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Key Takeaways

  • The best mountain bikes from GT are the FORCE CARBON PROFILE, FORCE 29 EXPERT, ZASKAR LT EXPERT, and AGRESSOR EXPERT.
  • The best BMX bikes from GT are the PRO PERFORMER 29 SUPER CAKE BOY and the DYNO PRO COMPLETE 24.
  • The best road bikes from GT are the GRADE CARBON PRO and the GRADE ELITE.

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GT is back with a more diverse range of top-quality bikes than ever before, which is why a lot of riders have their eyes on the brand’s latest collection.

The best GT bikes are:

  • FORCE 29 Expert

After extensively researching GT bikes, I have gathered enough information to short-list the best models in their line-up. My research has indicated that buyers should carefully evaluate the specs of each GT bike as each model is designed to have characteristics that are better suited for specific riders.



Best GT Mountain Bikes

GT is widely considered to be a pioneer of the modern cycling industry, and although they fell off the map for a few years in the 2000s, they are back with a fury. This brand has left its mark on bike engineering - with their newest collection giving riders a diverse range of MTB models to choose from.

Although GT has traditionally been a BMX manufacturer, the company has pushed itself to new horizons by launching a full-scale line-up of superb mountain bikes. MTB riding is as popular as ever and a major part of that is attributed to the constant push for innovation that companies like GT introduce to the market.

These days, GT is recognized as one of the leading mountain bike manufacturers in the world and their models can go toe-to-toe with some of the most reputable brands in the industry. Whether you are looking for a hardtail or a full-suspension mountain bike, GT has got you covered with its plethora of model options.

With that said, one of the biggest challenges that a lot of riders face when getting into mountain biking is buying a quality machine that can deliver on performance without breaking the bank. That is why GT prides itself in releasing a diverse range of models that not only vary in specs but also price so that the sport is accessible to all riders. Let’s dive into the best mountain bikes from GT.

FORCE CARBON PRO LE (Best Full-Suspension Mountain Bike)


If you are looking for a top-of-the-line full-suspension mountain bike, there is no better option in GT’s lineup than the FORCE CARBON PRO LE. This mountain bike was designed to conquer the most intense and adverse trails around, which is why you will find that a lot of pro-level riders have their eyes on the FORCE CARBON PRO LE.

This full-suspension MTB features only the best of what GT has to offer and it’s furnished with a Force Carbon 29 Frame and RockShox ZEB Ultimate suspension fork. In addition, GT equipped the FORCE CARBON PRO LE with high-end parts from SRAM throughout the entire build. The bottom line is that GT spared no expense when designing this full-suspension MTB and it is guaranteed to shred on any trail.

Despite having a carbon fiber frame, the FORCE CARBON PRO LE weighs in at 35lbs, which is heavier than what I was expecting given the specs. However, the increased weight of the bike is hardly noticeable when you are on the trail, given the balanced geometry and peak performance that the FORCE CARBON PRO LE offers.

Anyone looking to use this bike on an XC circuit may want to think otherwise. Instead riders who are into DH racing will greatly benefit from the capabilities of the FORCE CARBON PRO LE, as this bike is a force to be reckoned with on the right track.

The stainless steel spokes, SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain, and RockShox suspension are built to last, so your odds of running into unnecessary repairs are highly unlikely. Although the frame is carbon fiber, it is built with top-quality material to increase its durability.

The FORCE CARBON PRO LE is available for $6,300, which comes complete with GT’s top-notch specs. If this is out of your budget, GT offers alternative models of the FORCE CARBON PRO at more reasonable price ranges - with some models costing half the price of the PRO LE.

FORCE 29 Expert (Best Value Mountain Bike)

FORCE 29 Expert
FORCE 29 Expert

The FORCE 29 Expert is designed to do one thing, deliver peak performance and a thrilling experience to the rider. This is a superior full-suspension MTB that GT has crafted masterfully - making it a solid option for pro-level riders and hardcore enthusiasts.

GT designed the FORCE 29 Expert with high-end components, which is why you can find SRAM parts throughout the entire drive, as well as the brakes. The FORCE 29 Expert features an excellent quality Force Alloy 29 frame and a Fox Float Performance 38 suspension fork.

The aluminum frame may be a red flag for some XC riders, but this is actually a selling point for some people. However, if you are into downhill racing, the added weight is not going to be a major issue, which is why GT paired this MTB with a Fox Float Performance fork that was designed for DH circuits.

