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Do you love indoor cycling? What are some of the best indoor bikes to buy? We will review the best bikes for indoor cycling.

Are you looking for a quality bike that you can use for indoor cycling? What are the benefits and setbacks of buying indoor bikes? What are the best indoor bikes in the market today? What factors should you consider before buying an indoor bike? There are a lot of bikes to consider for indoor cycling in the market today.

The best ones include:

  • Spin bike
  • Commercial S22I Studio cycle
  • C6 bike
  • FB150 Folding exercise bike
  • IC4 indoor cycling bike
  • Yosuda exercise bike
  • CAROL bike
  • MYX II Plus bike
  • Magnetic exercise bike

This article will look at some of the best bikes to purchase for indoor cycling, as well as their benefits and drawbacks. It will also examine the factors one should consider when purchasing an indoor bike. Therefore, if you are interested in buying an indoor bike but are wondering what kind of indoor bike will suit you, this guide will take you through this.

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Indoor cycling has become an everyday activity done for training and exercise. Typically, some people think that indoor cycling is a boring way to train because the bike is stationary. It is because they associate bikes with transportation, competitions and other outdoor activities but not for indoor activities. To them, indoor cycling is considered a form of lonely confinement where a person rides a stationary bike and ends up sweating without moving from one point to another.

However, this is not the case; indoor cycling has become an enjoyable activity due to the improvement of traditional indoor cycling, where one would ride the bike while gazing at a blank enclosure. The new indoor bikes come with an abundant turbo trainer and a variety of virtual cycling software applications with features such as a virtual tutor who helps one be more productive while cycling and tools to use for cycling while enjoying the ride.

Indoor cycling has become an essential part of so many people's lives because it presents a convenient way to train while working at home. Additionally, outdoor riding becomes difficult during winter due to snow and ice. Therefore, indoor cycling is helpful to professional cyclists to provide a stationary way to improve their training regiments and satisfy their cycling needs. Therefore, indoor cycling is an enjoyable way to train due to improvements in technology and software development.

Top 9 Bikes for Indoor Cycling

There are various bikes to choose considering their competitive increase for production in the market today. We have compiled a list of the top 9 indoor bikes that can are affordable and suit one requirement. Here are some of the best indoor bikes:

Spin Bike

If you are looking for an indoor bike that has a practical effect, such as riding an outdoor bike, then a spin bike is the best option to choose. There are a variety of spin bikes, but they all have general features. The bike features a well-built frame with a flywheel weighing around 50 pounds. The flywheel technology provides a more genuine and road-like sensation, and its vibration is smooth while riding. One can therefore cycle the bike at home without causing disturbance to the neighbors.

Additionally, basic features include a comfortable and adjustable seat, firm handlebars, a bottle container holder, and confined pedals. All these components work together to ensure that one cycles with comfort. The advantage of buying a spin bike is that they offer a stable ride thanks to the flywheel. One has the option of changing the bike's resistance by increasing or reducing it to create a challenge throughout the training. The disadvantage of purchasing a spin bike is that it has no console for guidance during the workout and no tracking data device can help analyze your calories.

Commercial S22I Studio Bike- NordicTrack

NordicTrack bike is the best to purchase if you are looking for an indoor bike that offers different workouts. The bike comes at an affordable price of $ 1,899, and one has an option of paying small instalments of $ 40 every month until they complete the full payment. For one to train effectively there should be a practical terrain. NordicTrack offers the function of inclination and declination, which is practical and unique. It features free tutor application software that can raise and lower the speed and resistance of the bike while the terrain present on the display screen changes.

Additionally, manual buttons on the handlebars help to change the resistance if one does not want to use the automatic resistance provided by the application. The bikes have a display screen containing software applications that guide how to use them. The screen can rotate at a 360° manner, and therefore, one can perform other workouts off the bike.

The advantage of using a NordicTrack is that the bike is fitted with iFIT software application, which helps the rider modify resistance, automatic inclination and declination. The disadvantage of using NordicTrack is that there are additional costs, such as a premium payment of $ 40 every month for using the software applications, and the bike is heavy. It cannot be moved quickly from one point to another, and the assembly of the different parts of the bike is complex.

C6 Bike- Bowflex

When it comes to an affordable indoor bike, Bowflex is the bike to go for. The bike costs $ 1,000 or less, depending on the weight. The bike features a flywheel of about 40 pounds, over 90 degrees or levels of resistance and a heavy-weight frame. It also features a JRNY software application that helps the rider access different training, data tracking and other activities. For the first year, the software application offers free membership. One has to pay for a premium membership every month.

