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If you have a child learning to ride a bike, it is important to find the best bikes for toddlers to make it easier for them to learn to ride effectively.

Teaching your toddler to ride a bike can be difficult because any early struggles will cause them to quickly get discouraged. When this happens, they may try to quit too soon before they pick up on it. By getting them a bike more geared towards learning to ride, you can ensure they stay committed and learn faster.

The three best bikes for toddlers learning to ride are the Schwinn Elm Bike, BMW 14 Inch Toddler Bike, and Huffy Moto X 16 Inch Kids Bike. Each of these bikes has great safety features with versatile sizing options for different age groups. They are also all extremely affordable options.

There are many benefits of learning to ride a bike early in life. It helps kids build balance and coordination, develop a healthy lifestyle, and socialize with other children. The bike should be sturdy enough to support their weight too and below you will find some of the best bikes to consider.

If you want your toddler to learn how to ride a bike, then you need an appropriate bike for them. We have tested each of the bikes listed below carefully to ensure they are top-notch products that you can use to help your toddler learn to ride a bike faster.



8 Best Bikes For Toddlers (Learning To Ride)

There are many different types of bikes available today and they vary in price and features. But it’s important to know that not all bikes are suitable for toddlers.

Some are too big, some have too many parts that can be dangerous for toddlers, or the seat might not be comfortable enough. So before you buy a bike for your toddler, make sure you do your research about what type of bike would be best for them.

The best way to train your toddler to ride is with a specialized bike. This can be done with a balance bike, a toy bike, or a tricycle. The perfect option depends on the size, age, and ability of your toddler too.

A bike is one of the most fun and exciting toys for a toddler. It provides them with a lot of physical activity, which is also beneficial in terms of their cognitive development. This is why it is so important for parents to teach them how to ride a bike at an early age.

1. Schwinn Elm Bike

Picture of the Schwinn Elm Bike

This Schwinn Elm Bike is designed for toddlers and children. It has a lightweight frame, low stand-over height, and easy-to-use brakes.

Schwinn bikes are known for their durability and quality craftsmanship. This bike is perfect for learning to ride as it has a low stand-over height, easy-to-use brakes, and a lightweight frame. It also has an adjustable seat so that it can grow with your child.

It comes with a variety of features such as a seat that can be adjusted, footrests, and the ability to pedal without training wheels. It also has an extra-large wheel diameter and wide wheelbase which allows them to get more stability on their first rides.

This toddler bike comes with an adjustable seat which makes it easy for kids to grow into the bike as they learn how to ride. The footrests are also helpful in teaching kids how to balance themselves when they are learning how to ride.

It has a wide, stable base that helps the rider balance and it is lightweight so it can be easily carried in the car or stroller.

There are also training brakes on the back wheel to help riders learn how to stop quickly and safely. The seat height is adjustable as well as handlebar height, so parents can customize their riding experience to fit their child's needs and abilities.

2. BMW 14 Inch Toddler Bike

Picture of the BMW 14 Inch Toddler Bike

The BMW 14 Inch Toddler Bike is a perfect bike for toddlers who have just started learning to ride. It is made of high-quality materials and has a sturdy construction. The bike is also easy to assemble, which means that it won’t take long for kids to get the hang of riding it.

The handlebars are adjustable and the seat can be adjusted in three different ways. It also has a throttle brake pedal which makes stopping easier for kids as they learn how to ride.

The tires are large enough to make riding on smooth surfaces easy but small enough so that they don’t make too much noise when the bike is moving fast. It also comes equipped with removable training wheels and double brakes.

With the large size and wide wheels, it is easy for toddlers to get started with riding. The bike has a steel frame that is corrosion resistant so it will last longer than other bikes, and it also has an adjustable seat height so that the child can grow with their bicycle.

It has a brake system that is easy to use by your child, even when they are not able to reach their feet on the ground. There are also textured grips on the seat, pedals, and handlebars to allow for better comfort for your toddler.

3. Huffy Moto X 16 Inch Kids Bike

Picture of the Huffy Moto X 16 Inch Kids Bike

The Huffy Moto X 16 Inch Kids Bike is designed for toddlers with less riding experience. It has 16-inch wheels and a low step-through design with a wide seat and a high handlebar. It also features adjustable gear shifters that are easy to use with little fingers.

This is another perfect choice for toddlers who are just learning how to ride or those with mobility issues who need an assistive device that can help them learn how to balance on two wheels.

