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Bike riding has long been a go-to for aiding in weight loss, but there is so much information out there. What exactly are the best bikes for weight loss?

There are many options, from road bikes to mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and even stationary bikes. At the same time, we're spoiled for choice, and the variety available can be confusing.

I have found that provided the bike requires one to expend physical energy while riding it. It will very much be able to assist in losing weight. Each type of bike will have its pros and cons, and it must not be forgotten that bike riding is but an aid to losing weight.

While finding the best bike for you will most definitely help in losing weight, there are a few more things you should be looking at to advance your weight loss goal. It is more than just the right bike but how you train using it.

Although it seems that there are just too many variables when it comes to finding the right bike for weight loss, the reality is that there is the best bike for weight loss for everyone. You just need to be willing to delve further into what's available.



Best Road And Hybrid Bikes For Weight Loss

Road cycling is one of the most well-known forms of cycling, and it does provide one with an almost limitless track on which to exercise. One of the true benefits of road cycling is that cycling is a form of transport so you can even get your exercise in on the way to and from work.

As with any exercise, forming a healthy enjoyment of cycling will really assist in encouraging you to get on your bike and head out. There are a variety of 'road' bikes on the market, from racing bikes to utility bikes. Each one has its advantages based on your specific needs.

I have put together a selection of road and hybrid bikes that covers the best of the high rollers through to the best of the budget options. These are my top picks from taking your cycling for weight loss into serious cycling to easy lifestyle changes in commuting by bike to work and fun rides around the neighborhood.

  1. Specialized® Aethos Comp
  2. Giant Fastroad Advanced 1
  3. Trek FX Sport 4
  4. FX 1 Stagger
  5. Kona Dew and Kona Coco

1. Specialized® Aethos Comp

Specialized® Aethos Comp
Specialized® Aethos Comp

If you are looking for a lovely combination of aesthetic and performance, then this is the bike for you. Built for pure cycling pleasure, the Specialized® Aethos Comp is a truly enjoyable offering from Specialized®; it's just such a smooth ride, making it great for both those new to cycling and those who have been cycling for years.

The bike is super lightweight but made to take on anything that gets thrown at it. The framework is of 10r carbon and weighs in at 17.2 lbs. so it's insanely light. The saddle has been designed with comfort in mind, so if you are looking for long consistent rides for weight loss, this is definitely a bike worth considering.

The Aethos Comp is also a beautiful bike if aesthetics are of importance to you, it has a retro look and feel, and the layered carbon frame peeks through a finely applied paint job. There are no extraneous bits, and the lines are smooth and simple. It is an extremely clean-cut and elegant frame. The minimal and understated logo usage gives it a classy appearance.

This bike retails at $5200, which may look very high but not if you factor in what the bike offers – then it's a steal, so if you're looking for a good long-term weight loss investment and keen to get quite serious about your cycling, this is a road bike worth considering.


  • Easily one of the most beautiful bikes around.
  • Feather-light weight carbon fiber frame, it’s like riding on air.
  • Very comfortable ride.


  • The price is high as far as a bike for weight loss goes; however, in terms of what you get, should you be considering taking up cycling seriously, then it's a bargain.
  • It's not a hybrid, so you have a limited range of surfaces that it will comfortably ride on.

2. Giant Fastroad Advanced 1

Giant Fastroad Advanced 1
Giant Fastroad Advanced 1

Moving on to a more of an all-rounder road bike, the Giant Fastroad Advanced 1 is a great fitness bike, and this bike will get you out riding on almost any road, bike paths, and about the city streets. It's a great day-to-day run-about and won't shy away from a bit of solid road cycling either.

The Fastroad Advanced 1 offers a smooth, fast ride and comes with a composite frame making it relatively lightweight. It includes a d-Fuse seat post that will help to reduce the possible unpleasant road bumps making for a smoother feeling ride.

Although I could not find an exact weight, its composite frame does mean it will be on the lighter side of bikes; it should be remembered that the weight of the bikes can also vary dependent on accessories; nonetheless, this bike is responsive and extremely agile. And at $2900, it's an affordable option for weight loss.


