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What type of bikes can you use for cycling at a high speed? What are some of the best fast bikes to buy? We have the answers.

What are some of the best fast bikes available in the market? What are their pros and cons? What are the various types of bicycles to use, and how fast are they? What are the factors to consider before purchasing a fast bike? There are various kinds of fast bikes to choose from in the market today.

The best fast bikes are:

  • Co-op cycles – CTY 1.1
  • Pinnacle Dolomite 5
  • Marin Gestalt x10
  • Specialized Allez
  • Storck Aerfast Pro G2
  • Cube Litening C: 62
  • Hallett fast bike
  • Diamond Haanjo 7C Carbon

This article will take an in-depth study of some of the best fast bikes to buy and their pros and cons. It will also examine the different types of bikes and the average speed of each bicycle. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a bike but you are unsure whether its speed is fast enough, then the article will guide you on this.

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Whether one is a casual cyclist or a competitive cyclist, selecting the best type of bike is vital to the success of their activities. Because there are various bikes in the market, the industry related to bikes has become saturated. Due to this, choosing the correct type of bike that suits one's needs becomes difficult and time consuming. Regarding bike riding, speed is an essential factor during cycling competition or using the bike as a form of transport. Therefore, one needs to buy a bike that is designed for speed.

The best type of bicycle built for speed and efficiency is the hybrid bike which combines the best features of the mountain, touring and road bikes. It is a versatile bike that can handle various situations and purposes. It features a seat that creates an upright posture and a straight, flat handlebar that maximizes comfort. When cycling on the road, hybrid bikes use the reduced weight and thinner wheels to move at more incredible speeds and maximum stability. Additionally, like a touring bike, a hybrid bike may feature bags one can use to store things.

Apart from the hybrid bikes, there are other types of bikes known as speed bikes. Speed bikes are mostly used by professional cyclists and it features a lightweight frame and thin tires that streamlines it to move at great speeds.

Top 8 bikes used for Going Fast

As previously stated, when it comes to fast bikes, your options are limitless because there are a lot of fast bikes to choose from. We have produced a list of the top 10 fast bikes that one can consider purchasing as long as the bikes fit your budget and meet your needs. The following is a list of the top bikes to buy for fast riding:

Co-op Cycles – CTY1.1 Bike

If you are looking for a perfect bike to exercise with, then CTY 1.1 is suitable for you. CTY 1.1 is a premier workout bike with all the features needed to cycle at incredible speeds for a long time without getting tired. It features a frame made of aluminum that incorporates racks and fender mounts. With astonishing speed, every rider who cycles at more incredible velocity requires a bike with high braking power, and with CTY 1.1, the presence of mechanical disks helps to provide stable braking power.

The bike has a wheel size of around 700 c that acts as a vibration absorber, especially on rough terrains. The tires also resist puncture with adaptive tread patterns and reflective sidewalls. When riding on hills and other steep landmarks, CTY 1.1 offers 24 gears that one can use to cycle through these terrains without a struggle.

The bike weighs 300 pounds or less, including the weight of the rider and anything they might be carrying while cycling; therefore, the light weight makes it move at more incredible speeds. The handlebars, stem and seat posts are made from aluminum that supports the rider's weight and vibrations without bending or breaking. The bike has a Shimano HG53 chain and FP threadless headset.

Pinnacle Dolomite 5 Bike

Pinnacle Dolomite 5 is a type of hybrid bike with a classical aluminum frame enhanced by its elegant paint job. The bike is fitted with hydraulic disk brakes, making it a cutting-edge road bike. The bike structure contains a hydraulic hose and disc mounts integrated through it. The cables and hoses have been fixed to enter the frame quickly, which cannot lead to complications such as cables getting stuck at the edge of the bike pedals while riding.

The disc hose in the bike's front wheel channels through the bladed fork made from carbon fiber, making it a brilliant design that helps prevent the hose's destruction. The advantage of buying this bike is that it exudes firmness and dependability due to the quality working of the gear and the disk brakes. The disc brakes perform better than the standard calipers used on other bikes. The only disadvantage of the pinnacle dolomite 5 bike is that it is relatively heavy due to the hydraulic brakes that make it slow when climbing steep terrains. However, on a relative slope or flat land, it has speeds of  15 to 22 mph which can even be higher depending on the experience and professionalism of the rider.

Some riders still believe that a bike with an aluminum frame offers a rough ride especially when using pinnacle dolomite 5, where the name dolomite 5 means "bumpy roads". This is a myth. As a matter of fact, Pinnacle Dolomite 5 offers a smooth and fast ride due to the comfortable and upright seats, strong handlebars and wide tires that can handle any terrain without a puncture.

Marin Gestalt x10

If you are looking for a bike that will cover long distances and go to incredible speeds, then the Marin Gestalt x10 is the best choice. It is a multi-purpose bike that is versatile and has low maintenance. It features a lightweight aluminum fork and an aluminum frame where the cables attach. The bike costs $1300, which is worth it due to the aluminum frame that offers a distinctive riding experience and the combination of various bike components that work together to ensure quality performance.

