, performance machine that is built with superior parts and materials. However, it is important to note that the Orca is one of Orbea’s most diverse models, as they offer a range of different options to choose from. High-end models naturally have enhanced specs and performance, but they also cost considerably more. Whereas, lower-tier models are more reasonably priced with downgraded componentry.

Top-level models feature an Orbea Orca carbon OMX Disc frame and an Orbea Orca OMX ICR fork. These are advanced components that have been custom designed by Orbea and they offer exceptional riding performance.

Orbea equipped the Orca with quality parts from Shimano, which can be found throughout the drivetrain. With 12 model variations to choose from, you have plenty of options to find the right Orca bike to meet your riding needs.

If you are in any way unsatisfied with the Orca models that Orbea has listed, you can customize the style and componentry to your liking. Orbea is one of the few brands that truly lets you customize your bike before you buy it, which enables riders to design a bike to the finest detail. Depending on the design that you choose for your Orbea Orca, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

Orbea Avant (Best-Value Road Bike)

Orbea Avant
Orbea Avant

Not everyone who rides a road bike is out to win a race or set a new land speed record. Some people just want a well-rounded bike that is not going to cost a fortune. With that said, there are plenty of performance road bikes that do not cost $5,000+.

The Avant is Orbea’s best-value road bike and it delivers on performance and practicality - without breaking the bank. Instead of prioritizing racing specs, Orbea designed the Avant to be a reliable endurance machine that is perfect for commuting, exercising, and joyriding.

Long-distance riders will particularly enjoy the build quality of this bike, as it is an endurance bike through and through. The Avant is available in a few different model variations, but I found the H40-D to be the best bang for your buck option. This endurance road bike features a hydroformed triple-butted aluminum frame, which does add a bit of weight to the bike - however, it also makes it a fraction of the price of a high-end model.

These days, with many reputable brands like Orbea relying on quality aluminum for their frame designs, carbon fiber is really only a necessity if you are competing. With that said, Orbea installed a full carbon fork which keeps the weight down and offers better absorption. Shimano parts can be found throughout the groupset and Tektro MD-C550 Mechanical Disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power.

The Avant has a very comfortable geometry that encourages good posture on long rides and the minimalistic design makes it an eye-catching bike. If you are an intermediate rider, the standard H40-D model is going to offer the best value for money. And at $2,000, it is hands down one of the best road bikes on the market in its price range. If you want to keep costs even lower, you can opt for the Avant H60-D model, which features downgraded specs at an even more affordable price tag.

Orbea Orca Aero (Best Aero Road Bike)

Orbea Orca Aero
Orbea Orca Aero

The Orca Aero is Orbea’s top-of-the-line aerodynamic racing bike. Although the Orca Aero is available in a few different model variations, amateur road cyclists looking for a casual bike ride should consider an alternative model.

However, if you want to level up your cycling game and maximize your speed performance, look no further. The Orca Aero is an elegant and aesthetically-pleasing, aerodynamic road bike that is built with premium parts and materials.

This futuristic-looking bike features an Orbea Orca Aero Carbon OMX disc frame and an OMX ICR full carbon fork. The full carbon materials used in the design keep the weight of the bike low so that you can stay agile and light when you race on a track.

Orbea equipped this high-end aero bike with top-notch parts from SRAM, which can be found throughout the groupset - including SRAM’s signature Red eTap AXS brakes and shifters. The geometry of the Orca Aero keeps you planted firmly on the saddle - while at the same time encouraging good posture and comfort.

Compared to Orbea’s standard Orca road bike, the Aero model does weigh a bit heavier. If you are new to cycling and looking for the lightest and fastest road bike on the market, you should note that weight is not everything. The aerodynamic design of the Orca Aero enables it to be faster in a race and it will outperform virtually any high-end road bike on the market.

State-of-the-art parts and components come at a price, and if you want a high-end Orca Aero, you can expect to pay upwards of $6,300. If you love the aerodynamic design but want to save on your purchase, I recommend taking a look at some of the lower-tier model variations; some of which cost considerably less at $3,300.

