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There're bike options for every occasion but not spinal discs. My chronic torment compelled me to gather only the best bikes for lower back pain.

It's tricky finding a bike that won't aggravate chronic back trouble. Even with all the choices out there, you might be finding it hard to find bikes that'll satisfy such a specific objective, and on top of that, each qualifying bike needs to meet your use case scenario.

These are some of the best bikes that’ll pamper your bad back:

1. Performer JC-26X

2. HP Gekko Fx 20

3. HP Scorpion Fx

4. Mobo Cruiser Shift

5. Mobo Triton Pro

6. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

7. Kent Bayside

8. Marin Rift Zone 27.5

9. Trek Fuel EX

10. Electra Townie Original 7D

11. Retrospec Chatham

Now that I've gotten your attention with this throve of back-forgiving cycling possibilities, it's time to strap up and carefully consider each bike's characteristics, highlights, and blemishes. I've also made sure to categorize these choices to grease your deliberations.

Don't worry; our shared affliction isn't the only thing that qualifies me for this life-giving task. I've enthusiastically researched many of the options to land on these, which I further nitpicked through reading customer reviews, expert impressions, and hands-on findings from my trusted informational benefactors at places such as Bikeradar and Bicycling.



5 Best Recumbent Bikes For Lower Back Pain

Tadpole (reverse) provides stability and speed with a larger turning radius, making quick turns an issue or delta-configuration trike. Delta versions of recumbent trikes have two wheels in the back and a single in the front for steering.

Recumbent tricycles not only lessen the direct impact on the spine and can be much more fun than traditional bikes. Trikes such as the Kettewiesel Allround recumbent bike can be linked together like one wriggly tandem bike if there are two.

1. Performer JC-26X

The picture of the Performer JC-26X

The Performer JC-26X is one of several good picks from Performer Cycles inventory. The JC-26X edges over its brethren because of the added drivetrain options, the added comfort from the rear suspension, and the convenience of a solid rear rack.

The 6061 aluminum frame is built rigidly with bullet-thwarting Chromoly steel for the snappy rear fork. The Sunrace M96 11-32t cassette couples well with the 50/39/30t crankset to provide some decent highs and lows.

The Shimano Acera and Microshift R353 derailleurs aren't the sleekest, but they select smoothly and accurately enough. The 20x1.5 inch and 26x1.5 inch Michelin tires have some of the brand's reliability and sit right in the middle regarding road-blemish swallowing.

Fortunately, it's not the tires that are meant to carry the weight of crumbling infrastructure. The trike's responsive suspension is tucked under the seat, bringing even more comfort to the reclined seating position.

The cable-actuated Tektro MD-C510 disc brakes bring enough stopping power to the show but don't expect the hydraulic disc weather-proof reliability. Throw in the rear rack, breathable mesh seat with a headrest, and mudguards for under $3,000; that's not a bad deal.

2. HP Gekko Fx 20

The picture of the HP Gekko Fx 20

Built with performance and back comfort in mind, the Gekko Fx 20 lays the groundwork for all reverse trikes. The comfortable mesh seat is easily adjustable between an angle of 39 to 47 degrees, which molds the breathable sit to your back curvature.

This more upright but reclined position allows you to have a full scope of your surroundings while relieving lower back stress. The Gekko Fx 20 has a sleeker and slimmer look and feel compared to the Cat trikes, which I consider competing, high-quality trikes.

You can remove and replace the seat because HP Velotchnik offers customization for most of their recumbent trikes. This version of the Gekko Fx has a 20x2 inch front and 26x2 inch back wheel.

The Gekko Fx 20 is built more for comfort while getting exercise with your loved ones than it is for speed. If you're a speed enthusiast, you might have to check out the HP Gekko Fx 26, the fast action and plush touring version of the Fx 20.

The Fx 20 is foldable into a similar size as prominent folding bikes, like the Brompton and Tern hybrid bike offerings. However, I found the 32.75 x 20.5 x 32.33 inch folded size a bit awkward, even though you don't have to remove anything in the folding process.

