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Nothing beats riding for two with the little one in tow, whether you're going for a ride around the block or making a run to the supermarket.

Being a Mom is the ultimate sacrifice, but that doesn't mean a good run on the bike is out of the picture. Bikes for mothers with mount capabilities for little ones are one of the best things since sliced bread. However, not every bike can do the job right. In light of that, the following are excellent examples of the bikes best suited for Moms and newborns.

The best bikes for mom and baby are:

  1. EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser
  2. Surly Big Dummy Long Tail
  3. Schwinn Discover Cruiser Bike
  4. Linus Dutchi 3i Cruiser Bike
  5. Wdminyy Beach Cruiser
  6. Retrospect Beaumont Rev
  7. Urban Arrow Family Cargo
  8. Rad Power RadWagon 4
  9. Riese & Müller GT Light Touring
  10. Sixthreezero Women's E-Hybrid

Some of the sportier bikes don't offer mounting options for bike seats for babies and often require a lot of motion to ride. However, this list offers a smooth, comfortable ride, and each pedal action does not shake or hurl your baby around. As a result, Cargo bikes, long tails, cruisers, and electric bikes are all the raves amongst Moms with babies and toddlers.

For the best results, I explored many online reviews, conducted some advanced internet snooping on various sites, including and, and interviewed loads of Moms on bikes to break down some of the best capable road bikes and e-bikes that meet every budget.



5 Best Bikes For Mom And Baby

If you're anything like me, you'd prefer to ride your bike rather than drive a car around a bustling metropolis. However, there may be occasions when you have tiny VIP passengers to look after, and what better way to do it than to tag along in an old-fashioned, conventional two-wheel cruiser bike and long-tail bike method.

1. EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser

Picture of the EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser

A three-speed cruiser bike, like the EVRYjourney Women's Hybrid Cruiser step-through model by Sixthreezero, is ideal for relaxed commuting for Moms and the gang if you're searching for a specific gear range that does not overcomplicate things. It's really adorable as well, owing to the vintage-inspired design!

The bike has a secure, solid rear rack ready to install various baby seats. A foot-forward design aids in maintaining appropriate leg extension with each pedal, and the aluminum frame's low weight and rear and front hand brakes make stopping a breeze.

It has a sleek, soft frame curve that shouts hip to make you look terrific and maintain good posture. In addition, this bike has everything you need for a softened, steady ride and optimum comfort, including upright handlebars, semi-slick tires, and a dual-spring saddle.

It boasts tons of excellent reviews on Amazon. As a result, the EVRYjourney has won the hearts of many Moms and comes reasonably priced at around $600. Additionally, the bike can be customized to be 1, 3, 7, or 21-speed and comes in various colors, including cream, navy, mint green, and teal.

It's a winner for Moms and toddlers to enjoy because it's ideal for cruising, leisurely rides, and even commuting!


  • Great value for money
  • Baby seat mount-ready rear rack
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Durable


  • It does not come fully assembled
Bikes Weight Average Frame Size Max Weight Tires Brakes Gears
42.6lbs One size: For riders 5' - 6'4" 300lbs Semi-Slick Cruiser Tires, 26"x1.95" Linear pull brakes (font) and Coastal brakes (rear) 1 – 21-Speed

2. Surly Big Dummy Long Tail Bike

Picture of the Surly Big Dummy Long Tail Bike

Every Mom's shortlist of potential long-tails should include the Surly Big Dummy. The Big Dummy is mainly made for anything to be hauled away and is a really entertaining bike to ride. It has lots of room on the rear rail system for more than one baby seat.

Mountain bike enthusiasts and people who want to ride baby-friendly dirt trails with a little one in tow frequently use this one.

Since you can be sure they developed these bad boys to fit the longer excursions, it is clear that the manufacturer, Surly believes that you can and should spend as much of your day on a bicycle as possible.

The Big Dummy has enough clearance with its 26" x 2.5" tires with fenders and a specialized single-piece frame that boosts rigidity and reduces torsional flex.

Moms driving with toddlers in tow may use The Big Dummy for trips to the park, the grocery store, coffee cafes, and more. Some mothers even refer to the Big Dummy as their contemporary mini-van! It can pull anything if it doesn't exceed the 400-pound weight restriction.


  • It has an extensive rear rail system to haul more than just a baby seat
  • Built to last
  • A comfortable ride with hydraulic disc brakes
  • Excellent for dirt trails
  • Quality components


  • Expenisve for a non-electric
  • Heavy
Bikes Weight Average Frame Size Max Weight Tires Brakes Gears
49.38lbs S, M, L, XL 400lbs Schwalbe Big Apple 26" x 60mm Hydraulic disc brakes 10-Speed

3. Schwinn Discover Cruser Bike

Picture of the Schwinn Discover Cruser Bike

Have you ridden a bike recently? The Schwinn Discover Cruiser Bike, with its step-through frame, is explicitly designed to help Moms reintegrate into the two-wheel society with a reliable rear rack to tag the little one along.