Orbea Terra (Best Hybrid Road Bike)

Orbea Terra
Orbea Terra

Achieving high speeds on paved terrain is a major selling point for a lot of riders, but certainly not all. If you want a road bike that performs as well on paved as it does on gravel and other adverse terrains, you should consider opting for a hybrid bike.

Hybrid bikes have a lot of hype, and understandably so. It can feel all too tempting to deviate from your standard route and hop on a nature trail from time to time, which is why Orbea designed the Terra - an advanced hybrid bike that is versatile, dynamic, and built to handle various riding conditions.

The Orbea Terra is an example of how far hybrid bikes have come, as you would hardly think this is a gravel bike at first glance. The Terra resembles all the standard characteristics of a traditional performance road bike, but with a rugged design that makes it suitable for gravel and dirt.

This stylish hybrid features an Orbea Terra carbon OMR Disc frame and carbon disc fork. With both a carbon fiber frame and fork, Orbea emphasizes speed performance when gravel riding. The build is light and the carbon does wonders for absorbing bumps and vibrations on adverse terrain.

As far as componentry, Orbea designed the Terra using high-end parts from SRAM throughout the groupset. This includes SRAM’s top-notch Force eTap AXS brakes and shifters, which have phenomenal stopping power. I particularly like the geometry of the Terra, as it is designed for comfort and performance - allowing riders to cycle for hours on end without feeling stiff.

Much like the Orca, the Terra is one of Orbea’s most diverse models - featuring 9 different variations. Each model has unique characteristics that make it stand out within the line-up, so it's all about choosing the specs that are aligned with your performance needs.

I personally found the TERRA M21e TEAM 1X model to be the most advanced for riders that want premium specs and performance. That said, this is also the most expensive model at just under $6,000 and it features a full carbon build.

If you like the design of the Terra but want to save money on your purchase, I would recommend the TERRA H30 1X. This is a fantastic hybrid selling at a much cheaper price and it is equipped with a superior aluminum frame that is actually more durable than carbon fiber.

Best Orbea Mountain Bikes

When mountain biking became mainstream during the 80s, Orbea was not one of the pioneers of the sport. However, over the years, Orbea began to transition into the modern world of MTB riding, which is why they now feature an impressive line-up of world-class mountain bikes.

Mountain biking technology is always on the rise and brands are forced to up their game annually if they want a chance to compete with other leading brands. Orbea’s line-up is stacked with MTBs that vary in specs, performance, and price - with high-end models being a key focus.

Whether you prefer a hardtail, full suspension, or a cross-country MTB, you can rest assured that Orbea has a quality mountain bike with your name on it. Let’s dive into the best mountain bikes from Orbea.

Orbea Rallon (Best Overall Mountain Bike)

Orbea Rallon
Orbea Rallon

If you want to take your enduro racing performance to a whole new level, I highly recommend taking a close look at the Orbea Rallon. This is a top-of-the-line full-suspension MTB designed with advanced parts and materials.

Although hardtails are still very popular mountain bikes, full-suspension designs have been on the rise in recent years, and MTBs like the Orbea Rallon showcase just how far these bikes have come since they were first introduced.

The Rallon is an MTB for professional riders and hardcore enthusiasts that are into enduro racing. This full-suspension mountain bike is equipped with an Orbea Monocoque Race Carbon frame, which is incredibly lightweight and durable. For suspension, the Rallon features a Fox Float X2 Factory rear shock and a Fox 38 Float Factory suspension fork.

The 170mm of travel offers enduro riders the perfect specs to shred on virtually any track in the world. Throughout the entire groupset, you will find nothing but premium quality parts from Shimano, which include Shimano XT M8120 Hydraulic Disc brakes.

All in all, the Orbea Rallon is a full-suspension MTB machine that was built to take on some of the toughest tracks ever ridden. Whether you are a competitive rider or simply looking to elevate your performance, the Rallon is an amazing full-suspension MTB to consider. The price of the Rallon varies depending on the model variation that you choose, but you can expect a high-end option to cost just under $10,000 and mid-range models to sell between $5,000 and $7,500.