The folded contraption can be oriented upright or flat for storage and has little wheels that aren't too fussy about moving it around. At 35-pounds, I feel that some people might find it a hassle to carry the aluminum 7005 T6 machine up a flight of stairs.

The non-custom build US model of the Gekko Fx 20 that HP markets as a "sport" model will set you back about $2,520, which is a mixed bag since it ships with an entry-level 24-speed SRAM X4 drivetrain and Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes.

3. HP Scorpion Fx

The picture of the HP Scorpion Fx

I know that I seem to be favoring some brands over some others with these repeats. But, HP Velotechnik bikes are here because of quality, customizability, and variety instead of market saturation and affordability. For instance, just the Scorpion series has at least eight noteworthy models.

However, at a glimpse, you can tell what I mean about the Scorpion series just by the progression from the full-suspension Scorpion Plus 20 trike through the Scorpion Fs Enduro mountain bike love-child to the electric Scorpion Fs S-Pedelec tadpole.

It's a mouthful, but believe me, I chose the Scorpion Fx after some proper consideration. I found the Scorpion Fx to be the best value-for-money even though the $4,930 price tag of the basic model might not seem like it.

The Scorpion Fx is not only foldable, but it also has a sturdy rear rack with a 132-pound carrying capacity. Unlike the lighter and faster Scorpion 2, the Fx can function as both a commuter bike and an exercise machine. The 20-inch wheels with fenders lower the higher seat's center of gravity and stabilize the trike.

You also won't require relief over bumpy roads with the adjustable rear suspension, which doesn't seep momentum out of the wheels whenever forces engage it. The spring stiffness can't be adjusted on the fly like on the latest Specialized S-Works Roubaix bikes, but the ability to block the spring's compression is helpful.

Like most trikes in HP Velotechnik's line, the aluminum 7005 T6 Scorpion Fx has an easily adjustable frame and seat to fit riders between 5'2" to 6'7". The bike is a bit heavier than its sibling on this list, with its weight going upwards of 36.5 pounds.

The stock drivetrain isn't impressive for the price, but it boasts highly reliable components. The 24-speed Sturmey Archer triple shift and the Shimano hydraulic disc brakes pair well, even if they aren't the highest quality.

4. Mobo Cruiser Shift

The picture of the Mobo Cruiser Shift

The Shift is another delta configuration trike that makes dipping one's toe into the recumbent bike world less daunting and circusy. The aluminum frame construction doesn't feel like other cheap or cheaper models of recumbent bikes.

The bike's 44-pound weight seems well-distributed and sits confidently on the 20-inch front and 16-inch rear inflatable rubber tires. You can flip a small lever on the handles and go in reverse, which you'll find super helpful because the bike's weight could aggravate back pain if you need to pull out somewhere.

In addition to a decent hand caliper brake, there's an emergency brake system that isn't possible to operate while riding but does help keep your trike in place when parked. Although I would have loved some variety in gearing, the rear-wheel steering is less complicated because the trike is single-speed.

The Shift isn't the cheapest offering from Mobo, but its average price of $799 is still a few hundred dollars cheaper than the bike it stole this spot from, the KMX Cobra.

Mobo is also not a leading brand in trikes, which exposes its ugly neck just through the quality of the build and the tires that seem to underperform, wear out or deflate quickly.

However, the ability to effortlessly adjust the frame from between 48 to 62-inches makes it convenient to share with other people. I also very much appreciated the adjustability of the seat to different angles.

5. Mobo Triton Pro

The picture of the Mobo Triton Pro

Mobo's Triton Pro will take you back to people who grew up behind the wheel of those unregulated go-karts. This single-speed recumbent bike isn't much premium beauty, but the 12.5-inch cushioned seat above the ground is large enough and still exceptionally fun and pain-free to ride.

The inflatable 20-inch front and 16-inch rear rubber tires add to the back-rehabilitative nature of this trike. The hand caliper brakes are better than I thought since they aren't Tektro or from another household name.

However, since the recumbent tricycle market isn't saturated with options, Mobo went lax regarding essential reliability in their engineering. Other users described the trike as arriving in poor taste, having screws fall out, or faux pas in other alignments. Fortunately for us, the main issue was just the child-like aesthetics of the finished design.