In addition, the quality aluminum used for the frame offers riders increased durability on the track - implying that you can push this mountain bike to its limits without having to overthink wear and tear. The 29” wheels enable you to roll over virtually anything that comes your way and you can shred with total confidence on any trail that you hit.

The FORCE 29 Expert is one of the best full-suspension bikes in GT’s line-up and they have loaded this MTB with quality components. With a price tag of $3,800, the FORCE 29 Expert may be out of the budget for some riders, but you certainly get what you pay for.

ZASKAR LT EXPERT (Best Hardtail Mountain Bike)


Hardtail mountain bikes are crowd favorites among a lot of diehard MTB riders and with models like the GT ZASKAR LT EXPERT, it is easy to understand why. If you are seeking explosive power, ride rigidity, and agility, a quality hardtail mountain bike is going to be the way to go.

GT has a number of excellent hardtails in their line-up, but the best that the brand has to offer is the ZASKAR LT EXPERT. Riders who are looking for superb ride quality without the additional hardware that comes with full-suspension models are going to find that the ZASKAR LT EXPERT ticks every box.

This hardtail mountain bike is equipped with a Zaskar LT Alloy Frame that is built for durability, as well as a RockShox TBA 130mm suspension fork. Although the aluminum adds weight to the bike, it makes it tough as nails for intense trails, so that you can hit any track with complete confidence.

GT equipped the ZASKAR LT EXPERT with high-end Eagle SRAM components throughout the entire drive and Shimano disc brakes that will guarantee optimal stopping power. All in all, the ZASKAR LT EXPERT is designed for excellent performance at a price range that is within reach of a budget rider.

Without the extra gear and components that you find in full-suspension models, GT was able to keep costs low when designing the ZASKAR LT EXPERT, which is why you can pick up this hardtail for just $1,300.

AGRESSOR EXPERT (Best Value Hardtail Mountain Bike)


Mountain biking is an expensive hobby and buying the most advanced models on the market is simply not realistic for most riders. GT has strived to make cycling accessible to all riders, regardless of their budgets which is why they rose to the challenge of delivering top-quality bikes at a fraction of the price of their competition.

A testament to that is the AGRESSOR EXPERT. This MTB is GT’s best-value hardtail and it delivers on performance and versatility - without costing a fortune. There are so many riders looking for an all-around mountain bike that can handle a bit of everything, which is where the AGRESSOR EXPERT comes in.

This is a well-rounded mountain bike that was designed with balanced specs so that riders can use it on virtually any type of trail. Reliable parts and components, as well as Shimano’s 24-speed shifting system, make the aggressor a one-stop-shop solution to the budget rider’s hardtail needs.

The AGRESSOR EXPERT is built with a GT 6061 T6 aluminum frame and an SR Suntour XCM-DS suspension fork. While the bike is not light at 34lbs, it shreds with precision and is agile for its weight. You can find Shimano components in the drive and GT signature parts throughout the majority of the build.

All in all, this is not a professional hardtail by any means, but it’s not pretending to be either. The AGRESSOR EXPERT is a superb hardtail MTB for its price and riders shopping on a budget will find that this bike delivers on performance. With that said, at a mere $575, the AGRESSOR EXPERT is an absolute steal - making it the best bang for your buck model in GT’s hardtail lineup.

Best GT BMX Bikes

It’s safe to say that the sport of BMX cycling would not be the same without GT. As a company that pioneered so much of the innovation, creativity, and design that has shaped BMX as we know it, GT has left its mark on cycling for life.

Before BMX became a mainstream practice, GT was building state-of-the-art frames that took the sport to a whole new level. The original ambitions of GT did not go unnoticed and the brand quickly became the face of BMX, as one of its most forward-thinking manufacturers.

As BMX began to die down throughout the 90s, GT went dormant on its fans and took a step back from releasing bikes. However, that all changed when GT made its comeback, with not only a line of completely new bike families but a revival of BMX models that feature advanced specs and performance capabilities.

With GT back on the scene as a BMX manufacturer, the sport is gaining popularity once again and the bikes are better than ever. Let’s take a closer look at the best BMX bikes in GT’s collection.



You simply can’t beat the look of a vintage BMX bike, which is exactly what GT delivers with the PRO PERFORMER 29 SUPER CAKE BOY. This is a classic design with modernized BMX tech, which features a bulk load of signature parts and components from none other than GT.

The PRO PERFORMER 29 SUPER CAKE BOY is a world-class BMX bike that begs to be ridden. It is designed with a top-notch GT ‘86 Performer frame and fork which are lightweight, perfect for climbing, and naturally - built for tricks.