  • The Fastroad Advanced 1 is a great in-between option allowing both a serious and fun feel.
  • Light weight composite frame.
  • D-Fuse seat post that acts as a shock absorber to make the ride smoother.
  • For a composite bike, the price is reasonable.


  • Still on the pricey side for the purposes of weight loss.

3. Trek FX Sport 4

Trek FX Sport 4
Trek FX Sport 4

The Trek FX Sport 4 is a sporty offering from Trek bikes. They provide both the road racer capability with the comfort and feel of a flat handlebar. Like the Giant Fastroad Advanced 1, these offer a best of both worlds advantage where one can easily attempt group rides or commute to work. The bikes are just versatile.

This does make the bike that much more useful, and the more easily you can build the use of your bike into your daily routine, the more effective role it will play in weight loss.

The Trek FX Sport 4 comes in three colors, white, green, and gun metal grey. Made of carbon fiber, it is also on the lighter end of the weight spectrum. This bike costs in the region of $1699.99. If you want something even lighter in the Trek FX Sport range, the FX Sport 5 and the FX Sport 6 are available at $1999.99 and $2599.99, respectively.

The bike comes with Shimano hydraulic brakes, so there will be no surprises when needing to come to a stop regardless of the weather conditions. A tubeless wheelset with gravel tires will take you wherever you need to go in smooth comfort, which is complemented by the shock-absorbing handlebars.


  • Multiple color options are available.
  • Comfortable flat hand bar.
  • Hydraulic brakes.
  • The lightweight frame has various iterations, so you know it's a formula that works.


  • Each improved iteration is more expensive than the last.

4. Trek FX 1 Stagger

Trek FX 1 Stagger
Trek FX 1 Stagger

The Trek FX 1 Stagger is my personal favorite when it comes to a bike that will assist with weight-loss and healthy living in general, this is a whole lifestyle package, and the price is nice enough for the whole family to get involved.

This bike is just nifty, and it can take you from your commute to your workout or out on a chilled family ride around the neighborhood.

With a flat handlebar and a step-through frame, the bike is made for ease of use and comfort. The FX 1 Stagger comes with 21 speeds, so you will be able to manage a variety of terrain. While it does have an aluminum frame, it is lightweight and sturdy, providing a durable bike.

The wheels are double-walled with wide tires giving additional stability, making this a great option for those who are new to cycling.

As a hybrid offering, this is a brilliant option at around $599.99. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so it makes a great long-term weight loss companion.


  • Flat handlebar for improved comfort.
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use step-through frame.
  • 21 speeds give you a mastery of most terrain.
  • Double-walled wide tire improves stability.
  • Very reasonable price.


  • Aluminum frame, which does make it heavier than its carbon fiber and composite counterparts but still lightweight enough to be great to ride.

5. Kona Dew and Kona Coco

Kona Dew and Kona Coco
Kona Dew and Kona Coco

The Kona Dew is a great offering from Kona. The Kona Dew is made of Kona 6061 aluminum alloys, making it another tough and durable bike option. It is also light and easy to ride, ensuring you will be able to keep going for miles.

This bike is made specifically for a suburban and urban setting and will make a fantastic commute bike. It’s another great hybrid where it can switch from asphalt to bike paths with ease.

The Kona Dew comes in two colors, a pale blue and a light grey, and the look is also on the simple and sleek side with minimal extraneous detail. This is an attractive bike that will remain stylish for a while.

The Kona Dew comes with a lifetime warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty on the entire bike and its various components.

The cost may vary from dealer to dealer, but you would be looking at a price of around $799, making it one of the more affordable options out there.

The Kona Coco brings a bit of European style to the table. This is another hybrid bike and, like the Dew, is made of lightweight Kona 6061 aluminum alloys. Another urban easy-riding bike, the Kona Coco, is a step-through frame model. It comes in one color, a sleek grey-blue that adds class to the already stylish frame.

