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Key Takeaways

  • The best Merida road bikes are the Merida Reacto, Merida Scultura, Merida Silex, and Merida Scultura Endurance.
  • The best Merida mountain bikes are the Merida Big. Trail 500, Merida Big. Nine 9000, Merida One-Sixty 10K, and the Merida eOne-Sixty 10K.
  • To make their best bikes more accessible, Merida offers variations of their top models that vary in specs and price - with downgraded parts and components.

Merida has been manufacturing world-class bikes for over 50 years and their latest collection is superior to anything that the brand has ever released.

The best Merida bikes are:

  • Merida Reacto
  • Merida Scultura
  • Merida Silex
  • Merida Scultura Endurance
  • Merida Big. Trail 500
  • Merida Big. Nine 9000
  • Merida One-Sixty 10K
  • Merida eOne-Sixty 10K

After extensively researching Merida bikes, I have gathered enough information to shortlist the best of their line-up. My research has indicated that buyers should carefully evaluate the specs of each Merida bike as each model is designed to have characteristics that are better suited for specific riders.



Best Merida Road Bikes

When Ike Tseng founded Merida in 1972, he set a goal to design top-of-the-line bicycles that would shape the cycling industry.

Merida has since been recognized as an incredibly innovative manufacturer with its research and development headquarters stationed in Germany. Road bikes are Merida’s grassroots and their commitment to releasing world-class designs has not changed since they first came on the scene.

These days, Merida has a stacked line-up of road bikes that range in specs and performance capabilities. With that said, there are some models that truly stand out in their collection, which can only describe as the best road bikes that Merida has ever released.

However, it’s important to recognize that the road bike industry has changed a lot over the years and progressive companies like Merida have stayed with the times by adapting to the needs of their riders. That is why you can find a variety of top-notch road bikes from Merida, with some better suited for specific riders. Let’s take a closer look at the best road bikes from Merida.

Merida Reacto (Best Aero Road Bike)

Merida Reacto
Merida Reacto

The Merida Reacto is a racing bike to its core. This model is at the top of Merida’s road bike food chain and its performance is superior to the bulk of the competition on the market.

The Reacto is an aero road bike through and through - making it an incredibly lightweight and agile machine that was designed for sheer speed. This ultra-lightweight aero bike weighs in at just 17.4lbs and its aerodynamic design is guaranteed to give riders an edge in the race.

The pride and joy of the Reacto line-up is the Reacto Team model. This machine is equipped with the best parts and components that money can buy and it features a CF5 carbon aero frame, as well as a Shimano Dura-Ace 12-speed Di2 groupset. Merida’s CF5 carbon is world-class carbon fiber that takes lightweight and durability to a whole new level.

A Merida aero bike of this caliber does not come cheap - with the Reacto Team model currently selling for roughly $10,000. However, Merida has released a number of different versions of the Reacto - with some being considerably more affordable than others. If you want to keep costs down when shopping for a quality Merida aero bike, consider choosing a different Reacto model, as previous generations can be bought for as little as $3,700.

You can expect downgraded parts and components with older Reacto models, but the design will be very similar to the Team. To keep the price reasonable, Merida downgrades the CF5 carbon to CF3 for the next-in-line Reacto models.

Merida Scultura (Best Performance Road Bike)

Merida Scultura
Merida Scultura

If you are a competitive cyclist, you’re going to have a hard time deciding between the Reacto and the Scultura. Both of these bikes are designed for peak racing performance, but the characteristics of each bike need to be carefully evaluated to determine which one is right for your riding style.

The Merida Scultura is not formally an aero road bike, but its design and speed will make you think otherwise. Aerodynamics, speed, and pure agility are what you will harness when riding the Scultura - with some riders preferring this model over an aero.

One of the main reasons for this is that Merida was able to make the latest Scultura Team model lighter than its predecessor, and even lighter than most world-class aero racing bikes. The Scultura Team weighs in at a remarkable 15.6lbs, which is nearly 2lbs lighter than the Reacto Team. If lightweight is the key characteristic that you are looking for, you should put the Merida Scultura Team at the top of your list.

Merida was able to achieve this by equipping the Scultura team with a Super Light CF5 carbon frame that weighs just 886g in a medium size. The groupset is loaded with high-end Shimano parts and other components are all designed with top-quality carbon fiber.

The Scultura Team is one of Merida’s most expensive road bikes at $11,000. If the idea of owning a Scultura is all too tempting but outside your budget, you should consider alternative model variations which are considerably more affordable. You can find previous-generation Merida Scultura models for as little as $3,000, but you should expect downgraded parts and performance.

Merida Silex (Best Gravel Road Bike)

Merida Silex
Merida Silex

Not every cyclist is looking to compete in the Tour de France - with many people preferring to ride a quality gravel bike that is built for adventure. If you want a world-class bike that you can take on rough and rugged trails, the Merida Silex is going to be hard to beat.

