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Cycling can be great exercise. It’s cheap, eco-friendly, and a lot of fun. With bikes, you don’t have to deal with fuel costs, parking, or licensing.

With that being said, I understand the struggle of looking for bikes for a reasonable price. You want to reap the benefits of cycling without breaking the bank for a bicycle (I mean, who wouldn’t?).

Some of the best bikes for under $300 include:

  • Vilano Diverse 3.0
  • Kent Pomona
  • Giordano RS700
  • Schwinn Discover
  • Hiland Road Hybrid Bike for Men
  • Carrera Valour
  • The 26-Inch Merax Mountain Bike
  • Xspec 26-inch Mountain Bike
  • Mongoose Impasse HD 29-Inch
  • Apollo Valier
  • Huffy 24-inch Mountain Bike
  • Coyote Origin
  • Schwinn Loop
  • Kent GZR700
  • Euro Mini Zizzo
  • Vilano City
  • Critical Cycles Speed City

To help you out, I’ve gathered some of the best bikes for under $300 on the market currently. These are all decent units that cover the best options available. By looking at a range of bikes you’ll have more options.

I’ll be discussing each of them in detail while indicating some of my personal favorites. Having committed to thorough research through reviews and giving my opinions based on personal experiences, I have shared my knowledge on some of the best bikes for under $300.



Best Hybrid Bikes for under $300

If you’re a beginner, hybrid bikes could be your go-to choice. They’re great for adaptability, making them light enough to zoom through an open road and durable to withstand technical terrain.

Specifically, they combine the functionality of two unique kinds of bikes: Mountain and Road bikes. This enables them to do much more than an individual bike could ever achieve.

Some features associated with them include the skinny tires found on a road bike, the flat handlebars of a mountain bike, and mid-range size designs. They’re associated with versatility and comfort, promoting the idea that they work on any terrain without difficulties.

That being said, they come in vast price ranges with various features specific to each bike. These come with several tempting aspects, but only a few are the most ideal for you. So, to help you avoid wasting time and making bad choices, I’ve based this list on preferences, price range, and your requirements. Continue reading to learn more about the best hybrid bikes for under $300.

Vilano Diverse 3.0

Vilano Diverse 3.0
Vilano Diverse 3.0

First off, on our list of the best bikes for under $300 is the Vilano Diverse 3.0. Among most bikes available currently, it’s one of the more reliable products that’s exceedingly fast on a variety of terrain. It’s among the best options when considering affordability because it still manages to meet pretty high standards.

With its 26-pound weight, the bike is also very portable. Its 24 available speeds with a Shimano drivetrain and EF 51 brake shifter would always guarantee you’re getting your money’s worth.

Likewise, some more pros include its quick-release wheels for quick fixes and adjustments, ready-made hole accessories, and mountain-climbing accessibility.

However, no bike is perfect. So, on that note, it’s worth knowing that you might need an expert to set up the bike, as its brakes are pretty complicated with multiple shifter functions.

Kent Pomona

Kent Pomona
Kent Pomona

The Kent Pomona is considered an ideal entry-level bike for cyclists looking into hybrid cycling. It is pretty cost-effective while offering premium components that will last you a long time.

The bike comes with an 8-speed cassette. Though that is not a lot compared to other bikes, it works for individuals looking to get into cycling without dealing with the technicalities of gears.

Plus, if you like going up steep and rugged routes, you would be glad to know that the frame is also extremely lightweight. This makes it easy to carry for the 5.6 to 6ft riders the bike was custom designed for. It even comes with a comfortable seat and steel rear with a choice between two aesthetic colors: silver and mint green!

Because of the bike's suspension fork and fast-release seat clamp, you can maintain a comfortable upright position for your riding experience. This makes it suitable for men and women alike as its Shimano rear is guaranteed to enable easy controls and reliable use.

In short, the Pomona is a bike that focuses on its smooth riding experience, and suspension frame. There are not a lot of flaws to it. However, if I were to include a few, it would be that the derailleur is prone to breaking sometimes, and pedals are not that strong either.

