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Key Takeaways

  • The best road bikes for under $1,000 are the Polygon STRATTOS S2, Tommaso Imola Endurance, Diamondback Haanjo, Schwinn Sporterra, and the State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road.
  • The best mountain bikes for under $1,000 are the VITUS SENTIER 29, Canyon Stoic 2, Polygon Siskiu D5, and the Schwinn Traxion.
  • When picking out a bike for under $1,000, make sure that you carefully read the specs of each model to ensure that they are aligned with your performance and riding needs.

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A tight budget does not mean that you need to resort to buying a ‘cheap’ bike, as there are a lot of quality options on the market for under $1,000.

The best bikes for under $1,000 are:

  1. Polygon STRATTOS S2 (Best Overall Road Bike)
  2. Tommaso Imola Endurance (Best Performance Road Bike)
  3. Diamondback Haanjo (Best Hybrid Road Bike)
  4. Schwinn Sporterra (Best-Value Gravel Bike)
  5. State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road (Best Casual Commuter Road Bike)
  6. VITUS SENTIER 29 (Best Overall Hardtail Mountain Bike)
  7. Canyon Stoic 2 (Best-Value Hardtail Mountain Bike)
  8. Polygon Siskiu D5 (Best 27.5” Full-Suspension Mountain Bike)
  9. Schwinn Traxion (Best 29” Full-Suspension Mountain Bike)

After extensively researching cycling forums and reviews, I have gathered enough information to shortlist the best bikes on the market for under $1,000. My research has indicated that you should carefully assess the specs of each bike as this will determine whether its performance capabilities are aligned with your cycling needs.



Best Road Bikes Under $1,000

Road bikes are as popular now as they ever have been and with the performance of these machines increasing annually, it’s easy to understand why. Traditionally, buying a quality road bike on a budget was next to impossible. These bikes are designed for speed, endurance, and top-level performance, which implies that high-end parts are often required in the design.

While there are plenty of superior road bikes that cost tens of thousands of dollars, that by no means implies that you cannot find a phenomenal option on a budget. As road bike technology advances, the parts used to make them become more accessible and manufacturers are able to create clever designs that increase performance while keeping costs low.

With that said, there are various road bikes available for under $1,000, but you need to carefully consider the specs and performance that you want your bike to have. If you are the kind of cyclist that prefers to ride a bike that is designed for speed, you may want to prioritize specs that favor a lightweight build with dynamic gear options.

On the other hand, a lot of road bikes are hybrids that are designed to ride on paved, as well as gravel paths. If you can determine which qualities you want your road bike to have you can narrow down your search options. Let’s dive into the best road bike for under $1,000.

Polygon STRATTOS S2 (Best Overall Road Bike)


10 years ago, it would be virtually impossible to find a road bike with carbon fiber parts for under $1,000, but the STRATTOS S2 from Polygon has proved that the industry has come a long way in the last decade.

This is not a professional-grade road bike by any means, but it is not pretending to be either. The Polygon STRATTOS S2 is an all-arounder that can be used for various riding styles. The carbon fork is excellent and it keeps the weight of the bike down while also absorbing vibrations significantly better than other materials.

Polygon designed this road bike with a quality ALX QRx130mm aluminum frame that is light and durable. The aesthetic of the bike is sleek, which is complemented by the internal cable housing.

The STATTOS S2 also features an impressive geometry that makes rides feel very comfortable and natural. In addition, high-quality Shimano parts can be found in various parts of the drive such as the shifters, cassette, and derailleur.

If you consider the specs of the Polygon STRATTOS S2, it is remarkable that the manufacturer can sell it for just $700. The overall weight of the bike is 22.3 lbs, which is not going to win you any races but it’s still an efficient and impressive machine for its price point.

  • Weight - 22.3 lbs
  • Carbon Fork
  • Shimano Parts

Tommaso Imola Endurance (Best Performance Road Bike)

Tommaso Imola Endurance
Tommaso Imola Endurance

It is incredibly rare to find a road bike with specs like the Tommaso Imola Endurance for a price lower than $2,000. Tommaso is not a major brand like some of the big-name companies in the industry, which is one of the reasons that it can keep its prices low.

To deliver quality bikes at a fraction of the price of its competition, Tommaso deals with its customers directly. This enables the company to cut out the middleman and invest more in affordable bikes with advanced parts and components.