The Kona Coco brings fun, flair, and a carefree feel to your ride, both in looks and with its puncture-resistant tires. It's another great commute bike and perfect for developing a healthy lifestyle of biking out to the shops.

The Kona Coco, like the Kona Dew, is priced at around $949, so it's slightly pricier than the Kona Dew.


  • The Dew is a sturdy bike that can take a bit of extra punishment; very versatile.
  • The Dew is a highly attractive bike, so you won't need to worry that it will become dated soon.
  • The Kona Dew comes reasonably priced
  • The Coco has a classic old-school aesthetic.
  • The perfect run-around bike.
  • The Kona Coco is reasonably priced.
  • The Kona Dew and the Kona Coco cone have lifetime warranties on their frames.


  • Aluminum frames, but again this is a lightweight alloy, so it's a bit of a stretch to call it a negative.

Off-Road And Mountain Bikes

Off-road bikes are great for weight loss, generally speaking, cycling nature trails will mean hills and uneven surfaces, which will mean you will get a bigger workout. Off-road can also mean sand, and that is tough to cycle through.

An off-road bike is commonly called a mountain bike. These bikes are designed with tough off-road terrain in mind. They have a more robust structure to deal with uneven terrain, and their tires are wider with deeper treads to ensure a safe grip on muddy surfaces.

If you are into the real outdoors, a mountain bike will make a great bike for weight loss. Not only will it carry you out onto the trails, but due to the rugged routes you will encounter, you will be able to be sure of getting a very good workout.

Uneven surfaces, hills, and often damp and soft ground combine to ensure your ride will give your entire body exercise.

You will get a ton of fresh air and adventure in abundance when mountain biking. It makes for good training and will definitely assist in weight loss and muscle toning due to its being more strenuous than moderately paced road cycling.

  1. Marin Rift Zone 2 27.5
  2. Rocky Mountain Growler (20,40,50)
  3. Mongoose Salvo Comp 29
  4. Cannondale Trail SE1
  5. Ribble HT 725 Sport

1. Marin Rift Zone 2 27.5

This is one of the best-priced mountain bikes out there; the Marin Rift Zone 2 27.5 is all about the outdoor rush, be prepared to have a proper adventure on this bike as it will be able to take you down any line you can find.

This is a sturdy and robust bike that gives you the confidence to tackle the trail knowing it can handle whatever you throw at it. The bike comes with Shimano disc brakes giving it the necessary stopping power to keep your descents safe and stable.

And when it comes to climbing, this bike will take you uphill in no time at all with its 12-speed drivetrain that holds a 10-51T gear range. So you will get a workout, but man, will it be fun, and you never need to worry that you will end up over-exerting yourself as with the Marin Rift Zone 2 27.5, you can be sure the bike will help you get your workout done.

As with most mountain bikes, expect a rugged and heftier look than its road and hybrid counterparts. This bike has an aluminum frame and internal cable routing to reduce rattling and provide a clearer setup.

Lastly, the double-wall tire rims provide the option for tubeless riding, which will reduce the likelihood of flats.

The price is a very competitive $2349, which is a brilliant deal when considering what the bike can do.


  • It comes with a competitive price tag for a mountain bike.
  • The Marin Rift Zone 2 2.75 has amazing climbing thanks to the 12-speed drive train and 10-51T gear range.
  • Shimano disc brakes mean top-class stopping power.
  • Sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Excellent handling for maximum enjoyment.


  • Although on the lower end of mountain bike prices, it's still steep for the purposes of weight loss.

2. Rocky Mountain Growler (20, 40, 50)

The Growler is a great range of well-priced mountain bikes from Rocky Mountain. The Growler 20 is the most pocket friendly of the lot coming in at $1399, the Growler 40 and Growler 50 both retail from $1799.

The Growler 20 comes with a rigid seat post making it the less comfortable option of the three. All three are hardtail mountain bikes but make no mistake, these are future-focused, and several modern additions have perfected this style.

It's a very simple but tough bike that can handle seriously hard trails when needed. So if your weight loss takes you way off-road and then some, this bike is definitely worth your consideration; it also makes for a great first mountain bike.