Bowflex is also equipped with a tablet holder positioned above the console, providing easy access to the training status when using a training application. 2 bottle holders help the rider hydrate throughout the training. The LCD console provides an easy vision during training, displaying the degree of resistance, heart rate, speed and distance.

The seats and handlebars are comfortable and adjustable, with a Bluetooth connection and a set of dumbbells. Bowflex offers one of the most comprehensive warranties compared to the other indoor bikes. The overall weight of Bowflex is 112 pounds which provide stability while riding. The advantage of buying a Bowflex indoor bike is that the pedals contain clips; therefore, one can wear regular shoes when working out. The disadvantage of buying a Bowflex is that the software application requires one to pay a premium membership of $ 40 every month, which is expensive.

FB150 Folding Exercise Bike –XTERRA

For those who love indoor cycling but have insufficient space, XTERRA is the best option to buy. One can fold the bike once the rider is done with training. XTERRA bike is an excellent machine to use when one wants to lose weight or keep fit. With an easy-to-use interface, one can keep track of all the training statistics while challenging oneself with the 8 degrees or levels of difficulty.

The bike features an LCD screen that gives information about the distance one has covered, the velocity one has attained, the time one takes, and the calories one has lost during the training. The bike has a thick cushioned seat and large handlebars that are paddled for additional comfort. When the bike is folded, it occupies a space of about 18"*18", making it light and portable.

The bike has a strong structure that can hold up to 225 pounds. The advantage of buying an XTERRA is that it is affordable and perfect for small spaces. The disadvantage of buying XTERRA is that it has a small screen and can only hold 225 pounds which is low than the average weight an indoor can handle.

IC4 Bike

The Schwinn bike offers budget-friendly indoor cycling that gives a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The bike costs $ 999 and comes with 100 adjustable degrees of resistance and a pair of pedals with toe confinements. The bike has several software applications that have got Bluetooth connectivity. It enables one to choose the best classes worldwide on the bike at a subscription fee. The bike also comes with a wrist band with a Bluetooth connection that helps track training metrics such as the heartbeat and the hand pulse. The pair of dumbbells focuses on the upper body training.

The bike has a warranty of 10 years on the frame, 3 years for the electrical and mechanical parts, and 1 year for the labor. The advantage of buying a Schwinn bike is that it is heavy-weight and can handle different levels of challenges. Bluetooth enables one to connect different devices to access training classes using software applications such as Zwift and Peleton. The console and the tablet holder allow one to broadcast the classes using your mobile phone or tablet.

Additionally, the padded handlebars allow one to focus on the different muscle areas while remaining comfortable during the long training. The drawback of purchasing a Schwinn bike is that there are no pre-programmed workouts and the JNRY software applications need a subscription fee to access the premium features after the first year.

Yosuda Bike

When it comes to a smooth and silent ride, the Yosuda bike is the best option. It features a flywheel that weighs around 35 pounds with an adjustable pad that helps to give endless levels of resistance, making it appropriate for all individual workouts by increasing or decreasing the challenge. It also has a seat and handlebar that allows one to customize their seating posture to meet the demands and effectively complete the aerobic workout without making noise regardless of how tough the training is.

The bike is small, and one can place it under a desk. One can therefore cycle while working on a job assignment because it is portable. The bike uses a magnetic resistance mechanism that allows one to cycle without creating any noise regardless of how tough the training is. The benefits of buying a Yosuda bike are that it is affordable and lightweight, making it portable. One can also use it in small spaces. The setbacks of buying the Yosuda bike are that it has an LCD screen that offers basic and analogue features and a less warranty in terms of durability.


When one is working from home, finding time to exercise can be difficult. However, the CAROL bike provides the quickest and healthiest way to exercise for a short period. One only needs to work out 9 minutes a day at least 3 times a week. Unlike other indoor bikes, the CAROL bike is designed to last and has the approval to be used by individuals for workouts and professionals for training. The bike has a program that automatically adjusts the degree of resistance for a more customized experience.

It features a set of pedals that one can use with clips or classic sports shoes, whereby if one has no spinning shoes, they can utilize the straps found on the opposite side of the pedal. One may easily adjust the straps to fit one's needs. The clips allow one to pedal quicker and more effectively. The seat provides a comfortable posture that prevents from getting backaches, especially during long and intensive training. The bike also has a tablet that displays the training status and the heart rate. The bike has several safety measures, such as a clutch and magnetic brake that helps one to control their speed.

The cost of buying a CAROL bike depends on the package choice. An essential bike costs $2,395 with a 1-year warranty. A standard bike costs $ 2,595 with a  2-year warranty and a premium bike for $ 2,795 with a 3-year warranty. The advantage of purchasing a carol bike is that it has a software application that guides riders during training, and the training can last as short as 9 minutes for an effective workout. The disadvantage of purchasing a CAROL bike is that it is expensive and requires a monthly subscription fee of $ 12 to access the premium features of the software application.