With this, you can make sure that your child is safe and comfortable while learning to ride. It comes equipped with rear training wheels that can be removed once your toddler has enough experience handling the bike.

The bike comes with a soft grip handlebar, quick release seat, and adjustable seat height. It also has a wide range of colors and designs that you can choose from. With its wide range of features, it makes sure your child is safe and comfortable while learning to ride.

The bike also has a rigid suspension system that makes it easier for kids to pedal on the street and stay balanced. The glossy black and red finish is sleek and something many toddlers enjoy because of the unique look.

It comes with an adjustable seat height so you can adjust the bike as your child grows. This bike is easy to assemble and comes in different colors so you can find one that matches your child's personality.

4. JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

Picture of the JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike

The JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike is made of high-quality materials and comes with a variety of features for children learning to ride. It has wide tires, a low step-thru frame, adjustable seat height, and a durable chain guard.

The bike also comes with a bell that can be easily attached to the handlebars as well as an adjustable seat post with a removable quick-release saddle. This is perfect for toddlers looking to learn how to ride their first bike or those who are looking for something more durable too.

The bike has a unique design that makes it easy for kids to learn how to ride. It also has some cool features that make it a lot of fun, especially for toddlers. It is a BMX-style bike with removable rear training wheels.

There are four different sizes available between 12 inches and 18 inches in wheel size. These all include training wheels and the 18-inch model comes with a kickstand and a handbrake for more advanced riders.

It has an innovative design and also has safety features like the footrests and the non-slip pedals which make it safe for kids. The low-rise seat also helps prevent falls by making it easier for the child to get on the bike by holding onto the seat post.

The bike is designed with child safety in mind with its wide handlebars that are meant to prevent the child from falling off the bike. As a parent, you can feel confident that your child will be safe using this bike to learn to ride.

5. RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bicycle

Picture of the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bicycle

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kids Bicycle is designed for toddlers learning to ride at a higher level. It has an adjustable seat height so that it can grow with your child as they learn how to ride.

The handlebar is designed in a way that it doesn't obstruct vision and provides an easy-to-reach brake lever for safety. There are also bright colors on the frame so that children can easily spot their bikes in case they get separated from their parents or siblings while riding their bikes.

This bike is an affordable option for parents who want to teach their toddlers how to ride a bike. There are many different color options available too, making it a great option for both boys and girls.

It also comes with front and rear hand brakes, making it easy for kids to stop when they need to. The bike also has a large back basket and a kickstand, so you can carry all your stuff while riding around town or at the park.

It comes available in five different sizes too. As you increase the size when your child grows, you get more features like a kickstand, training wheels, and even a set of dual hand brakes for easier bike control.

6. Little Tikes My First Balance-to-Pedal Training Bike

Picture of the Little Tikes My First Balance-to-Pedal Training Bike

The Little Tikes My First Balance-to-Pedal Training Bike is a great way for toddlers to learn how to ride their bikes. It has a sturdy construction and comes with optional training wheels if your toddler needs them.

It is also an excellent way for parents to teach their children basic riding skills. This bike is designed with safety in mind, so it has an easy-grip handlebar, wide training wheel, and footrests that can help children maintain balance while they're learning how to ride.

The seat on the bike can be adjusted so that it fits your child’s height, making it easy for them to learn how to ride without falling off easily. It is made of durable materials, making it a great choice for toddlers learning to ride.

It has an adjustable seat and handlebars, is lightweight, and has a sturdy steel frame. It also comes with training wheels. This is a great option for parents who are looking for an entry-level bike that's easy to use and affordable.

The tires are extremely durable and made from EVA foam. This is known to protect against damages and flat tires to keep your child safer while using the bike.

7. TheCroco Balance Bike

Picture of the TheCroco Balance Bike

If you want a good starter bike for your toddler, you should look at TheCroco Balance Bike. This bike is designed for children up to age 5 that are just getting started with bike riding.

This bike is made of high-quality materials and has an adjustable seat, footrests, and handlebars. It comes in a wide range of colors and also includes a premium aluminum frame design.

It has a few features that make it easier for the child to learn how to balance on the bike. The handlebars are also adjustable, which provides more foot room for your toddler as they get a little bit bigger.

Because this is a balance bike, there are no pedals or brakes worth mentioning. This is considered one of the first steps to teaching your child to ride a bike by letting them learn how to balance their body on a bike like this.