The design of this cruiser bike is meant to be as straightforward and practical as possible while paying particular attention to comfort for both you and your infant.

The Schwinn beach cruisers steer clear of the blunders several businesses frequently make with contemporary cruisers. The Schwinn suspension fork helps to minimize the rough ride for the small ones by absorbing road or trail jolts. In addition, the City rise adjustable stem with a back sweep handlebar provides a comfortable, upright riding stance.

The 21-speed twist shifters provide dependable, smooth gear shifts. With only a twist, you can safely adjust to any terrain, including hills, plains, and anything in between. In addition, with the precise, dependable stopping power and speed control offered by the front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes, you can ride confidently in various conditions.

The Schwinn Discovery comfort bike is the perfect choice for a Mom and toddler to enjoy some quality time together while pedaling gently down a bike path. It is equipped with an aluminum city frame, shock-absorbing suspension fork, and cushioned seat with a suspension seat post.

This bike has a real "less is more" philosophy, choosing simplicity, increased comfort, and overall riding quality without sacrificing flair.


  • Enough room in the front and rear for a custom baby seat
  • Shock-absorbing front suspension
  • Comfy seat
  • Great at climbing steep hills
  • Reasonably priced


  • The bike may be a bit weighty for some
Bikes Weight Average Frame Size Max Weight Tires Brakes Gears
41lbs One size: For riders 5'5” - 5'9" 300lbs 700c x 38mm Linear pull brakes 21-Speed

4. Linus Dutchi 3i Cruiser Bike

Picture of the Linus Dutchi 3i Cruiser Bike

The Linus Dutchi 3i is a bike with an excellent beach-vintage charm that rides like a dream. However, before taking off, it's usually necessary to provide a type of high kick to get both legs on each end of the bike. This makes an easy-to-ride bike particularly tempting, especially while wearing a dress.

A super-low step-through frame on the Linus Dutchi 3-speed steel bike makes it dress-friendly for commuting with the kids and has an adorable and retro appeal—truly a win-win!

Linus strikes a balance between safety and aesthetics with a durable infant seat mount-ready rear rack, front and rear mudguards, a chainguard, and a comfortable saddle for extended rides and offers an upright riding position.

Better yet, It is incredibly comfortable for daily use thanks to the upright handlebars, which are hand-stitched with genuine brown leather and a soft brown leatherette saddle. Overall, the Dutchi 3i delivers a pleasant ride for two and has a carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds.


  • Includes a rear rack, kickstand, and mudguards
  • A lightweight bike
  • Low maintenance
  • Genuine leather grips


  • Not great for steep hills
Bikes Weight Average Frame Size Max Weight Tires Brakes Gears
32lbs S, M 300lbs 700c x 35c Linear pull brakes 3-Speed

5. Wdminyy Single Speed Beach Cruiser

Picture of the Wdminyy Single Speed Beach Cruiser

If you are looking for a more laid-back beach cruiser that does not break the bank for you and the toddler to soak in the views, look no further than the Wdminyy Beach Cruiser. This single-speed bicycle is ideal for leisurely rides around the neighborhood, park, or beach.

The easy-to-pedal cruiser design has a suspension seat post that lessens vibration and improves comfort.  The rear seat and fender have a strong bearing capacity and are convenient and practical, making it a reliable traveling companion for a Mom and baby haul-a-day ride.

The 26-inch wear-resistant tires on the Wdminyy cruiser bicycle can handle a wide range of terrain. In addition, the bike's shape encourages a more upright riding position, giving riders a more confident riding experience while they cruise.

As a bonus, the bike includes a front basket with small necessities and is perfect for picnics in the park.


  • Durable bike frame built for comfort
  • Excels at absorbing bumpy roads
  • Reliable mount-ready rear fender
  • Budget-friendly
  • Low step-through frame


  • It does not come assembled
Bikes Weight Average Frame Size Max Weight Tires Brakes Gears
37.47lbs One size: For riders 5' - 6'4" 275lbs 26" x 1.95" Linear pull brakes Single-Speed

5 Best E-Bikes For Mom And Baby

If you want to get back in the saddle after having children but don't know where to start, I have a solution: an electric bicycle. Manufacturers worldwide have devised novel ways to carry your entire clan on two wheels, making your return to the bike path as simple as, well, riding a bicycle. As a result, here are some of the best-rated e-bikes for Moms with newborns.

