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With the riding season just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about buying a new bike, but which ones are the best for trail riding?

When you start browsing your options for the best trail bikes on the market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of factors that you have to consider - with so much to choose from based on specs and characteristics. You also need to determine the type of trail riding that you want to do, as you can either get yourself a mountain bike for rough and rugged terrains or a road bike for paved or gravel trails.

The best bikes for trails are the Santa Cruz 5010 CC X01, Specialized Stumpjumper EVO, Ibis Ripmo V2 XT, Polygon Siskiu T8, Giant Talon 29, Specialized S-Works CruX, BMC URS One, Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra, Look 785 Huez and Bianchi Sprint.

There is a lot to take in when shopping for a new bike and you want to ensure that you end up picking something that is going to suit you and your riding needs the best. Cycling is as popular as it ever has been - with high-end manufacturers developing bikes that are more dynamic and capable than ever before. As the technology behind the materials and design of bikes continues to expand, so do the number of options that we have available to us. Manufacturers are making more dynamic bikes and the line-ups that they offer these days give you a massive selection to consider. However, the number of options out there also makes decision-making rather challenging, which leaves a lot of people feeling conflicted when bike shopping. The first thing that you are going to want to determine is what kind of trails you want to ride on, as this is going to help you narrow down your options. To help you understand this further, we are going to break down all of the best bikes for trails in more detail.

After extensively researching trail bikes, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the best ones available. My research has taught me that to pick the best trail bike, you first need to consider what kind of terrain you want to be riding in, as well as what your technical abilities are.



How to Choose

There are so many factors to keep in mind when picking out a bike and you should carefully weigh out your options before making any commitments. Manufacturers make very dynamic bikes and you will find that what suits you best may not be the case for another rider.

You need to choose a bike that is going to give you the best performance possible based on what your riding needs are. Let’s take a closer look at the factors that you should consider while browsing your options.


There are indeed a lot of high-end trail bikes out there that are going to be world-class and will likely be superior to the majority of the competition. However, you should keep in mind that a bike of this caliber is likely going to be $5,000+, which is more than what most people can afford.

The first thing that you should determine when shopping for a trail bike is what your budget is. There is no point looking at high-priced bikes that you can’t afford. But that does not mean that you cannot find an amazing bike on a budget.

Biking is not only for the rich and most manufacturers release options that vary in price to make this sport and hobby accessible to everyone. If you are on a tight budget, then you should not have a problem finding a very solid bike for as little as $1,000 (or even less), as there are plenty of great ones out there within this price range.

Trail Terrain

There are a lot of different trails out there that vary in technical difficulty and terrain type. The terrain that you want to ride on is going to help you narrow down your search options even further.

You want to pick a bike that is going to meet your needs, which you can determine based on the conditions that you ride in. These are the common terrain types that you should reflect on when picking out a bike.

  • Rough/Rugged Terrain - Mountain Bike
  • Light/Rugged Terrain - Gravel Bike
  • Smooth/Paved Terrain - Road Bike

Figuring out where you want to ride is going to be crucial for picking out your best trail bike. With that being said, you will find that some bike options are a bit more dynamic than others and that you can use the same bike for a variety of different types of terrain (within reason).


One of the most important things to consider when picking out a trail bike is the parts and materials that were used to manufacture it.

Specs play a critical role in determining what kind of performance you can count on from your trail bike, which is going to be very important to consider if you are planning on doing any technical or competitive riding with your bike.

You should also consider that parts and materials are often what influences the value of your bike more than anything. A lot of high-end bikes rely on carbon fiber for frame materials, as well as other parts, which will make your bike much lighter - thereby increasing performance. However, carbon fiber is a very expensive material that can drastically increase the price of the bike.

To mitigate high costs, you will find that many trail bikes utilize aluminum instead of carbon fiber. This is a very durable and reliable material that is commonly used in bike frames. Although it is quite a bit heavier than carbon fiber, it is also much less expensive.

In addition, you want to keep an eye out for names like Shimano, SRAM, and other reputable brands when reviewing the components of bikes, as they are known for quality parts. The bottom line is that you should pay close attention to the specs of any bike that you are considering, as this is going to be a key influence on how your bike performs on trails.

Best Bikes For Mountain Trails

If you are the kind of rider that wants to take their bike out on the most rugged trails imaginable, there is really no better option than a mountain bike. These bikes were designed to traverse the most intense trails in the world of cycling. Whether it is steep inclines, fast downhill racing, mud, boulders, or even snow - the right mountain bike can handle everything that you throw at it.

This cycling sport was first popularized in the ‘80s and it has not lost any momentum since. In fact, mountain biking is more popular than it's ever been - with more and more people taking up the sport to compete - or simply as a hobby. However, mountain biking can be extremely technical, challenging, and even dangerous, which is why you are going to want to carefully select a bike that is aligned with your abilities and riding needs.