Giordano RS700

Giordano RS700
Giordano RS700

As with other hybrid bikes, the Giordano RS700 exists as an amalgamation of designs working in unison to create a comfortable and diverse riding experience. This is partly due to its flat handlebars and lightweight structure. However, this isn’t all the bike is capable of. Due to its durable design, the bike can also serve as an ideal alternative for an intense rough style when needed.

Besides that, its other features include its alloy linear-pull brakes, derailleurs, and Shimano shifters. Furthermore, with its 30-pound design, it’s great for balancing and can also withstand impact on rough terrain with its shock-absorbing steel fork.

There are a few notable cons to this bike. For example, there aren’t enough size options. But, if you are luckily tall enough to ride this masterpiece, you can enjoy 700c tires and have 35-mm worth of width for a well-balanced and comfortable riding experience.

Schwinn Discover

Schwinn Discover
Schwinn Discover

From one of the oldest and most reputable biking companies, the Schwinn Discover is considered a great bike overall.

It’s equipped with features that work for female and male cyclists alike. It has a brilliant design that allows you to ride in style despite coming at an affordable price.

Among most of the best bikes for under $300, this one is specifically popular among women. This is due to its lightweight aluminum construction that makes handling feel like a breeze. It also has a rear rack, so it’s great for city commutes to and from grocery stores or to deal with deliveries.

In terms of riding experience, the model is very comfortable and easy to use. Its design entails adaptable sweep-back handlebars that further promote the aspect of comfortable riding. In addition, its saddle is even padded to add immersion and provide you with only the smoothest rides for all kinds of terrain.

Other prominent features include its 21-speed SRAM grip shifters, Shimano rear derailleurs, a Schwinn alloy crank and suspension fork, and a rear gear carrier. Meanwhile, its cons entail bad design spokes and a challenging assembly process.

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike for Men

If you’re a guy-cyclist looking for a cheap beginner’s bike, this might be the perfect choice for you. Being a Taiwan-made bike, the Hiland Road is a matte aluminum construct that’s capable of delivering excellent road performance.

As a hybrid bike, it promises versatile rides capable of fulfilling your every need. It makes this possible through its mechanical disc brakes, high-performance aluminum rims, and Shimano 24-gear speeds. You can also use it to rack practically any accessory, whether it is racks, fenders, kickstands, lights, or anything else you can imagine.

Moving on to set-up, the bike already comes almost completely assembled with all the installation tools needed to complete it. The design also comes in a variety of sizes; these include small, medium, and large sizes that are fit to satisfy all potential rides. For even more variety, you can get the bike in a range of colors, such as red, black, or silver, with the different frame sizes being 53 cm, 49 cm, and 57 cm long.

Other than that, for the bike’s downsides, I think it’s worth mentioning that the fork isn’t the best. It is easily breakable, plus the brake rubs make way too much noise for sudden brakes.

Best Mountain Bikes for under $300

Though hybrid bikes are great for diversity, they can’t be called perfect. So, if you truly want a bike that’s durable enough to withstand challenging rugged terrain, mountain bikes are the way to go.

Everything about these bikes tends to scream reliability. Whether it's the durable materials they're made from or the numerous gears they come in, they're made to ride rough mountain and hillside roads.

With that being said, these features come at a price; these bikes are usually the most costly bike types out there. But, you don’t have to worry. Lucky for you, I’ve still managed to gather a few options that are below the $300 limit. So, continue reading to learn more.

Carrera Valour

Starting us off, we have the Carrera Valour. This is a bike made by a reputable brand in the UK that’s renowned for delivering excellent performance despite their low prices.

Its features include 100mm travel forks, twin ring chainsets, a lightweight complete package, and Shimano gears. Though it doesn’t have a disc brake, its Suntour XCE fork is usually enough to compensate for a smooth travel experience.

The bike’s twin-ring 14-speed Shimano Tourney/Altus gear mix is a great way to keep its weight down despite being a mountain bike. It only claims to weigh 15kgs, making it exceedingly portable for its bike type. Not to mention, its semi-slick tires with a puncture protection layer and memory foam saddle for added comfort.

