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This winter, you don't have to suffer your commute being squashed on public transport or sitting in a stuffy car while stuck in a middle of a traffic jam.

You can continue to commute on a bike in the colder months, avoiding high gas bills and other people's body odor. It's all about choosing the perfect ride. The best bikes for winter commuting have excellent brakes, are easy to handle, and have wider tires.

The best bikes for Winter commuting include:

  1. Cube NuRoad
  2. Electra Loft 7D
  3. Trek Farley 5
  4. Aventon Aventure
  5. Aventon Level
  6. RadMini
  7. RadRover

As a person who has lived on three continents, I can confidently say the perfect winter bike for one person will not be the best bike for another. Some people slog through snow, others live with salt groomed streets, some horizontal battle rain, and then there are lucky ducks that get away with balmy days and an occasional drizzle. Thus, I've rounded up a variety.

Because not everyone needs fat-tire bikes, although slightly wider tires will help on slicker surfaces. Nor does every winter commuters have to fear salt-coated streets. But generally, winter kicks up extra mud and crud, so you'll want fenders (mudguards) installed if your bike doesn't have them. Other excellent features are chainguards and internal cabling.



10 Best Bikes For Commuting In Winter

Does your winter bike need to have all the best winter features? No, but those fenders (mudguards) are an excellent idea. Fantastic brakes are another big plus. But the essential element to a winter bike is that you are comfortable and can confidently maneuver it. If you feel awkward on a bike, you'll ride like it. So, get a winter bike that fits.

1. Cannondale Synapse Carbon 2 RL Bike

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 2 RL Bike
Cannondale Synapse Carbon 2 RL Bike

The Cannondale Synapse Carbon is not an e-bike, but it still comes with a winter-worthy headlight, taillight, and radar. It is an endurance bike, and while it isn't sold with fenders, the eyelets are there for installation. This bike is very stable when ridden straight. However, this does mean it doesn't corner as tight.

The sturdy tires also hold back bursts of speed. But once you get this bike going, it keeps on moving (back to the bike being built for endurance). So this is ideal for cyclists who commute on long stretches of the road rather than in tight, stop-and-go traffic.

Pros Of Cannondale Synapse Carbon

  • Excellent safety features, including headlight
  • Reflective tires
  • Stable

Cons Of Cannondale Synapse Carbon

  • Not the best choice for stop-a-go traffic

2. Cube Nuroad FE Road Bike

The Cube Nuroad FE Road Bike is stable, even at high speeds. It stops well, has internally routed cables, and its tires handle a range of conditions, including gravel. It can also handle hills, which is brilliant since not everyone lives in Chicago. It's also easy to add carrier racks if you require extra cargo space.

The Cube has lights and fenders available at extra charge for those wanting to up the safety and winter worthiness of the ride.

Pros Of Cube Nuroad

  • Can handle gravel
  • Does well on hills
  • Agile yet stable

Cons Of Cube Nuroad

  • You feel the bumps

3. Decathlon Triban RC 520 Road Bike

Decathlon Triban RC 520 Road Bike
Decathlon Triban RC 520 Road Bike

The Triban RC520 is an affordable choice that can have fenders added on without fuss. It's not a proper racing bike, but it still has some speed while providing a comfortable ride. It also accommodates a rear rack to help haul the loads.

The hybrid brakes are not the best out there, but they work, even in winter weather. However, the tires are not winter-friendly, so you'll need to change them to something with grip. On the plus side, the frame is built to accommodate 36mm tires if you want added stability and grip. But with these modifications, it's a dependable winter ride.

Pros Of Triban RC 520

  • Smooth and reliable
  • Can swop tires to a 36mm
  • Frame has a lifetime warranty

Cons Of Triban RC 520

  • The slick and shiny tires it comes with are not ideal for winter

4. Electra Loft 7D Bike

Electra Loft 7D Bike
Electra Loft 7D Bike

The Electra Loft 7D is a comfortable step-thru commuter bike. Its geometry is especially kind to those with back issues. Plus, it's a nice-looking ride yet durable. People living in windy areas will also appreciate that you can put both feet flat on the ground during a stop. The chain guards and fenders are included with purchase, another winter plus.