The Tommaso Imola Endurance features a superior aluminum frame and a quality steel fork. While this may raise some eyebrows from cyclists, Tommaso was still able to keep the weight of this bike down to a mere 23.8lbs.

However, the most impressive characteristic of the Tommaso Imola Endurance is its Shimano Claris R2000 shifters. These are parts that you often find on high-end road bikes - not budget-friendly options like the Imola Endurance. Tommaso offers this top-notch road bike in sizes that range from XS to XL so that it is compatible with virtually any rider.

With specs and performance capabilities like these, the Tommaso Imola Endurance is hardly an entry-level road bike. This budget road bike cannot compete with a high-end model, but it holds its own for the asking price, which is a very reasonable $765.

If you have any doubts about the Imola Endurance, Tommaso offers a 2-year warranty for all components other than the tires and tubes. Whereas the frame is covered under a lifetime warranty.

  • Weight - 23.8 lbs
  • Shimano Claris R2000 shifters
  • Lifetime Warranty (frame)

State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road (Best Casual Commuter Road Bike)

State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road
State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road

Are you looking for a hop-on/hop-off road bike that is perfect for casual riding? The State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road is not out to win a race or set a new land speed record. This is a well-rounded road bike that puts a focus on casual commuting and endurance riding.

The State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road is one of the coolest bikes on our list and it features a vintage design that will make any rider nostalgic for the 80s - regardless of when they were born. With that said, although the State Bicycle Co. 4130 Road is not a competitive bike, that does not mean that it is cheap.

This bike features a durable 4130 steel frame and fork that are built to last. With 8-speeds to choose from, this is a great city bike that you can use for efficient commutes and joyrides.

State Bicycle reminds us to ride for fun and look cool while doing so with the 4130 Road. And for a mere $589, it is an absolute steal.

Diamondback Haanjo (Best Hybrid Road Bike)

Diamondback Haanjo
Diamondback Haanjo

Are you having a hard time deciding between a road bike and a mountain bike? If so, there is no better option for under $1,000 than the Diamondback Haanjo - a hybrid bike that offers the best of both worlds of road and MTB riding.

Diamondback has been a quality bike brand for decades, but they lost some of their popularity at the onset of the new millennium. However, Diamondback’s return has not gone unnoticed and they have quality bikes like Haanjo in their line-up to prove it.

When you hop on the Diamondback Haanjo, you can choose to ride road and MTB on the same day without ever having to change your bike. Diamondback’s brilliant design enables the Haanjo to be just as effective for both riding conditions - making this a very dynamic machine.

The Haanjo is equipped with a fully butted 6061-T6 Aluminum frame and a DB Steel Gravel Disc fork - both are designed to take a beating. In addition, quality Shimano parts can be found throughout the drive such as in the cogset, derailleur, and shifters.

While the use of aluminum and steel parts may make many riders weary of this bike’s weight, Diamondback was remarkably able to keep it down to just 21.6lbs. For a hybrid bike with these specs, you can take the Haanjo out on a variety of different trails that vary in grade and difficulty.

To top it off, Diamondback installed Tektro Mira mechanical disc breaks, which have excellent stopping power. With that said, the Diamondback Haanjo is not a replacement for a top-of-the-line mountain or road bike. Instead, this is a great option for any casual rider that wants an all-around hybrid bike.

The Diamondback Haanjo starts at just $785, which is very reasonable for a bike of this caliber. Lastly, Diamondback is covering this bike’s frame under its warranty for up to 5 years, so you can rest assured that it’s built to last. The only real downside to the Diamondback Haanjo is that the lack of gear options may not make it the most efficient road bike.

  • Weight - 21.6lbs
  • Shimano Claris 2x8-speed
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum frame
  • 5-Year Warranty (frame)

Schwinn Sporterra (Best-Value Gravel Bike)

Schwinn Sporterra
Schwinn Sporterra

Schwinn is one of the most-recognized bike brands in the world with nearly 130 years of manufacturing experience. The classic brand is back with modernized bike models such as the Sporterra, which is available at a fraction of the cost of some of its competitors.

This is not a professional road bike or anything marginally close to it. The Sporterra is a casual gravel bike that can be used for rugged trails and paved paths - making it a great value bike that can handle a bit of everything.

Schwinn equipped this gravel bike with Shimano components throughout parts of the drive such as the derailleur and shifters. Once you are in motion, you have a solid variety of 14 gears to choose from - making it very easy to adapt to changes in grade.