The handling is pretty fun due to its short stem and wide bars and in case you get thirsty while traversing tiring routes, the bike features convenient twin bottle cage mounts.

If you’re looking for downsides, the only one I could find is that the V-brakes don’t do well in wet climatic conditions. Therefore, you should just try to avoid cycling during the rainy season.

The 26-Inch Merax Mountain Bike

When you’re out on the mountainside, the feature that matters most is a bike’s braking power. Especially when you’re near cliffs, you’d never want to be in a position where you can’t come to an immediate stop. If you’re looking for a bike with unmatched stopping power, the Merax 26-inch wheel bike might be the choice for you.

It comes with everything you need to safely avoid harm on a rocky hillside. This includes dual disc brakes that the bike stopped dead in its tracks.

Other than that, its design helps a ton in providing an amazing smoothing of bumps. This, coupled with its one-of-a-kind gear shifting, encourages a thrill of ecstasy when utilizing 24-speed derailleurs and shifters.

Meanwhile, if you want to consider the cons, I want to mention that there have been incidents where customers received faulty bikes with incorrect manuals. And, in another instance, the front tire had been installed in the wrong direction for a customer. However, these are isolated incidents that tend to get rectified immediately by the manufacturer.

Xspec 26-inch Mountain Bike

The X-Spec 26-inch wheel mountain bike is a great bike all-in-all that might definitely be top of the list for best bikes for under $300. It has a durable and reliable folding mechanism that makes it exceedingly convenient for commuting to work or school, going grocery shopping, or trailing.

In terms of material, you don’t have to worry either. The bike is made out of very durable and high-quality carbon steel, resulting in fewer dents or instances of corrosion.

Likewise, the full suspension should also be plenty for protecting you against unexpected bumps or cliffs on the road. It comes with a rear and the front section that immensely reduces vibrations and shocks. The 21-speed settings also allow you to power through multiple terrains without worrying. In addition to it all, the tires come with rugged thread patterns that would further the aspect of seamless traction on virtually any route or surface.

The braking mechanism comes with disc brakes for both wheels. This would help contribute to more durable and stronger stopping systems for head-on collisions with rocks or barriers.

All that being said, there are not a lot of cons to this mountain bike. But, if I was to mention one, it'd be that it's not really suited for younger children. To be specific, they might have some trouble reaching the handlebars.

Mongoose Impasse HD 29-Inch

If you've ever had trouble buying a bike because you're taller than the average person, then the Mongoose Impasse HD 29-inch might be meant for you. It was designed specifically for the tall people left out due to non-diverse bike designs.

Its main features include its durable structure capable of withstanding the weight of taller people, a 21-speed range, and dual-disc brakes.

Being a hardtail bike, it’s also great for mountain climbing and sudden bumps due to rugged terrain. Its element suspension fork and SRAM Twist Shifters with Shimano rear derailleurs would also contribute to the bike’s overall comfort and pleasurable riding experience.

Whereas, some cons might be that you may need to adjust the disc ever so often. Plus, the assembly is pretty complicated, and you may need to visit your nearest shop for it.

Apollo Valier

Considered one of the cheapest bikes out of this list of the best bikes for under $300, the Apollo Valier is a mountain bike unlike any other.

With the industry's standard 21-speed Shimano gear, low-weight design, and suspension, it rivals even the most expensive bikes. It also has a 180mm front rotor to add any extra power needed for your added comfort.

Its mid-sized 27.5-inch trustworthy Kenda wheels are just another bonus for this price. And, with its well-cushioned saddle and Apollo suspension forks, you’re guaranteed luxury for a price that’s under $300.

The only downside to this bike that I’d like to mention is that the geometry is somewhat outdated. Though it’s not necessarily bad, the long stem could undermine your abilities when traversing more challenging terrain.

Huffy 24-inch Mountain Bike

Huffy has always been a brand known for surprising its users. And the Huffy 24, 26, and 27.5-inched wheel models are no different.