If you're looking for a bit more comfort, then the Growler 40 or Growler 50 come with more advanced components, and at just a few hundred dollars more may be worth the spend.

All three Growler versions come with 29 x 2.6 tires giving you amazing traction regardless of the terrain. Although the Growler does not come with full suspension, its design is such that it gets away without it. This is a tough and wholly capable bike that will give you a great trail experience.


  • Well priced.
  • Phenomenal traction.


  • The long-wheelbase makes it a bit difficult to control in some terrain.

3. Mongoose Salvo Comp 29

The Mongoose Salvo Comp 29 is another well-priced mountain and cross country bike, including cool tech at a reasonable price starting at $1999.99. This bike has a full suspension so be ready for super smooth riding. Shimano disc brakes ensure you will be able to make it down the hills in safety.

The Salvo has a durable and sturdy aluminum frame and adjustable shocks, plus it can come with either 29" or 27.5" tires, meaning you can choose your preference to meet your requirements.

As with many mountain bikes, the Mongoose Salvo Comp has tubeless compatible rims for when you need additional traction. The internal cable routing allows for a less busy finish and makes the bike much easier to clean after a day on the trails.

The bike provides you with a great way to enjoy the more technical parts of the trails whilst not removing the feel and effort of mountain biking.


  • Competitive pricing.
  • Full suspension.
  • Adjustable shocks.
  • Shimano disc brakes.
  • Robust and durable aluminum frame.


  • The gears sometimes stick, which can be frustrating.
  • The seat is uncomfortable.

4. Cannondale Trail SE 1

The Cannondale trail offerings are more of an introduction to mountain biking, so they aren't necessarily made for technical terrain but can easily manage low-impact trails, gravel roads, and easy rides, making the Cannondale Trail SE 1 a top pick as a weight-loss bike or first trail experience.

The Cannondale Trail SE1 is also an attractive bike, with clean-cut and simple lines. The bike has great handling, and thanks to its aluminum alloy frame, it's also durable and hardy.

Along with a 12-speed drivetrain, the bike also boasts Shimano hydro disc brakes; not only does this bike ride well, but it also has great control, thanks to its mid-range components. This bike is a great option for rides where the terrain moves from asphalt to trail and back again, allowing a lot of versatility.

The Cannondale Trail SE 1 retails at $2225.


  • Great price.
  • The 12-speed drive train is for great control.
  • Aluminum alloy hardy frame for durability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Versatile for urban and trail rides.


  • As more of an introductory mountain bike, you may find that it doesn't give you enough scope for the more technical trails.
  • The bike battles with technical terrain.

5. Ribble HT 725 Sport

The Ribble HT 275 Sport is another hardtrail bike that is perfect if you are looking to make mountain biking a large part of your life. This bike will keep you steady and secure even at high speeds on rough terrain, and if you're looking to raise your heart rate with more than just physical exertion, this is the right bike for you.

The HT 275 Sport is the entry-level of the HT 725 series but don't let that put you off, and it remains a solid, durable, and highly competent bike for climbs and descents alike. Great suspension and superior handling mean that this bike can take corners beautifully.

The bike boasts a Reynolds steel frame making it very durable and able to handle whatever the trail may throw at it. The HT 275 Sport has 2.6” tires giving it great trail holding capability.

My favorite feature about this bike is that Ribble offers a BikeBuilder option where you can choose your colors and design, allowing you to fully personalize your bike. The options are almost endless, and you can be bright, bold, creative, monotone, whatever you want. It's a great touch.

The bikes come with a 3-year warranty on the frame and great 30-day insurance on theft or accidental damage. The HT 725 Sport starts at $1536.35, making it one of the more affordable mountain bike options out there.


  • With the BikeBuilder option for personalization, I love that I can decide how my bike will look.
  • Durable Reynolds steel frame.
  • Fantastic price.
  • 2.6" tire provides good traction on the trail.


  • The level dropper post can be temperamental.