This is the best lightweight entry-level bike for toddlers. It was designed to make riding easier and more fun for kids. It is considered one of the lightest options and only weighs about 4 pounds.

It has a wide wheelbase that makes it easy to balance and roll over bumps with ease. The handlebars are padded so your child can use them with comfort while they learn how to control the bike.

8. Retrospec Beaumont 16 Inch Kids Bike

Picture of the Retrospec Beaumont 16 Inch Kids Bike

The Retrospec Beaumont 16 Inch Kids Bike is a perfect balance between safety and fun for your toddler. It has an adjustable seat that can be adjusted to grow with your child as they get bigger and more experienced.

The bike also comes with safety features such as a brake, handbrake, and pedals that are easy for kids to use. This bike is ideal for toddlers between ages 4-6 because of the size along with the rear training wheels.

This bike has a sturdy steel frame and can carry up to 100 pounds. It also has a wide seat, rubber grips, and coaster brakes. The front of the bike has a woven basket for your child to carry small items with them too.

This is considered to be a sturdy, lightweight, and affordable bike that serves as the perfect entry-level option for your toddler to learn how to ride with. The seat is made of thick foam that provides comfort for the child's backside too.

This bike is also equipped with a bell, hand brake, kickstand, and front and rear reflectors so your child can be seen by other road users at night. It has a large 16-inch wheel size that makes it easy to maneuver and ride around on.

How To Find The Best Bikes For Toddlers

Finding the best bike for your toddler is a difficult task. There are many factors to consider when buying a bike. It is important to find the right balance between comfort and safety because you don't want your child to be uncomfortable or in danger while riding.

The best bikes for toddlers are those that are easy to ride, lightweight, and stable. These bikes will allow your toddler to enjoy their time riding around without the fear of falling off or getting hurt. Below are the critical factors to keep in mind when bike shopping.

Brake Types

The brake type on your toddler's bike is extremely important. You need these for maximum riding safety. They are critical to your child when teaching them the proper way to ride their bike too.

A bike with a coaster brake is common for beginners too. This type of brake requires the rider to push on the pedals backward to stop. It works but typically isn't considered the best option for kids.

Toddlers also benefit greatly from having handbrakes. This gives them the fastest way to stop quickly and allows them to learn to ride more confidently.

Handlebar Angle

The handlebar angle is another important feature for your toddler's bike. The more upright the bars are, the easier to balance. This allows toddlers to have a greater sense of control and stability while riding their bikes.

If a child has too steep of an angle, they might not be able to balance themselves on the bike and might fall off. Another way that the handlebar angle affects a child's bike is in terms of speed.

Toddler Size & Age

The size and age of your toddler are important factors to consider when finding a new bike. If you are looking for a bike for your toddler, then you should make sure that the bike has an adjustable seat and handlebars.

For example, younger toddlers that are only 2 or 3 years old would need something closer to a balance bike to start learning. If you have an older toddler that is over 5 years old, they could get started with a pedal bike with training wheels or a tricycle.

However, age is not the only factor. It depends on the size of your toddler too and the best size wheels to accommodate their height and weight.

Wheel Type

Bicycle wheels are important for a toddler's safety and well-being. They should be durable, properly sized for balance, and have the right braking system.

The wheel size should also be properly sized to match the weight of the rider. It should not feel too light or too heavy, as this can make it hard for your child to stay balanced while riding.

The type of wheel that you choose on your bike will depend on your child’s age and size. A toddler needs a small wheel that is easy to push around while they learn how to ride. As they grow older, they need a bigger wheel that can handle the force of their weight as they get more confident on their bike.

Types Of Toddler Bikes

There are many types of toddler bikes available in the market. Some have training wheels, some don’t, some are for kids, and others for adults. It is important to choose the right type of bike for your kid according to their age and height.

Overall, there are four common bikes used for toddlers to teach them how to ride. Each bike represents a different age group for toddlers along with how far along they are in the process of learning.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are an excellent option for younger toddlers. They are for those only one or two years old with no previous experience. These bikes can grow with your child as they progress.

These are good bikes for younger toddlers, but they need to be taken care of properly. It is best to use them on flat, smooth surfaces such as pavement and wood floors. They can also be used indoors on carpeted areas, but the floor should not be too bumpy or slippery.