However, despite the 7-gears, the bike does not tackle the most prominent hills with ease. Also, the rim brakes are a problem for intense winter climates.

Pros Of Electra Loft

  • Comfortable step-thru frame
  • Wider tires than your typical pavement bike
  • Chain guards and fenders included

Cons Of Electra Loft

  • Rim brakes

5. Giant Yukon 1 Bike

Giant Yukon 1 Bike
Giant Yukon 1 Bike

The Giant Yukon 1 is overkill if you winter in Florida, but you'll love it if you live in Alaska, Main, or one of the great Midwestern States. Too often winter cyclists get pushed to the sides of the road where the crud, grit, and ice have piled up. Thus, tires that hold in dirt or snow can be lifesavers.

However, fat tires do come at the cost of road speed. These tires on the pavement will hold you upright but will also drag. But this bike will get you where you need to be. Plus, the Yukon 1 has a dropper post making it easier to tackle hills.

You will need to add on the fenders to protect yourself from the mud. Giant has ProGuard Zip fenders and UniClip SpeedShield that has a roll-up function.

Pros Of Giant Yukon 1

  • Solid, all-around performance
  • Well balanced
  • Quality components

Cons Of Giant Yukon 1

  • The saddle is fine but could be better

6. Ridley Fenix SLA Road Bike

Ridley Fenix SLA Road Bike
Ridley Fenix SLA Road Bike

The Ridley Fenix SLA is a fast bike that is great for hilly commutes. Its geometry is comfortable, provided you swap out the saddle for something broader than a toothpick. In addition, it handles in a way that allows it to be enjoyed by top cyclists and novices.

Also, Ridley has upgraded some components over the years, and brakes are now hydraulic disc instead of mechanical, all the better for winter riding. It is also easy to winterize with fenders to keep the mud off your back.

Pros Of Ridley Fenix SLA

  • Smooth ride on pavement
  • Handles hills
  • Comfortable, provided you replace the saddle

Cons Of Ridley Fenix SLA

  • True road bike, so it loses stability off the pavement

7. Surly Cross-Check Bike

Surly Cross-Check Bike
Surly Cross-Check Bike

The Surly Cross-Check has been a longtime favorite for people looking for a bike to winterize. It's a straightforward bike that does its job well. It's ideal for people looking for a safe and reliable ride that can cut through the traffic, making it easier to get where you want to go. Yes, the steel frame is heavy, but these bikes last and last.

The tires are "skinny" compared to the popular fat bikes, but they slice through sludge well. The fixed gearing might not sound fancy, but it is low maintenance, holding up to the winter abuse. Yes, it is a pity it doesn't have disc brakes, but the Tektro are effective. But if you don't like it, just buy the frame and build your own, just like many a happy customer does.

Pros Of Cross-Check

  • Durable and dependable
  • Handles winter like a pro
  • Can handle gravel and grit

Cons Of Cross-Check

  • Lacks disc brakes

8. Trek Farley 5 Fat Bike

Trek Farley 5 Fat Bike
Trek Farley 5 Fat Bike

The Trek Farley 5 Fat Bike is excellent value for money. It handles well, tires grip and float over the bumps, and has a dropper post. However, you might want to use some of the money you save to upgrade the saddle, as it is not comfy. But the bike's geometry is nice, so the ride is comfortable, provided you get rid of the awkward seat.

While this bike is made for icy trails, it will do well for commuters that are stuck peddling through the slug on the side of the road. These tires can plow through it, saving you the stress of trying to dodge the chunks while not being taken out by the traffic.