1. Retrospect Beaumont Rev E-Bike

Picture of the Retrospect Beaumont Rev E-Bike

The Retrospect Beaumont Rev Dutch-style electric city bike with multimode pedal-assistance, on-demand throttle boosts, and a flexible 7-speed gearbox can speed up your toddler's daily commute or leisurely cruise. In addition, this pedal-assisted cruiser bike may be helpful if you have weak knees or intend to go off the boardwalk.

The battery is discrete, and the bike's design is still "contemporary vintage" enough to go with any holiday mood. Additionally, the pedal assistance is helpful on rural roads and rail tracks.

Retrospect drew inspiration from the traditional city bikes of Europe to create an e-bike that was both stunning to look at and simple to ride. The Retrospect Beaumont is also a fantastic match for anyone just getting started with e-bikes.

It's not complicated, and the batteries recharge in a few hours. The bike's rear rack is sturdy and stable enough to support a child seat. Additionally, it has a handlebar-mounted LED control panel that you can use to adjust the degree of pedal-assistance, check the battery level, and engage Start Aid to get a four mph boost when you set off.

The Li-ion battery can go up to 37 miles on a single charge and recharges in 5 to 6 hours. Finally, the step-through frame type is usable and encourages a relaxed upright riding stance. A little over $1,000, the Beaumont Rev is one of the most affordable e-bikes on the market and provides a safe, smooth, and dependable ride from a reputable brand.


  • Great value for an E-bike
  • Thick tires for greater comfort
  • Quality build
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Sturdy rear rack perfect for various baby seats


  • It can be challenging to assemble
Bikes Weight Average Max Weight Size Tires Brakes Max Battery Distance
57.5lbs (Battery inlcuded) 250lbs One size: For riders 5' - 5'10" 700 x 45C, S/V Caliper brakes 37 Miles

2. Urban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike

Picture of the Urban Arrow Family Cargo E-Bike

One of the finest in its class and warm addition to the family, the Urban Arrow Family electric cargo box bicycles are like a pickup truck on two wheels. It's a bike that transports you and your kids everywhere you wish to go.

The Urban Arrow is one of my favorites for three reasons. First, the box rests nicely and low on the bottom rather than resting on top of the front chassis. It is simpler to steer with a lower center of gravity.

Additionally, it includes a continuously variable shifter that allows you to downshift from a stop, preventing you from frantically doing so while attempting to push uphill with your young children yelling and swaying in the backseat. In terms of speed, the assisted speed can reach up to 15.5mph.

The Bosch motor comes in two different power configurations and is a robust and dependable component of the Urban Arrow Family. A 500Wh battery is included with the Cargo line Gen 4 and the Performance Line Gen 3 models, which need roughly 6 hours to charge fully.

A simple metal handlebar with tons of backsweep, an adjustable stem, and a huge, puffy Velo saddle set to a basic aluminum seatpost all play into the notion of utility over form. The Bosch battery-powered front and rear LED lights, front and back fenders, and an enormous two-legged kickstand are all standard equipment.

Overall, this steed has an unbelievable capacity and capabilities for both passengers and freight, and the strong Bosch motor is surprisingly comfortable to ride and has many carefully thought-out elements. The only downside apart from the price is that you won't easily be carrying this bike upstairs since it's pretty heavy.


  • Excellent capacity
  • Powerful Bosh battery and motor
  • Fun to ride
  • You can also take along "bigger" kids
  • Quality components
  • Excellent kickstand


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy
Bikes Weight Average Max Weight Size Tires Brakes Max Battery Distance
90.43lbs (all components included) 551lbs (including cargo carrywieght) N/A Schwalbe Super Moto 26" (rear) 20" (font) Hydraulic disc brakes 50 Miles

3. Rad Power RadWagon 4 E-Bike

Picture of the Rad Power RadWagon 4 E-Bike

The Rad Power RadWagon 4 electric bike is one of the best options for a reasonably priced long-tail e-bike that is a do-it-all Mamas bike. Furthermore, the RadWagon is one of the few cargo bikes with a throttle, which is useful when you need to swiftly haul a bike, a baby, and goods across a street (when necessary).

Since long-tail bikes are, well, long, they are also fairly priced, and if you want to save even more money, I've seen several parents put two kids on a RadRunner with one on the and rear one on the front. One interesting review did emerge, though, as it stated that trying to connect the battery on this electric bike gave them a slight shock.

To Rad's defense, the examiner discovered that the display was fractured due to a tumble they experienced. Even so, if you decide to put the bike together yourself, I would advise keeping it in an outdoor shed and having one of Rad's partner services take a look at it.

Nevertheless, even when fully laden, the bike is still easy to manage! For balanced, steady rides, Rad's in-house team of engineers maintains a low center of gravity and includes an LCD monitor to track odometer, speed, pedal assist level, and more.