The frame is made out of high-quality alloy and the fork is Schwinn’s custom steel. The steel fork and aluminum frame do add some weight to the bike which does make it less agile, but this is a great characteristic for durability and longevity. With that said, Schwinn has confidently added a lifetime warranty to this gravel bike.

The Sporterral features multi-terrain tires, mechanical disc brakes, and comfortable geometry. This is a gravel bike that is built for entry-level gravel riding, but you can also rely on it for road bike performance as well. For an asking price of $680, it’s hard to be too critical of the Schwinn Sporterra, as it over-delivers for a bike of its price.

If you are an entry-level gravel rider who wants to hit some casual trails, the Schwinn Sporterra is a solid starting point if you are shopping on a budget.

  • Weight - 30.6 lbs
  • Alloy Frame
  • Shimano Parts
  • Lifetime Warranty (frame)

Best Mountain Bikes Under $1,000

Mountain biking can be one of the most intimidating sports to get into, and it isn’t always the adverse terrain and physical requirements that make people weary of buying a bike. Top-of-the-line mountain bikes can cost a fortune and a lot of riders don’t want to resort to buying a low-end MTB.

With that said, a cheap price does not necessarily have to equate to a poor-quality bike. MTB riding has not lost its momentum over the years and the sport is as popular as ever. Manufacturers are finding clever ways to cut corners without compromising performance, which in turn lowers the price tag of mountain bikes that at one point cost thousands.

The one thing that riders really need to keep in mind as they weigh out their options is whether they want a hardtail or full-suspension MTB. Finding a quality full-suspension mountain bike for under $1,000 was unheard of until just recently, as the added parts and components significantly impact the price. However, these days, there are a number of top-notch full-suspension MTBs on the market at (or around) this price range.

On the other hand, the added components imply that manufacturers have to cut corners on other parts of the design to keep costs down. That is why you may find that budget hardtails may have superior frames and forks, but without dual suspension. Hardtails are a classic go-to option among MTB riders and their simplistic design often makest them cheaper to buy and maintain. To help you understand this further, let’s take a closer look at the best mountain bikes for under $1,000.

VITUS SENTIER 29 (Best Overall Hardtail Mountain Bike)


The Vitus Sentier 29 is an award-winning MTB with specs that are extremely rare to find in the budget mountain bike category. This bike was first introduced to the market in 2021 and it has since been a highly sought-after MTB by intro and intermediate riders.

With 29” wheels, excellent geometry, and solid weight, the Vitus Sentier 29 is a hardtail that is ready to shred. You can take this budget MTB on adverse trials and confidently push the machine to its limits.

This hardtail features a 6061-T6 Double Butted Aluminium frame that is incredibly durable but also lightweight. The X-Fusion RC32 Boost 29 fork has excellent absorption on rough terrain, which opens up a lot of doors for riders to take this MTB on trails that you would never dream of hitting with a budget bike.

You will find a quality Shimano Deore 1x10 Drivetrain and reliable Tektro HD-M290 Brakes, which give you excellent adaptability to grade and reliable stopping power. Although hydraulic disc breaks would be preferable for an MTB, you can only expect so much out of a mountain bike that costs under $1,000.

The Vitus Sentier 29 weighs in at 29.8 lbs, which is certainly not going to get you a W on an XC circuit, but it will get you to the finish line. So long as you are not planning on competing, the added weight of the bike should not heavily affect your performance and it will actually be a benefit for any rider looking for longevity in an MTB.

Although this list is only supposed to contain bikes that are under $1,000, the specs and performance capabilities of the Vitus Sentier 29 were too good not to throw it in. For a total asking price of $1,129, you can get yourself a superior hardtail that shatters the bulk of its competition. If you value performance and have a somewhat flexible budget, the Vitus Sentier 29 is going to be a no-brainer.

  • Weight - 29.8 lbs
  • 6061-T6 Double Butted Aluminium Frame
  • Shimano Deore 1x10 Drivetrain

Canyon Stoic 2 (Best-Value Hardtail Mountain Bike)

Canyon Stoic 2
Canyon Stoic 2

Canyon is a reputable brand that has received a lot of praise for manufacturing high-quality MTBs at a fraction of the price of their competition. The Canyon Stoic 2 is the best-value hardtail in their line-up and it pushes the boundary of what an affordable MTB can achieve on a track.