Gestalt x10 can perform like a mountain bike by moving smoothly off the tarmac, as a road bike by moving at incredible speeds and as a touring bike by offering a light-duty tour. According to some riders who have experience with Gestalt x10, most shared how the bike has a quick acceleration where it responds nicely to the force applied to the pedals when cycling on the tarmac road. When riding on rough terrain, the head tube helps to maintain an excellent position to respond quickly to the potholes and rocks that may be present. Additionally, the handling of the sidebars is light and responsive, allowing one to navigate rough areas easily.

The only disadvantage of using Gestalt x10 is the tire tube. The tires are not tubeless, which does not give it maximum comfortability while riding on rough terrains or even for long distances.

Specialized Allez Bike

If you are on a budget and still want to buy the best fast bike, then the Specialized Allez bike is the best option. The bike features an internal cable routing system and a lightweight aluminum frame. The design of the seats and the handlebar creates an upright and athletic posture, which is suitable for a wide range of riders. The bike is multi-purpose where it can serve as a commuter cycle, road bike or winter bike because there is a place where one can place racks and mudguards.

Although the wheels are relatively hefty and the rim brakes are not that powerful for the ride, the bike offers the same quality and athletic feeling as most expensive bikes. The advantage of purchasing Specialized Allez is that the lightweight frame and thin tires make it suitable to go to incredible speeds. The structure also increases rigidity and acts as a vibration absorber on rough terrain. The design of the frame is from a premium alloy, and the group set is the Shimano Claris. It also features a fork made from carbon fiber that assures a stable and smooth ride.

The disadvantage of buying a Specialized Allez bike is that it has significant shifts between gears that decrease efficiency when climbing a steep slope or even going downhill. The cost of changing the non-powerful brakes is expensive.

Storck Aerfast Pro G2 Bike

Regarding speed and luxury, the Storck Aerfast Pro G2 bike is suitable. Storck brand has a high-quality carbon frame, ensuring the Aerfast pro traditions continue. In terms of shape, the structure has a slick aerodynamic design that makes it wider at the ends than in the middle, increasing the bike's speed.

The bike features a muscular head tube and a large bottom bracket, creating a stable ride. The tire clearance provides room to fit a tire as wide as 28mm without a struggle. Every stroke of the pedal and the fast gears shift creates easy movement on flat and steep slopes. The construction and design of the Perfect Pro G2 make it have a weight of 16.47 pounds which makes the bike to be lightweight. Therefore, when the bicycle components integrate with the stiff ride, it rockets up a sloppy terrain quicker than the other types of aero bikes.

The cost of the Aerfast Pro G2 is €5,199, which is high. However, the high-quality frame made from carbon fiber with the combination of quality wheels makes the bike worth every coin. The wheels groupset are made by Ultegra, resistant to puncture and provide efficient performance. The saddle is designed by Selle Italia, while the bike's bars and stem are designed by storck. The profile of the saddle creates a relaxed aero position that helps to enhance the speed of the bike.

Cube Litening C: 62

Cube Litening C: 62 is a suitable option when choosing the best racing bikes. The bike features a group set equipped with Shimano Ultegra R8000 and quality wheels designed by Mavic Elite Ksyrium. Cube is a designer and manufacturer from Germany that designs anything related to a bike, from bike pumps to the different types of bikes. The overall weight of the bike is 16.1 pounds which is incredibly light. The bikes cost around $3000 or less, which gives an excellent value considering their capabilities. The cube bike has a wheelbase of about 99cm and a top tube of 55cm. The stand-over maximum height is 78cm, and the seat tube measures around 47cm. The chain is about 40.5 cm long, and the bottom bracket size is 28.5 cm.

When cycling off-road, the bike gives nimble handling and makes one feel frantic and rushed. The cube features a small handlebar and a low stem which aids in its agile handling, thereby giving the bike quick speed and good vibration management. The bike's design makes it look lively and responsive when cycling around long and curvy roads.

Hallett Fast Bike

A Hallett fast bike is an elegant and high-quality machine with a quality steel frame where the customization gives it a solid and effective performance. A Hallett fast bike comes with various unique steel frames that one can choose from. The wheel tubing is manufactured from Columbus and assembled using conventional methods such as silver fusing and brazing. The bike cost is € 1550, which is worth considering the combination of quality components such as the bottom bracket, the steel frame and the triangle.

The Hallett fast bike features a group set equipped with Shimano Ultegra 6,700 and quality wheels made of Ultegra. The bike's components complement the frame, and one can replace the elements with others according to their taste and preference. Therefore, a Hallett bike can also use a carbon fork other than a steel fork. Overall, the steel frame and the tubing provide all the comfort one wishes and having a light weight makes it move at incredible speeds.