Pros Of Farley 5

  • Excellent value for money
  • Tires float over the bumps and grit
  • Great traction

Cons Of Farley 5

  • Saddle isn't the greatest

9. Vitus Zenium CR Road Bike

The Vitus Zenium CR Road Bike is a carbon frame with geometry generous enough to attach clip-on fenders. Oddly enough, its tires, typically a criticism of this bike, are perfect for winter. The heavier, slightly wider wheels give you a bit more security in winter riding. However, you will want to upgrade the tires for summer riding as the heavier tires do slow down your acceleration and zip.

The geometry of this bike isn't overly aggressive, which makes it more comfortable on the back when commuting.

Pros Of Vitus Zenium CR

  • Carbon frame and fork
  • Tires work well for winter
  • Geometry isn't too aggressive for commuting

Cons Of Vitus Zenium CR

  • No rack mounts

10. Why Cycles Big Iron V2 Bike

Why Cycles Big Iron V2 Bike
Why Cycles Big Iron V2 Bike

They Why Big Iron V2 is a high-end titanium frame that comes with three build options that are topped off with large tires. It can fit a 27.5 x 4.5 or a 26 x 5 tire, truly putting the "fat" into fat biking. Even the 4.5s are slightly bigger than a true 4.5.

However, such weighty tires do come at the price of acceleration. It takes some real push to get the Big Iron moving. But once you get that speed, it will keep on rolling.

These bikes were designed to be able to handle Alaskan winters. They are tough, with internal cable routing, stealth dropper post routing, and threaded bottom brackets. The V2 bike build will comfortably see you through winter after winter after winter.

Pros Of Big Iron V2

  • Fat-fat tires
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

Cons Of Big Iron V2

  • It takes some push to get the weight going

8 Best E-Bikes For Commuting In Winter

Winter can be challenging enough without pushing against the elements all on your own. Pedal assistance and full-throttles can make the commute more pleasant and fun while also having the capacity to haul everything you need. In addition, most e-bikes have lights to light your way and raise visibility.

1. Aventon Aventure E-Bike

Aventon Aventure E-Bike
Aventon Aventure E-Bike

The Aventon Aventure is a rugged option for commuters that want to be able to go off-road on the weekends. The fat tires can go from pavement to sand to icy trails without issues. It is a water-resistant build which is a nice change from e-bikes with batteries needing to be wrapped with bags.

The Aventure has lights in the front and rear to help you be seen. It has a pedal-assist and full-throttle options to provide all the assistance you might need. In addition, it has Bluetooth connectivity and can even charge your phone.

Pros Of

  • Excellent brakes
  • Option of step-thru frame
  • Winter robustness

Cons Of

  • Not the smoothest acceleration

2. Aventon Level E-Bike

Aventon Level E-Bike
Aventon Level E-Bike

The Aventon Level is the true commuter e-bike option from the brand. It is lighter than the Aventure and comes with the fenders and a rack already installed. In addition, it is a comfortable bike, complete with a Velo saddle and a step-thru option if desired.

Despite having significant weight, it maneuvers well and can get up the hills. The hydraulic brakes work a treat, even on the downhill. The tires are wide enough to hold up to winter street conditions. It also has two throttle options: on-demand or after-pedal.

Pros Of Aventon Level

  • Frame has a lifetime warranty
  • 2.2 tires give plenty of stability
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for excellent stopping

Cons Of Aventon Level

  • Battery can't be removed to charge it

3. Cyrusher XF800 750W E-Bike

Cyrusher XF800 750W E-Bike
Cyrusher XF800 750W E-Bike

The Cyrusher XF800 is a full-suspension fat tire e-bike. It's a versatile build, handling the trails or urban riding, especially for areas filled with potholes. The shocks really take the edge off when you ride through the urban bumps. In addition, the fat tires will hold even if there is sand or gravel scattered across the pavement.

If you kit the Cyrusher with racks, it can haul plenty. The fenders are perfect for urban use, although it's recommended to detach them for trail outings.