This is a hardtail that was designed for rugged trails so that riders can truly shred on a budget without having to overthink the specs of their bike. Riders who are looking to enter the MTB scene and want a quality bike without breaking the bank should keep the Canyon Stoic 2 at the top of their list.

This hardtail is equipped with a custom Canyon Stoic aluminum chassis and an SR Suntour's 140mm-travel XCR 34 suspension fork. The aluminum frame is incredibly durable and it encourages riders to shred disrespectfully.

Despite this being a budget mountain bike, Canyon was able to add Shimano Deore 10-speed shifters, a Shimano Deore M6000 GS rear derailleur, and even Shimano MT200

Hydraulic disc brakes. For an MTB under $1,000, it’s hard to imagine how Cayon could pull off installing high-end parts from Shimano.

My only real complaint about the Canyon Stoic 2 is that the bike weighs a bit heavier than what I would like to see in a hardtail. The aluminum materials used in this MTB’s design result in a bike that weighs in at 32.8lbs, which may be a red flag for riders looking to get into mountain bike racing.

With that said, for a reasonable price of just $900, Canyon’s Stoic 2 truly delivers on specs and performance. If you are looking for a reliable MTB that can take on intermediate trails, this is a fantastic option for under $1,000.

  • Weight - 32.8 lbs
  • Shimano Parts
  • Aluminum Frame

Polygon Siskiu D5 (Best 27.5” Full-Suspension Mountain Bike)

Full-suspension mountain bikes rarely make the cut for budget-friendly MTBs. To equip a bike with quality dual-suspension that can handle a real MTB circuit, manufacturers need to invest in decent components, which quickly pushes the price past $1,000.

Astonishingly, Polygon was able to pull it off with the Siskiu D5. This is a full-suspension MTB that is perfect for any rider shopping on a budget who prefers the performance of a dual-suspension bike.

The Siskiu D5 is equipped with an aluminum frame and top-notch Shimano parts such as the ALIVIO 2X9 Speed drivetrain, as well as MT201 hydraulic disc brakes. In addition, Polygon installed a Suntour XCM HLO coil fork for the front suspension and a Raidon air shock for the rear suspension. Both of these suspension options offer excellent absorption, which will increase both ride performance and comfort.

A drawback for some riders is that the Polygon Siskiu D5 is a 27.5” and not a 29”, which can be a red flag, especially if height becomes an issue. With that said, this full-suspension MTB is available in sizes S through L and is suitable for riders that are 5ft 1in to 6ft 1in tall.

Finding a lightweight full-suspension mountain bike can be extremely difficult, which is why competitive riders pretty much solely rely on carbon fiber components. Given that the Polygon Siskiu D5 features an aluminum frame and fork, and has dual suspension, the weight is considerably higher than that of a high-end bike at 36.82lbs.

The bottom line is that this is not a lightweight bike. However, for its price, Polygon was able to install some impressive parts and components. If you want a reliable full-suspension MTB, the Polygon Siskiu D5 is a great option to consider at just $750.

  • Weight - 36.82lbs
  • Shimano Parts
  • Suntour XCM HLO coil fork

Schwinn Traxion (Best 29” Full-Suspension Mountain Bike)

Schwinn Traxion
Schwinn Traxion

If there is one bike manufacturer that you can count on for releasing a budget-friendly MTB it's Schwinn. While a lot of the big-name mountain biking brands are focused on designing peak-performance MTBs, Schwinn prefers to make their bikes more accessible to a wider range of riders, regardless of their budgets.

The Schwinn Traxion is one of the best full-suspension mountain bikes on the market and you can pick one up for under $1,000. This MTB features a durable aluminum frame that was custom-built by Schwinn, as well as a reliable front and rear suspension.

One of the best qualities of this bike is its 24-speed shifters. The Schwinn Traxion gives you a very solid range of gear options so that riders can quickly and easily adapt to changes in grade.

Unlike the previous full-suspension mountain bike that I covered, the Schwinn Traxion has 29” wheels. Rolling performance is substantially better with larger wheels and a lot of riders prefer a 29er over a 27.5”.

All in all, the Schwinn Traxion is not a race-ready MTB. This bike has decent specs that make it a great option for an entry-level rider that wants to try out mountain biking on a budget. The weight of this bike is 37lbs, which implies that you will have a hard time taking this full-suspension MTB on any extreme circuits. For a very reasonable price of just $734, the Schwinn Traxion is one of the best dual-suspension MTBs on the market for under $1,000.