Balance bikes provide young children with an opportunity to learn how to ride a bike without fear of falling off or hurting themselves by practicing on an easy-to-ride balance bike without pedals or training wheels.


Tricycles are a good option for toddlers who are learning to ride their bikes. They help the toddlers learn how to balance and steer. They also give them a better understanding of how to move their bodies and keep themselves safe while riding.

The tricycle comes with three wheels, which can be used by children as young as two years old. It also can be folded up, making it easier to store when not in use too. You can also use a traditional pedal bike equipped with training wheels for the same experience.

However, the real tricycle is a smaller bike for younger toddlers that truly comes with three wheels for excellent balance. This allows your toddler to gain more experience and learn how to ride.

Pedal Bikes

Pedal bikes are for older and bigger toddlers that have had some experience riding before. The reason why they are not used for younger children is that they can be dangerous because they are not ready for them yet.

However, you can equip a pedal bike with training wheels to learn with too. Pedal bikes can be a good choice if your toddler has had some experience riding, but you need to make sure that he or she is at least three years old before buying one.

This is because pedal bikes are more stable and advanced than balance bikes or tricycles. They also provide the child with a sense of accomplishment as they learn to ride.

Should You Get A Bike With Training Wheels?

There are many different types of toddler bikes available in the market. However, you should consider your child’s age and needs before buying one. Some parents choose to buy a bike with training wheels for their toddlers so that they can learn how to ride without the risk of injury.

Tricycles are lightweight and can be used by toddlers from 3 years old onwards. They are a great option for parents who want their kids to learn how to ride on their own without any assistance from adults or other children.

Training wheels are only recommended after your child has had experience with a balance bike to get the basic bike riding skills. This will help them learn easier on training wheels or a tricycle too.

Bikes with training wheels are a great way for parents to teach their children how to ride. This is also a great way for them to get some exercise and spend time outdoors while teaching their kids the basics of riding.

The most important thing about buying a bike with training wheels is that you should make sure that your child has the right skill set and maturity level before you start using it. You can always upgrade later if they are not ready yet.

What Size Bike Does Your Toddler Need?

Bikes are an important tool for children as they help them to develop coordination, balance, and confidence. However, the size of a bike is not always easy to judge.

To make this process more efficient and less stressful for parents, there are advanced sizing charts with lots of details that can help you select the best size bike for your child.

Everything related to bike size depends on the age, height, and weight of your toddler too. The chart mentioned will show you the proper wheel size based on their measurements so you can put them on the properly sized bike to learn.  

Other Tips To Find The Best Bike For Toddlers Learning To Ride

In the beginning, parents should ensure that their child is comfortable on a bike before they start riding it. If a child does not feel safe and confident on the bike, then they will not be able to focus on learning how to ride.

The best way to find a bike for your toddler is to consider what your child likes. The most important thing is that the bike can support your toddler's weight and height so they are not struggling while riding it.

Follow these other tips below to make your shopping experience a little more enjoyable. This will ensure you end up with a bike that is perfectly suited to help your toddler learn to ride effectively.

Prioritize Bike Size

When looking for a bike for your toddler, remember to prioritize bike size. You need a perfect size so they can learn right. They need to ride a bike that fits them to learn control and handling.

The best way to find the perfect size is by visiting a bike store and trying out different sizes on different bikes before you buy one. The size will depend primarily on your toddler's height and weight.

For toddlers, the best bike is one that is between 12 and 18 inches. These bikes are designed with a shorter frame which makes them easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Stick To Your Budget

When buying a toddler bike, it is important to set a budget and stick to it. If not, the cost can add up quickly and they grow out of it.

Some parents decide to buy their child a bicycle as a gift, which can be an expensive decision. However, it is not always necessary for parents to buy their children such expensive gifts, especially when they are just starting out riding a bike.

Parents should set and stick to a budget when buying their children bikes so that they don't end up spending more than they can afford on them.

Double Check The Safety Features

Toddler bike safety is important because these bikes are often ridden by children. They need to be aware of the safety features before they buy a bike.

You should make sure that there is a brake system on your toddler bike. This will ensure that your child can stop quickly in case of an emergency.

Chain guards are meant to protect toddlers from any dangerous chains or gear teeth on the bicycle's chain. A padded seat and handlebar also ensure comfort for your child while riding their bike and also makes it easier for them to sit up straight and steer the bicycle easily.