Orbea Laufey (Best-Value Mountain Bike)

One of the biggest challenges that a lot of riders face when getting into mountain biking is finding a quality bike at a good price. Buying an MTB is a huge investment for a lot of people and opting for a high-end model that costs $5,000+ is simply too expensive for most riders.

That is why Orbea designed the Laufey. This is a world-class hardtail with top-of-the-line performance capabilities at a fraction of the price of an expensive model. Simply by eliminating the rear shock, Orbea was able to cut a lot of costs when designing this hardtail MTB.

The Laufey is built to last and it features a quality Hydro Triple Butted frame and a Fox 34 Float Performance fork. This MTB features Shimano M6100 Hydraulic Disc brakes, which offer exceptional stopping power, as well as superior Shimano parts throughout the entire groupset.

This is a 29er that will roll over gravel and debris effortlessly and the 140mm of travel enable riders to take this hardtail on a variety of different types of trails. All in all, Orbea did not design this bike to win a race. The Laufey is a fantastic hardtail that was built for performance at a very reasonable price point, which is why this is an excellent MTB for intermediate riders and beginners who want to hit the ground running.

Despite the aluminum frame, the Laufey is quite light. And unless you plan on competing, this is actually better for casual trails, as you have increased durability. For a very reasonable starting price of just $1,600, the Laufey is a budget MTB with a lot of potential for performance.

Orbea Alma (Best XC Mountain Bike)

Orbea Alma
Orbea Alma

A lot of riders have been transitioning to full-suspension bikes lately - especially with their performance increasing and weight decreasing. However, a lot of die-hard riders will tell you that a hardtail is still the only way to hit an XC circuit.

The Alma is Obrea’s tier-1 XC hardtail and it is going to be your best bet for competing in a cross-country race. This is an aggressive hardtail that was designed to handle the world’s most challenging XC tracks, which is why a lot of pros have their eyes on the Orbea Alma this year.

Hardtails keep you connected to the trail and they force riders to adapt without relying on a rear shock. This will ultimately improve the skillset of any rider - regardless of whether they are hitting an XC circuit or a casual trail. That is why many industry pros will tell you that hardtails are the best place to start if you are just getting into mountain biking.

This hardtail is built with an Orbea Alma Carbon OMX frame and a Fox 32 Float SC Factory front suspension fork. The carbon fiber materials make the Alma a lightweight MTB and the lack of additional componentry for the rear shock keeps the design minimal - with fewer repairs and upkeep in the long run.

Riding performance is smooth with just the right amount of rigidity, which is very well-complemented by the Alma’s 68° head tube angle. Orbea equipped the Alma with high-end parts throughout the entire groupset and the Semi-integrated Block Lock headset improves the durability of the frame considerably.

Much like with most of Orbea’s line-up, the Alma is available in a number of different model variations - with the high-end option costing around $8,000. If you are on a budget, you can opt for a model with downgraded specs at a fraction of the price, but you should not expect the same level of performance.

Orbea Occam (Best Trail Mountain Bike)

Orbea Occam
Orbea Occam

If you are a trail rider looking to shred with absolute precision, the Occam is the best of what Orbea has to offer. This is a top-level MTB designed to handle the world’s most intense trails with explosive power and sheer aggression.

The Occam can climb about as fast as it can descend, and you can count on this bike’s performance through thick and thin - regardless of the trail conditions. Orbea built the Occam with an advanced Occam OMR carbon frame, which keeps the bike’s weight very low. In addition, the Occam features a Fox 34 Float Factory front suspension fork and a Fox Float DPS Factory rear shock.

High-end Shimano parts were used throughout the groupset and the Shimano XTR M9120 Hydraulic Disc brakes deliver incredible stopping power. The 29” wheels will roll over just about anything and the 140mm of travel is perfect for intense trail riding.

This is one of Orbea’s superior MTBs and it is one of the best trail-riding mountain bikes that money can buy. The high-end full-carbon Occam models cost around $8,000. However, a downgraded variation can be purchased for as little as $2,600.