MYX II Plus Bike

When it comes to strength and durability, MYX II plus bike is the best option to purchase. The bike is dependable and straightforward to adjust, ensuring every person has a smooth and enjoyable cycle. The bike features a touch-sensitive screen display with an inbuilt sensor and camera that displays live tutor instructions that help guide the rider during the workout. It has a comfortable seat that can handle a maximum weight of around 350pounds and handlebars with a forward and backward adjustable movement to cater for an individual's upper body length differences.

The adjustable seat stem can hold a wide range of heights from 4'11" to 6'8", and the flywheel is equipped with a motion sensor that helps track the velocity, distance and cadence. The set of pedals has a length of 18mm, which is above the average industrial standard of 14.3mm. The pedals are also flexible in that one can decide to use the shoes confined in clips or regular shoes such as the sneakers during the workout. The bike offers cross-training essential for achieving meaningful results, which is key to advancement and health improvement. The weight of the flywheel is around 45 pounds, and it has a q factor of about 165mm, which helps reduce knee stress during training.

The advantage of buying an MYX II plus bike is that it has a large display touch screen that offers a comprehensive and clear view of the live tutor instructions. The bike has a more extended warranty when compared to other indoor cycling bikes. The disadvantage of buying an MYX II plus bike is a monthly subscription fee of about $40 for one to access premium features and tools in the software application.

Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike- Exepeutic

An Exepeutic bike is a suitable option for compatibility and workout. It is made up of rich features and an affordable design and still manages to have a small footprint. It features a triple crank mechanism with strong torque and a dual drive transmission system to provide the user with a comfortable and stable riding experience. The adjustable magnetic traction provides 8 levels of traction for a demanding exercise depending on individual fitness level.

The bike has a 300-pound weight restriction, and its design ensures that it lasts for an extended period. It comes with a 1-year warranty that assures durability. When the bike is folded after training, it covers a small space of 22" in length, 20" in width and 50.5" in height which is best for individuals with limited space. The broad leg stabilizers guarantee a smooth and pleasant operation without the risk of toppling during the workout session. The benefits of buying an Exepeutic bike are that it saves on space due to its folding nature and it is lightweight. The setback of buying an Exepeutic bike is that it has a primary screen and is not as durable as other indoor bikes.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Bike

Having discussed some of the best bikes one can purchase, one can choose the best that suits their needs and budget. When buying an indoor bike, there are several essential factors that one needs to consider. Following these guidelines ensures that one receives the right choice of bike suitable for their needs. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying an indoor bike:


When purchasing an indoor bike, one needs to consider the comfort. Indoor bikes are available in a variety of comfort levels and configurations. While comfort might refer to the physical appearance and set-up of the bike, it also refers to how smooth and comfortable the cycling experience can be. One can influence the comfort with the period the workout takes. The number of times one is using the indoor bike.

Additionally, it can depend on the individual fitness level and the kind of seat present on the indoor bike. There are types of bikes that one can choose from that offer comfort, that is, recumbent bikes, which an excellent choice for individuals seeking a low intensity is training. It helps to eliminate back and joint discomfort. The upright bike resembles a standard outdoor bike. However, they have no seat, so the training is done when one is standing. The stationary indoor bike offers the same experience as a bicycle, and its design caters to an intensive workout that copies the outdoor experience of cycling a bicycle.

Adjustable Seats, Handlebars and Dimensions

Before purchasing an indoor bike, ensure that the space in the house can accumulate the size and dimension of the indoor bike. If one has a small space, they should consider buying a lightweight bike that one can fold and store for later use after completing the training. If there is more space in the house, one can consider buying a heavy-weight indoor bike that remains stationary even after training.

Another factor to consider before buying an indoor bike is whether the handlebars and seat are adjustable. The purpose of having an adjustable seat and handlebars is to ensure that the length of the upper body, from the stomach to the handles, reaches the handlebars and the lower body reaches the pedals without struggling. Therefore, buying an indoor bike with a non-adjustable seat and handlebars can end up being small or large.


When purchasing an indoor bike, consider checking if the bike is covered by a warranty. Sometimes accidents can occur leading to the damage of the bike or malfunctioning of some components. One wants to know that they are accountable for the damages incurred. Different indoor bikes have got different warranties where the longer the period of warranty, the more durable the indoor bike is.

Wrapping it Up

Choosing the correct kind of indoor bike can be challenging considering that there is an increase in the manufacture of new bikes every day. However, the best indoor bikes discussed in this article can guide you on the most suitable bike to purchase according to the budget and your fitness level.