Although the bike needs a massive push on inclines, the 44-pound extended frame is suitable for people 4' to 6'3" in height and can endure up to 250 pounds of cargo. The Mobo additions may last in this category because their seat does not adequately support the rider's back and neck, but they still make a list because they are relatively cheaper.

2 Best Tricycles For Lower Back Pain

Tricycles make for excellent options for people that prefer bicycles with a bit more conventionality. The tricycles I consider here are those with a more cruiser-esque build, which usually comes standard with a wide seat for added posterior comfort and a geometry that promotes upright riding.

6. Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

The picture of the Schwinn Meridian Tricycle

Schwinn is almost unmatched regarding its extensive and unique assortment of bicycles and incredible affordability. The Meridian Adult Tricycle is no outlier for the company and is about the best deal you'll get.

At an easy $649.99, the Meridian manages to include everything you need for a commuter bike. The build is stunning, there's a rear rack with sufficient space for a grocery run, and the fenders cover enough of the wheel for a sense of security in wet weather.

Schwinn continues to maintain good credit regarding the aluminum frame of the bike. The trike is more fun than any adult should be allowed with the wheels rolling smoothly. If you take th

7. Kent Bayside

The picture of the Kent Bayside

For a bike you can get from Walmart for a mere $218, the Bayside is worth its 40-plus pound weight in rubies. Although I looked at the version with a horizontal top tube, there is one with a step-through frame that allows you to get your leg over the frame without aggravating that lower back.

The Bayside "hotrod" cruiser has beautifully swept-back handlebars clad in comfortable brown material. The grips match the amply cushioned wide saddle to provide a stylish and comfortable ride.

I wouldn't be amiss to claim that the Bayside would make one of the best-looking errand-runners if you use the mounts and equip racks. It already comes with mudguards and a chainguard that seem to add to the allure, so the assertion doesn't need much of my motivation.

You know the bike will last you with a steel frame, but the rim brakes might have you wishing it didn't. The 7-speed drivetrain provides an adequate spread for climbing moderate hills without complicating the build.

You'll also find that the twist shifters harmonize well with the Shimano rear derailleur to bring you shifting that's maybe more than the price tag. The cup holder mounted on the handlebars lets you know that this bike is made for leisurely cruises up and down the boardwalk instead of up and down the road for fitness.

2 Best Mountain Bikes For Lower Back Pain

I put together a list of some capable mountain bikes because I know a lot of adventurous folks out there don't wish to compromise on where they can ride or the intensity of their exercise. These mountain bikes have an upright a riding position you can get

8. Marin Rift Zone 27.5

The picture of the Marin Rift Zone 27.5

From $1,899 to just over two grand, the Rift Zone is also not the cheapest offering. However, the dual suspension might leave your posterior and spine suspended in disbelief. Yes, I like cheap shots and corny puns just as much as Marin seems to like availing products with many tastes.

The Rift Zone 1 has its fair amount of pitfalls, with the absence of an ease-promoting dropper post and lackluster tires being the main culprits. However, none of the quibbles I've managed to find negate the value you get at this price point.

The Series 3 6061 Aluminum Frame doesn't kick back at your lumbar discs because of the X-Fusion O2 Pro R rear shock. The RockShox Recon Silver RL 130mm gives you 130mm of front travel with a compression and rebound adjuster to call on the suspension only when needed.

The 29x2.35 inch Vee Tire Crown Gem tires are finicky in wet and muddy conditions, but because of the width, size, and ability to run at higher than stated pressure, they help add another level of back cushioning.

You'll need that extra help from the mixed-terrain rollers because the saddle doesn't give much of a hand. Fortunately, that's an easy remedy with a saddle that combines a pressure-relief groove like the Specialized Power Expert saddle and some gel or orthopedic foam cushioning found on the Ergon SM Pro saddle.

The 11-speed drivetrain is a bright mixture of Shimano Deore, SunRace, KMC, and in-brand components. A SunRace 11-51t cassette is paired with Marin 32t crank for a fair fight out in the trails. Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes add another level of reliability to the build.