They’re made with the intent to provide affordable traction along wet and dry surfaces. And this is thanks to the model’s selection of wide tires and stopping power capable of ensuring your safety and comfort simultaneously. In particular, you’d be amazed by the capabilities of its simply elegant alloy linear-pull brakes and alloy wheel rims.

It’s also worth checking out the model’s suspension fork. It has one-of-a-kind shock absorption capabilities. Even slight changes like a small rise in the handlebar add to its elegant design. This is all done to ensure you don’t suffer any back or shoulder pain while riding.

Besides that, you should know the bike comes with all the tools needed for assembly. This includes packaging for the ATB-type resin pedals that provide an unimaginable degree of comfort and grip response.

For its downfalls, I want to mention that the bearings seem a little too lackluster, and they constantly risk falling out. Similarly, there have been indications that buyers have suffered from snapped chains within a short period after purchase. Plus, the tires have also been reported to come back flat or with tube leaks by some users.

Best Commuter/Road Bikes for Under $300

If mountain biking isn’t what you’re looking for and you just want a simple bike for day-to-day life, commuters would be the way to go.

Also known as road bikes, these cycles are designed solely to get you from Point A to Point B within a city or urban area. Whether for grocery shopping, traveling to school, or commuting to work, these bikes are specifically for commuting. Due to this, they’re great for comfortable rides that won’t make you much tired or sweaty.

Though road bikes tend to vary in price a lot, luckily for you, I’ve gathered a list of the best bikes for under $300. So, just sit back and continue reading to learn about numerous affordable options for comfortable and accessible commuter bikes.

Coyote Origin

The Coyote Origin is a bit sturdier than your typical commuter bike, but it’s still considered a great starter road bike.

Typically, you might expect to use this bike on more suburban terrain or possibly in a town built on a hill. It consists of an 18-speed gear shifting that encourages you to navigate hilly terrain trekking tires that could work for any off-road journey.

With its durable V-brakes, you don’t have to worry about not being able to stop when approaching on-coming traffic. And its steel Low-Rise handlebars and hybrid-specific saddle further contribute to the aspect of comfort and added visibility. Meanwhile, for drawbacks, it’s worth noting that it technically counts as a hybrid bike, so it’s a bit heavier and less portable than your standard commuter.

Schwinn Loop

The Schwinn Loop is an ideal road bike that doubles as a folding bike. Due to this, it works great for storage when you’re at work or school. You can fold the bike down and tuck it away in a compact space. You can even just bring this bike onto a train because it folds up so easily and quickly.

It’s the perfect solution to cycling through bustling city life. With its folding capabilities coupled with a light alloy folding frame, you can carry the bike around whenever you enter cramped spaces or get tired of cycling. Its front and rear brakes would always ensure that you stop at a safe braking distance. Whether stopping before a road with heavy traffic or avoiding crashing into someone on a busy street, the brakes have you covered.

Kent GZR700

Another model from the brand that has enriched cycling history, the Kent GZR700, is a cycle that upholds the company’s legacy. Having been constructed with a tensile steel frame, it’s a powerful construct with amazing durability while not compromising weight,

The Kent GZR comes with alloy brakes, which utilize metal alloy to ensure your safety by bringing you to a swift and secure stop. Coupled with the Shimano speed shifters, you can even change gears while cycling without damaging your drive train.

The bike is also just one of the best bikes for under $300 because of its premium craftsmanship and reliable tensile framework. It comes with padded seats and high wheel arches to further add to the comfort of cycling through city streets or somewhat bumpy suburban roads.

On the same note, when considering its cons, I would like to add that the bike only has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. This doesn’t leave much room for holding on to groceries or similar baggage while cycling. Its weight doesn’t make it as portable as your typical commuter bike either, plus the posture requires some time to get used to.

Euro Mini Zizzo

The Euro Mini Zizzo is a folding bike that allows you to easily store and ride your bike. With its lightweight aluminum frame and folding mechanism, this is another example of one of the best bikes under $300, perfect for a bustling metropolitan environment.