You can count on precision braking with the Promax P-1 Aluminum V-Brake providing riders with superb stopping power. GT also added Smoothie 29 x 2.5" tires - allowing riders to grip onto surfaces like glue - enabling fantastic climbing.

The bottom line is that the PRO PERFORMER 29 SUPER CAKE BOY is a BMX bike through and thorough. This is a classic design with a perfect blend of modern BMX technology, making it a grade-A bike for any rider - regardless of experience.

DYNO PRO COMPLETE 24 (Best Racing BMX Bike)


The classic 1987 look is back with a 2020s makeover - the DYNO PRO COMPLETE is the ultimate classic BMX bike. If you are looking for a BMX bike that performs as well as it looks, the DYNO PRO COMPLETE is going to be a no-brainer.

This BMX ticks all of the boxes for old-school riders, but you will be surprised by its enhanced capabilities. You can count on GT’s latest innovations to be all over the design of this vintage-looking bike - with the latest technology of what cycling has to offer.

A quality Cr-Mo frame ensures lightweight performance and superior durability. GT’s signature components dominate the bulk of the build, which is a solid sign of quality reassurance for any BMX fanatic. A suprior alloy body and stainless steel spokes imply that this bike can last a lifetime if treated right.

The DYNO PRO COMPLETE has been decades in the making and it pays tribute to the original intentions of the sport - to shred dirt tracks and achieve epic jumps. This is a BMX bike that will not let you down and it is a whole lot of fun to ride.

Best GT Road Bikes

Traditionally, road bikes were never GT’s forte, but their latest lineup will even make cycling enthusiasts think otherwise. GT has significantly expanded their reach since they returned and their road bike collection displays exactly how far the brand has come over the years.

Road bikes from GT are made with quality designs and components - varying from carbon fiber to high-grade aluminum. Much like with the majority of GT’s lineup, the brand aims to make their bikes accessible to all riders - regardless of their budget.

GT’s lineup of road bikes is not quite as expansive as their BMX or MTB selection, but what they offer is solid as far as specs and performance. Let’s dive into the best road bikes from GT.

GRADE CARBON PRO (Best Performance Gravel Bike)


The GRADE CARBON PRO is GT’s ultimate gravel bike. A lot of cyclists these days are less focused on buying a bike that can compete in the Tour de France and instead prefer something that can deliver performance, comfort, and practicality.

When you opt for the GRADE CARBON PRO, you get a gravel bike that can be used for all intents and purposes. This is an all-arounder that you can use for hitting rough tracks, casual commutes, and fitness riding in one package.

The triple triangle carbon frame and fork are on point with virtually all road bikes of this class and Shimano parts are used for the COG set, shifter, and derailleur.

If you are solely looking for a performance road bike or an expert-level gravel bike, you might want to consider an alternative model. However, for riders that want a bit of everything, the GRADE CARBON PRO gravel bike will tick every box. This is a one-stop-shop solution to just about every riding condition you can encounter on a gravel bike.

With the specs and performance of the GRADE CARBON PRO in mind, you can expect the price tag to be higher than a budget model. This gravel bike is available for roughly $4,400 but it delivers nothing short of quality.

GRADE ELITE (Best Value Road Bike)


The GRADE ELITE features a sophisticated design and it’s hands down the best value road bike that GT features in its lineup. Much like the GRADE CARBON PRO, the GRADE ELITE is part of the GRADE family of gravel road bikes.

GT was able to keep the price of this gravel bike down by utilizing a Grade Alloy frame instead of carbon fiber. While this does add a little weight to the bike, it is also the reason why it’s half the price. With that said, the GRADE ELITE is stacked with top-notch parts from Shimano, which can be found throughout the groupset and drive.

While the frame may be aluminum, GT equipped the GRADE ELITE with a Grade Carbon fork. The specs of this gravel bike enable riders to hit a dynamic range of terrains - with durability and performance being the key focuses of GT’s design.

One of the best characteristics of the GRADE ELITE is its price tag. High-end parts are often equated with outrageous costs, but that is not the case with this gravel bike. GT delivers an excellent bike at a reasonable price of $2,100. This is the best alternative for riders who do not have the bankroll for the GRADE CARBON PRO, which costs more than double.

If you are looking for an affordable gravel bike with solid specs and performance, the GRADE ELITE is going to be the way to go. With that said, if this model is out of your budget, then you can opt for a downgraded version, the GRADE EXPERT. This gravel bike features a very similar design and it is equipped with great parts but at a price of just $1,500.