This is an all-arounder that you can use for just about any type of riding style, as it is lightweight, agile, and durable. To make their Silex selection more dynamic, Merida has designed a number of different options that vary in specs - with the superior model being the Merida+ Silex.

One issue that I have with a lot of gravel bikes is that manufacturers often fail to deliver a product that strikes a perfect balance between durability and lightweight. It’s easy to tip the scales in favor of one characteristic, which ends up being a performance limitation for a lot of riders that require both. This is not the case with the Merida+ Silex, as the bike weighs just 19.7lbs and has the agility of a top-notch race bike.

You can power through trails at high speeds without sacrificing performance or having to worry about frequent repairs. Merida equipped the Merida+ Silex with a quality carbon fiber frame and fork, which make the bike very light, as well as tough 650B wheels that will roll over virtually anything you put in front of them.

I also appreciated the well-designed geometry that allows riders to cycle for hours on end without compromising comfort. This is a key characteristic that a lot of adventure seekers look for given that many riders like to use their gravel bikes for long-distance cycling or touring.

With that said, Merida did a fantastic job of making the Silex an adaptable bike for big cycling trips. The Merida+ Silex features mounting options for your luggage and panniers, as well as 3 positions for water bottle cages so that you can effortlessly transform it into an adventure bike.

For a bike with these specs, the Merida Silex is available at a pretty reasonable price of $4,100. If this is outside of your budget, you can find alternative models of the Silex that are as low as $1,350.

Merida Scultura Endurance (Best Endurance Road Bike)

Merida Scultura Endurance
Merida Scultura Endurance

Whether you like to cycle long distances for sport or as a hobby, finding the right road bike that was designed for endurance performance is going to be essential. The Scultura is one of Merida’s most praised models and it comes in a variety of different designs.

Although the Merida Scultura Team has a lot of hype, many riders would argue that the Endurance line is just as good if not better for certain conditions. The Scultura Endurance is available in a number of sub-models - with the Endurance 9,000 being the best that Merida has to offer.

The Scultura Endurance 9,000 is a dream bike for a long-distance rider due to its ultra-lightweight design. This model features a high-quality CF3 carbon frame, which is how Merida was able to achieve a remarkable weight of just 13.5lbs - making it roughly 4lbs lighter than the Reacto Team and about 2lbs lighter than the Scultura Team.

Long-distance riders need to consider the geometry of a bike very carefully, as countless hours of sitting in the same position will take a toll. That is why Merida designed this bike to be as comfortable as possible so that riders can avoid stiffness when cycling.

Carbon fiber components can be found in virtually every part of the Scultura Endurance and the bike also features a Shimano Ultegra 12-Speed ​​Di2 groupset. All in all, this is a world-class road bike that many long-distance cyclists have their eyes on.

Compared to Merida’s other high-end road bikes, the Scultura Endurance 9,000 is more reasonably priced at $6,400. Naturally, this will be outside the price range of a lot of cyclists, which is why Merida has a variety of budget options from this class available - with some models costing as little as $2,000.

Best Merida Mountain Bikes

Mountain biking technology is advancing constantly and brands like Merida are pushing the sport to new limits. Finding the right MTB is all about choosing a bike that suits your style and performance needs - with hardtail vs full suspension generally being the first place to start.

Traditionally, mountain bike riders have always preferred to use hardtails so that they are more connected to the trail, which is particularly the case for XC races. However, in recent years, the innovation behind full-suspension mountain bikes has been on the rise, which has given a lot of MTB riders something to think about when making decisions.

Merida has a solid line-up of high-quality MTBs available, but riders need to weigh out their options carefully. Although specs and performance are essential characteristics to evaluate, a lot of people also need to consider their budget. Getting into mountain biking can be very expensive - especially if you want to buy a quality machine.

To accommodate the performance needs and budget restraints of their riders, Merida has designed a dynamic range of MTBs that vary in specs and price. With that said, let’s dive into the best mountain bikes from Merida.

Merida Big. Trail 500 (Best Value Mountain Bike)

Merida Big. Trail 500
Merida Big. Trail 500

If you are looking for a high-quality mountain bike that you can take on some of the world’s toughest trails without breaking the bank, the Merida Big Trail 500 has got you covered. The Merida Big Trail 500 is designed to shred at a fraction of the price of the competition, which is why a lot of intro-riders who want a solid starter bike choose this model.

A budget mountain bike does not always imply cheap parts, as the Merida Big. Trail 500 is loaded with high-end components from Shimano. This MTB features a durable double-butted aluminum frame that is lightweight and designed to take a beating, as well as a quality 140 mm RockShox fork that offers excellent suspension.

Given that Merida Big. Trail 500 is a hardtail MTB, it is a perfect model for a lot of riders who enjoy XC circuits. Granted the aluminum frame does add more weight to the bike than most competitive cyclists would want - with 31.3lbs being the total weight of the Big Trail 500. That said, for an intro-level hardtail, this is still solid.