Pros Of Cyrusher XF800

  • Excellent hydraulic brakes
  • Fits 5'4-6'7
  • It's built for urban riding

Cons Of Cyrusher XF800

  • There are some cheaper quality components

4. ENGWE Folding Electric E-Bike

ENGWE Folding Electric E-Bike
ENGWE Folding Electric E-Bike

The ENGWE Folding E-Bike is a fat tire made for urban commuting but can handle off-roading if the fork is adjusted. It is also surprisingly comfortable. Many folding bikes feel cramped, and while the handlebars can be "crowded" for taller riders, the seat and the overall reach are nice.

The e-bike also assumes you are primarily going to ride on paved surfaces, so the tires are not overly nubby. The fat tires provide grip and stability, but not to the point where it drags on the pavement. However, that does mean that while this off-roads well, it isn't for the most technical and challenging terrain.

Pros Of ENGWE Folding

  • Folds up
  • Made for urban riding
  • Surprisingly comfortable

Cons Of ENGWE Folding

  • Heavy for its size and carrying capacity

5. Ecotric Electric Snow 500W E-Bike

Ecotric Electric Snow 500W E-Bike
Ecotric Electric Snow 500W E-Bike

The Ecotric Electric is designed for the beach or snow. However, it handles roads well and is incredibly affordable. Unfortunately, while it has a throttle, it won't get you up big hills and will shorten the battery life to pathetic. But if in the market for a well-priced peddle-assist for winter commuting, this does the job.

There are no LED lights, and you'll have to add the racks and fenders separately. So do take that into account when pricing the bike. Even so, it's a low-cost e-bike with a solid build that serves commuters well.

Pros Of Ecotric Electric

  • Affordable
  • Front suspension
  • Climbs hills well with pedal assist (not full throttle)

Cons Of Ecotric Electric

  • Short-range with throttle

6. Heybike Mars Electric 500W E-Bike

Heybike Mars Electric 500W E-Bike
Heybike Mars Electric 500W E-Bike

The Heybike Mars Electric is a foldable fat tire e-bike option. Also, its battery is removable, so you don't have to charge it on the bike. It rides smoothly and is pretty comfortable if you are a shorter person. However, taller people might feel a bit "perched." It has three levels of pedal assistance and a full-throttle option.

The bike does well on various terrain, including urban streets, sand, and snow. It stops well, can carry loads, and the fenders keep the mud off your clothes. If you ever decide to call an Uber, it can be folded up and brought along.

Pros Of Mars Electric

  • Well priced
  • Compact
  • Handles a variety of terrain

Cons Of Mars Electric

  • Short seat post

7. Rad Power RadMini 4 750W E-Bike

Rad Power RadMini 4 750W E-Bike
Rad Power RadMini 4 750W E-Bike

The RadMini 4 is a 75W foldable fat tire bike that handles well. But what most people seem to love is that it comes with a bell. This small detail delights users to no end.

But in real terms, this bike is safe and reliable for commuting. It even has reflective tire rims to help you be seen on the road. It's a reasonably quiet ride, has lights, and the fat tires give commuters confidence and stability. In addition, it goes over potholes really well, which is essential where I live.

Pros Of RadMini 4

  • Puncture-resistant tires
  • USB charging port
  • Rides over potholes beautifully

Cons Of RadMini 4

  • Initial assembly can take over 4 hours

8. Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus 750W E-Bike

Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus 750W E-Bike
Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus 750W E-Bike

The RadRover has two designs: high-step and step-thru. It is also sized, unlike the RadMini, making it easier to get a frame that fits your height. It is equipped with full-coverage fenders to keep you clean as you commute. The ergonomic grips are comfortable even as your hands go numb in the cold (remember your winter gloves).

RadRover tackles hills easily and goes over the street bumps with ease. Hydraulic brakes are responsive and do not require a death grip to operate. The throttle operates smoothly, sparing riders of the chug-chug jerk.

Pros Of RadRover

  • Smooth throttle
  • Excellent hydraulic brakes
  • Fenders come with the bike

Cons Of RadRover

  • Buying the addons, including racks, quickly jacks up the price