Diamond Haanjo 7C Carbon Bike

Diamond Haanjo is the first bike to be able to cycle off-road ever since the formation of the DiamondBack organization. The bike can serve as a road bike and a touring bike; therefore, it easily adapts to different terrains. The bike's design is for long rides where the seats and sidebars give the rider an upright posture. The proper posture helps the riders from getting back aches.

In the off-road configuration, the bike provides a smooth and stable ride due to a combination of practical components. The bike features mounted brakes that are flat to give a good power of halting even when the bike is at full speeds and an axle that is 12mm thick. Since the bike has a frame all along its line, it follows the industrial standards of off-road racks. Therefore, it implies that updating wheels, groupsets and seat posts will be simple in the future. Additionally, the bottom bracket helps prevent the pedal clips from dropping off when cycling off-road.

The bike features a groupset made of gravel-specific GRX, with a front and rear gear of GRX810 that handles the shifting. The hydraulic brakes are Shimano, and the wheels are made exclusively by a DiamondBack. The advantage of buying Diamond Haanjo 7C carbon is that their tires are tubeless. Therefore, it helps increase vibration management on rough terrain and provides a smooth ride on the road surface.

Factors to Consider before Buying a Bike

There are various crucial elements to consider when purchasing a fast bike. Following these factors will guarantee that you get the correct bike that matches your needs. The following are some of the essential factors to consider when buying a fast bike:

Type of Bike and the Riding Location

There are various types of bikes to choose from, each with its capabilities. Here are some of the types of bikes:

  • Hybrid bikes -hybrid bikes are suited for both tarmac and off-road surfaces. The design helps to balance the different conditions and terrains. Hybrid bikes have the same features as mountain bikes, but the difference is that mountain bikes are heavier than hybrid bikes. The average speed of a hybrid bike is between 11 to 18 mph.
  • E-bikes - the purpose of e-bikes is for commuting. They have a motor that turns on when a rider starts to cycle, thus creating an automatic motion to the bike. According to the US laws, the superior speed of e-bikes should be 20mph, but technically, the bicycle moves at a velocity of more than 20mph.
  • Mountain bikes- these types of bikes are suitable for mountainous landscapes and other rough terrains. Most mountain bikes have a thick and heavy frame that increases stability, a flat handlebar that helps increase good controls, and wide tires that can withstand the rough terrain. The average speed of a mountain bike is 30 mph.
  • Road bikes- road bikes are used on tarmac roads only. They feature thin tires, low bar handles, and gears. These features help road bikes to reach high speeds and therefore are suitable for professional racers. The average velocity of a road bike is 20 mph for a regular cyclist and 25mph for an athletic cyclist.

The Price of the Bike

The quality of the bike determines its price; therefore, one should consider checking the cost of the bike to ensure it fits their budget. There are principles to follow when buying a bike; if one rides a bicycle once every week, buying a bike that costs around $350 is recommended. If one wants to use the bike for light training, a bike with an aluminum frame and Shimano is an excellent choice to buy, where it can cost $500.

Additionally, when buying a bike for physical training, buying quality and a lightweight bike with an aluminum frame and other essential components such as disc brakes and gears is suitable. When one wants to use the bike for cycling competitions, one needs to get a quality and lightweight bike with a carbon frame and powerful disc brakes. The overall weight of the bike should be as low as 11 pounds. The cost of the bikes should be $1500 or more.

Cost of Maintenance

Different bikes require different maintenance costs; therefore, when buying a bike, make sure you are familiar with the cost of components of the bicycle that may need a repair later on due to damage or get worn out. To avoid having a high maintenance cost, ensure to service the bike regularly by either taking it to a bicycle service area or by doing it yourself to save on cash. For self-maintenance, one can apply lubricant on the chains to prevent rusting, check for the tire pressure and pump it if the air pressure inside is low, wash the bike and keep it in a safe place away from moisture dampness.

The cycling distance

When choosing a fast bike for cycling, the amount of time one spends as well as the distance of cycling is the key factors to consider. For long distances, the best fast bikes to use are the ones having curved handlebars with a seat that supports a leaning posture. The leaning posture helps to increase the speed of the bike and decrease fatigue and backaches. Additionally, the bikes should have powerful disc brakes and a number of gears to help in braking efficiently and shifting easily when one approaches different terrains respectively.

When one is cycling for shorter distances, the bike should have a seat and straight and flat handlebars to support an upright posture which makes the rider to cycle with comfort and enjoyment. The bike should also have disc brakes and a few gears to help in halting and shifting when the angle of the terrain changes.

Wrapping it Up

There are a lot of fast bikes to choose from in the market today, and it becomes complicated to select the right one. However, sharing some of the best fast bikes to choose from and the factors to consider when purchasing them can guide you and make it easy to select a suitable bike. What is important is that you should make an informed decision.