Professional XC racers will need to opt for a carbon fiber hardtail, which will cost anywhere from $5,000 to $6,000+. The Merida Big. Trail 500, on the other hand, is priced very reasonably at roughly $1,500. You can also expect fewer repairs in the long run given that hardtails like the Big Trail 500 require less maintenance than full-suspension models.

However, if you were to run into any technical issues with your Big. Trail 500, Merida will take care of it. This bike is covered by Merida’s 25-year warranty, which is a great sign of confidence from the manufacturer that the bike was built to last.

My only real complaint about this MTB is that it is not the best climber. Given the increased weight, riders will have a harder time on their ascents, but downhill racing will be a dream given the excellent geometry and top-notch tires.

Merida Big. Nine 9000 (Best Hardtail Mountain Bike)

Merida Big. Nine 9000
Merida Big. Nine 9000

The demand for hardtail mountain bikes has not ceased over the years - especially among XC riders who value rigidity and explosive power. Despite full suspension becoming more and more commonplace, hardtails are still a crowd favorite when it comes to speed and racing performance.

The Big. Nine 9000 is the best of what Merida has to offer in the hardtail category. This is a super light MTB that was designed for peak performance on intense mountain biking trails. The Merida Big. Nine 9000 can climb about as fast as it can descend, which is why a lot of XC riders have their eyes on this hardtail.

By using high-quality CF5 carbon to build the frame, Merida was able to design an incredibly lightweight MTB. The bike weighs in at just 18.5lbs, which is lighter than virtually all of its competition. Merida equipped this MTB with a superb RockShox SID Ultimate suspension fork with 100 mm travel and remote lockout. You will also find Shimano components throughout the entire build.

In addition to the frame, Merida installed wheels and a seat post made with carbon fiber, which is why the bike is so light. All in all, the Big. Nine 9000 is a world-class hardtail mountain bike that is guaranteed to give you an edge in the race. With that said, high-end MTB tech does come at a cost, which is why the Big. Nine 9000’s price tag is a whopping $7,900.

As a top-level hardtail from Merida, the Big. Nine 9000 will be too expensive for a lot of riders. Luckily, there are variations of this model that cost a fraction of the price. Although lower-end models feature downgraded specs, the performance is still on point and the ride quality is phenomenal.

Merida One-Sixty 10K (Best Full-Suspension Mountain Bike)

Merida One-Sixty 10K
Merida One-Sixty 10K

The Merida One-Sixty 10K delivers everything that a full-suspension mountain bike rider could ever want - it’s fast, agile, and lightweight. You will find only the best parts and materials that money can buy with the One-Sixty 10K, as Merida spared no expense when designing this top-of-the-line full-suspension MTB.

With high-tech components and dual suspension, the bike weighs 33lbs, which is considerably heavier than your average XC hardtail. However, the Merida One-Sixty 10K is not technically designed to be an XC race bike and instead a performance machine for expert-level trails.

This full-suspension MTB features a carbon frame with a kinematic FAST chassis and superior geometry that makes the ride feel incredibly comfortable. Smooth performance and power are what you will experience when you hop on the One-Sixty 10K.

Merida equipped this bike with a powerful 170 mm Zeb suspension fork and SRAM Eagle drive, which allows you to shift effortlessly thanks to the wireless design. Naturally, a bike of this caliber does not come cheap and full-suspension MTBs tend to be priced higher due to the extra tech.

You can pick up a Merida One-Sixty 10K for roughly $13,000, which is considerably more than what most riders can afford. The bottom line is if you want a peak-performance full-suspension mountain bike, you have to be ready to pay for it, which is this MTb’s biggest drawback.

Merida eOne-Sixty 10K (Best E-Mountain Bike)

Merida eOne-Sixty 10K
Merida eOne-Sixty 10K

Mountain biking is a very demanding sport and hitting tough tracks can be physically taxing, to say the least. If you want to level up your riding capabilities, one of the best ways to do so is to opt for a quality e-MTB.

E-bikes are a growing trend and mountain bike riders are beginning to adopt this technology into the sport - especially with world-class models like the Merida eOne-Sixty 10K. This is essentially an E-bike version of our previous MTB model, the One-Sixty 10K - so you can expect top-notch specs with motorized assistance.

The eOne-Sixty 10K features a lightweight carbon frame with an aluminum rear triangle and Fox Factory suspension elements. This e-MTB is loaded with high-end parts such as the Shimano EP8 drive and a fully integrated 630 Wh battery.

Since its release, the eOne-Sixty 10K has been a critically acclaimed E-mountain bike with huge recognition from the MTB community. The long battery life, superior build, and top-level components make this one of the best E-MTBs that money can buy. However, much like with all quality eBikes, this model has a pretty steep price tag of $11,700. If you are looking for an amazing E-mountain bike that can last you a lifetime, look no further.