9. Trek Fuel EX 9.9

The picture of the Trek Fuel EX 9.9

It's rare not to see a Trek bike on a showdown of road, touring, hybrid, or mountain bikes. So, the Fuel EX 9.9 being here should not be much of a surprise.

The only scandalous part is that I still stand by it despite the colossal $7,500 asking price, I still stand by it. Trek knows that price isn't easy to stomach, so they have cheaper models in this EX line. There's the 9.8, which sits mid-five grand, and four other models that go down to $2,100.

Unlike this line's more affordable options, Trek has not skimped on much. An OCLV Mountain Carbon main frame and stays have internally routed cables and internal storage on the tube.

The cables aren't fully integrated, and the 12-speed SRAM drivetrain isn't electric, so you get both shifter and brake cables with a lot of play in front of the head tube.

The Fox Factory 36 has a Float EVOL air spring with a GRIP2 damper for fine adjusting on a numbered dial. The 140mm of travel from the front and 130mm out back mean you ride for longer without much fatigue on your arms and back.

The dual suspension is impressively well-attuned to be able to take the punches for you without stealing from your hard work. Bontrager XR4 Team Issue 27.5x2.60 inch tires receive exceptional praise on the market because of their fantastic trail-riding capabilities and a tire pattern that can do even more.

Unfortunately, the Bontrager Arvada Pro saddle might also be a saddle that needs replacing. It seems decent going down trails but not so great the other way around.

2 Best Cruiser Bikes For Lower Back Pain

Most cruiser bikes are built for comfort over long meanders under the blissful sun. You'll often find that they have generously wide, cushioned saddle and a geometry that promotes a posture that helps alleviate some of the lower back discomforts.

10. Electra Townie Original 7D

The picture of the Electra Townie Original 7D

For being only around $800, the Townie Original 7D brings plenty to the picnic. Its upright riding posture and relaxed personality are every bit of the cruisers that we all love. A generously wide and ergonomic saddle with shock-absorbing elastomers is probably the first hint that the 7D isn't here to break backs but to play.

The 6061 aluminum step-through frame is an unmistakable cruiser design. The welds are solid, even though they stand out when you are close up.

A hi-tensile steel fork inspires all the confidence you'd find in a sporty bike without deviating from the beach vibes. You won't find much range on the 7-speed 14-34t cassette and guarded 44t chainring, but the Shimano Revo twist shifter is easy to operate and complements the Shimano Tourney TX-35 derailleur well.

You'll probably want to put a chain guide if you can because, in my experience,e this setup level will have rebellious chain moments. It's inevitable; they all grow up and want to move out whenever to start putting them to work.

Linear pull rim brakes remind you to take it easy and not try gathering unnecessarily stressful speed. Picking up speed with the 26x2.0 inch Bontrager E6 Hard-Case Lite tires is doubtful anyway, so enjoy the stability and security that the tire's traction provides and the beautiful scenes nature is trying to share with you.

11. Retrospec Chatham

The picture of the Retrospec Chatham

The Chatham provides everything you'll need to meander around the neighborhood and town at a humble $329.99. The gentle geometry promotes an inquisitive posture that encourages connection in the real world while not making you feel like removing your spine.

The Comfort Coastal Plus saddle has extra plush and wide cushioning so delicate to your posterior that you'll wish it was your work chair. The frame is step-through to connect your feet with the ground when you aren't paddling for balance and security.

I know the eclectic mixture of components could do with an overhaul, but because the frameset build is so solid, you can do just that down the line. I don't think I was a fan of coaster brakes even when I was younger, so you know that I don't much care for them now.

They work on the Chatham and will ease you to a stop without throwing you over the handlebars, but don't much count on them if you decide to throw yourself down a steep hill. Please, don't do that.

The Chatham won't be bailing you out on your way back up a hill you've defiantly gone down and miraculously survived because it is a carefree single-speed cruiser. Don't worry; the 26x2.125-inch tires will also have you willingly forgetting meetings.