What's even more exciting, before it arrives at your house, you may further personalize your bike online by adding a kid or infant seat, a deckhand, a caboose, and more.

Overall, make sure to guard your steed away from your significant other when the question "Whose turn is it to take the kids?" arises. However, the RadWagon bike's telescopic seat posts and adjustable handlebars allow you to easily create a bespoke fit for either parent if you're feeling kind.


  • Excellent stability on the road
  • Can fit more than one baby seats
  • Can add bags to expand carrying capabilities
  • An informative LCD screen is included
  • Excellent value long tail e-bike


  • It may be difficult to assemble for some
Bikes Weight Average Max Weight Size Tires Brakes Max Battery Distance
76.74lbs 350lbs One size: For Riders 5'1" – 6'4" Rad Power Bikes, custom 22" x 3" Mechanical disc brakes 24-45+ Miles

4. Riese & Müller Multicharger GT Light Touring E-Bike

Picture of the Riese & Müller Multicharger GT Light Touring E-Bike

One of the best utilitarian e-bikes available is the Riese & Müller Multicharger GT Light. The Multicharger is a mid-tail wünderbike in addition to the Long tail e-bike mentioned above.

It is ideal for camper Moms (and Dads) and touring-friendly since it can tote a lot—132 pounds on the back and 10 pounds in the front—and has a maximum range of around 100 miles with the optional twin battery.

It has an intentionally simple frame, a suspension seat post, a suspension fork, a lock, a bright headlight, Hermans grips, a horn, and the strongest kickstand known to humanity. The 62-pound bike is so hefty that, despite its highest speed, it doesn't seem especially swift; however, it can reach speeds of up to 20mph.

But this bike's primary function is utility, which it provides. The bags are enormous and can accommodate additional cargo in various ways, especially when a little toddler is already resting peacefully in their seat. The passenger kit's footpegs and handlebar are well suited for young children, but the rear rack's ideal fit for a variety of baby bike seats steals the show.

That said, you'd be surprised to learn how frequently babies nod off due to the Multicharger's comfy riding. Also, although its handling is purposeful, if you're used to a bicycle's small liveliness, it might feel huge and clumsy.

Overall, with the utmost of its utility, it is more active, less massive, and simpler to manage than a long-tail cargo bike. If many Moms dub a long-tail bike their mini-van, I'll bet that the Multicharger will quickly be dubbed their favorite station wagon.


  • It can reach an assisting speed of up to 20mph
  • Has the option of a second battery which can reach up to 100 miles
  • Remarkable ride quality
  • Safe and reliable quality build
  • Various ways to include more loads
  • Perfect for camping


  • Expensive
  • It may be an over-the-top choice for those looking for shorter casual rides
Bikes Weight Average Max Weight Size Tires Brakes Max Battery Distance
62.23lbs 350lbs S, M Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 55-559 (26") Hydraulic disc brakes 100 Miles

5. Sixthreezero Women's EVRYjourney E-Hybrid Cruiser

Picture of the Sixthreezero Women's EVRYjourney E-Hybrid Cruiser

All of the features that Moms love about the traditional push-pedal now get an electrical aid; the Women's EVRYJourney E-Hybrid Cruiser by Sixthreezero makes its second appearance on our list.

Comfort, convenience, safety, reliability, and occasionally style are a part of a few top priorities cruiser bikes should feature when it comes to finding the best bikes for Mom and baby voyages.

As a result, The Sixthreezero beach cruiser bike is a superb example of combining elegance and flair with high levels of utility with a reasonable price tag, creating one of the best baby cruiser riding experiences available.

The core of the bike is a strong steel baby seat mount-ready frame. The frame's traditional double tubing features seductive curves and a front fork with a modest forward sweep.

The cruiser's handlebars are slightly extended, which contributes to a more relaxing riding position and enables the rider to sit completely straight when pedaling and maneuvering.

One of my favorite features of this cruiser is the wheel setup. The bike has thick, wide-set balloon-style tires that provide additional shock absorption. In addition, the bike has more traction on smooth dirt and paved terrain thanks to a smooth tread with a mild roughness.

The bike is a terrific choice for leisurely rides around the neighborhood, beach, or wherever else you'd like a nice, laid-back ride because of its relaxed feel and smooth handling. Finally, the bike has a timeless appearance and is distinguished by several subtle details.


  • Comfortable upright riding position
  • Reasonably priced
  • Baby seat mountable on rear rack or frame
  • Vintage design
  • Excellent reviews


  • It can be difficult to assemble
Bikes Weight Average Max Weight Size Tires Brakes Max Battery Distance
64.8lbs 300lbs One size: For riders 5' - 6'4" Semi-Slick Cruiser Tires 26"x1.95" Mechanical disc brakes 20-40 Miles