It’s so compact that you can even store it in the boot of your car or hold it during train commutes for when you get too tired to cycle. The folding stem also folds in the pedals, ensuring they don’t catch on to something or get damaged during transport. In fact, you even have a magnetic catch to stop the bike from swinging open.

It’s a simple bike with only a 7-gear gear system. And though this may not sound like a lot, it’s plenty for dealing with smooth roads in a city or any small hills you might come across. On the same note, its Twist gear shifter also does a great job at permitting easy gear changes without needing to ever take your hands off the handlebars.

The mechanism consists of only a single folding stem that can be completely adjusted to meet any position for your preferred riding style. You also get an adjustable seat post that encourages a comfortable riding experience regardless of how tall or short you may be.

Its rear and front V-brakes work well with the 20-inch wheels. Though these are considered standard features for bikes, they’re typically meant for hybrid bikes, so they’re a lot more effective with lighter models like the Euro Mini.

Vilano City

A Vilano City is another example of a commuter for individuals looking for bikes to stylishly ride across rail trails or paved bike paths. It has a very retro-style steel frame for added stability and comfort. And its general steel structure is very sturdy, encouraging you into an upright riding position through its hybrid handlebars. This is done so that you never have to worry about the problems associated with slouching your back while riding.

It would even come with a matching suspension saddle and grip to add to a unique degree of comfort. This is done to soak up any tiny bumps you might come across.

If you get tired or thirsty during city trips, you could benefit from its water bottle mount and a rack to carry any other items needed. Since it has sizable 700c wheels, these are large enough to go over any obstacles you might come across without causing too much trouble for you. And the linear V-type pull brakes are great for providing immediate stopping power when crossing busy streets and bustling metropolitan environments.

Its 7-speed Twist gear shift system, though simple, provides plenty of range over flat roads and hilly terrains alike. As the industry standard, you would also get flat top pedals with a kickstand so that you wouldn’t have it leaning on anything it could scratch or damage.

Critical Cycles Speed City

If you just want to get around with ease and no need to fuss about the discrepancies in gear ratios, structure, or similar mechanisms, the Critical Cycles Speed City might be meant for you.

Unlike your typical hybrid bike with 20-speeds or more, this cycle limits itself to only three. Because of this, you wouldn’t have to worry about complex repairs or mechanics regardless of how far you might be traveling. Even though the frame is simplistic and stylish, it’s designed to allow you to easily get off and on the bike. The bike rolls easily making city riding a breeze.

In other words, the Critical Cycles Speed City is for individuals who want to enjoy the simple pleasures of one of the best bikes for under $300. Through puncture-resistant tires and a retro step-through design, it’s the perfect solution for making your day-to-day activities easier.

Other than that, there are a couple of cons worth mentioning. In particular, these include a lack of security for your front brake and coaster and a somewhat hefty design. Though these aren’t going to be a problem for people cycling across paved city roads, they can be troublesome to deal with when climbing steep hills.

What is a Good Entry-Level Bike?

If you’re looking for an entry-level bike from these lists of the best bikes for under $300, I suggest looking into hybrid bikes. They’re the more diverse alternatives, allowing a little wiggle room for you to discover your preferred riding style. In particular, I’d like to suggest the Schwinn Discover.

Available at a retail cost of only $298 currently, it’s an ideal bike for urban city and rural mountain life alike. With its shock-absorbing suspension, you can use it to traverse numerous types of trails without worrying about the well-being of your bike.

Though the model’s a little too hefty and non-portable for city life, it still comes with reliable parts that would last you for years to come.

What Is The Best Bike For Back Pain?

If you have back troubles, chances are you’re cycling across long routes or mountain trails. In that case, I recommend using the Huffy 24, 26, or 27.5-inch mountain bike.

Huffy has a history of developing one-of-a-kind shock-absorption suspensions. And this model is no different. Its large tires and efficient structure ensure your posture is always straight with minimal discomfort. Plus, you never have to worry about bumps because its tires go right over them without feeling a thing.