There are a lot of reputable manufacturers that make world-class mountain bikes that are going to be perfect for any rider that wants to shred hardcore trails. A lot of these bikes will cost thousands when it comes to spending. High-end mountain bikes can be extremely expensive but this is due to their sophisticated design, as well as premium parts and materials.

With that being said, if you are not a technical or professional rider, there are plenty of great mountain bikes on the market perfect for beginners and intermediate riders at a fraction of the price (many of them in the $500 to $1,500 range). Let’s dive into the best mountain bikes for trails.

Santa Cruz 5010 CC X01 ($8,000)

Picture of the Santa Cruz 5010 CC X01 Bike

Santa Cruz is a bike manufacturer that started out in skateboards but since they came onto the cycling scene in the early ‘90s they have now become a driving force for high-end mountain bikes.

Over the years Santa Cruz has steadily climbed towards the top and has now built a reputation as being one of the best manufacturers for mountain bikes - with models like the 5010 CC X01 being exemplary of that. The 5010 CC X01 is considered to be one of the greatest mountain bikes for trails out right now - few options are going to be able to compete with its specs and performance.

Mountain bikes are designed to be tough but the 5010 CC X01 takes this to a new level, as Santa Cruz designed this beast of a mountain bike to handle virtually every kind of terrain imaginable - with an emphasis on the most intense and chaotic conditions.

The bike features a durable full carbon frame and is extremely light in weight, which means that you are going to have optimum agility and speed when on trails. This is going to be especially great for mountain bikers that enjoy downhill racing. However, the light frame will also give you much better control for every condition that you are riding in - enabling you to maneuver better on turns and save energy when going over hills.

You have also got an SRAM NX fork equipped to the 5010 CC X01, which Santa Cruz has combined with state-of-the-art shock technology, which is going to make your ride very comfortable - at least as comfortable as possible for mountain biking! The absorption that you have on trails is going allow you to focus on getting around the terrain instead of being distracted by every bump that you encounter.

When it’s all said and done, Santa Cruz has designed this mountain bike to perfection. The 5010 CC X01 has a sophisticated build and is equipped with only the best parts and materials. Santa Cruz spared no expense when designing the 5010 CC X01. However, bikes from Santa Cruz are known for being extremely expensive and that is certainly the case with this high-end model, as they are currently being sold for $8,000 - which is a whole lot more than what the average budget cyclist can afford.

Although this is one of the most expensive mountain bikes for trails that money can buy, Santa Cruz certainly ensures that you get what you pay for, as it is hard to imagine a mountain bike with better specs and capabilities. To help shoppers cope with the insane price tag, Santa Cruz has backed the 5010 CC X01’s frame with a lifetime warranty, which means that once you buy this trail bike, you essentially have it for life. It’s also available in every size that Santa Cruz offers - XS, S, M, L, & XL. So, it is compatible with every rider out there.

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp ($5,000)

Picture of the Specialized Stumpjumper EVO Comp

When it comes to reputable mountain biking manufacturers, Specialized is at the top of so many people’s lists. This bike brand is widely considered to be one of the founding fathers of the sport of mountain biking and they continue to prove themselves as being worthy of holding that title.

If you are looking for an excellent mountain bike for trails, Specialized has a very expansive line-up of amazing options to consider, which will range in specs and price. However, if you want the best of what Specialized has to offer, the Stumpjumper EVO is going to be their pride and joy.

This bike has received nothing but praise from the mountain biking community, as it is a versatile high-performance machine that can take on virtually every type of trail condition out there. What the Stumperjumper EVO is particularly regarded for is its dynamic capabilities. Most mountain bikes in the high-end category are known for having a certain level of versatility but the Stumperjumper excels in delivering top-notch performance across the board.

A lot of this has to do with the very sophisticated design that Specialized has developed for the Stumpjumper EVO. The mountain bike is very adjustable and enables riders to change the geometry of the bike to specifically fit their build and riding style. You can set up your bike based on your preferences, as well as what kind of terrain you are riding on that day so that you can always customize the feel of the bike to perform optimally for your current ride conditions.

The excellent geometric adjustability of the frame is complemented by the full carbon frame and FSR suspension, which will make every trail that you hit feel like heaven. The lightweight carbon gives you excellent dynamic control over how the bike handles and you will find that this is one of the best mountain bikes on the market for downhill charging.

Another subtle but highly attractive feature that the Stumperjumper EVO has to offer is the water bottle compartment that is built into the frame of the bike. This design is particularly clever as it is barely noticeable and does not in any way sabotage the overall aesthetic of the bike. It can be very annoying to need to haul around a backpack when mountain biking that can add weight and throw off your center of gravity, which is why Specialized designed the Sumperjumper EVO to not only be a high-performance machine but also a very practical bike.

We also really enjoyed that the cables for the bike are routed internally. It can be quite annoying and potentially even distracting to have cables interfering with your trailing riding, which can become dangerous in some situations. Whereas some manufacturers created sophisticated designs for cable housing, Specialized simply routed the Stumper Jumper internally to avoid the issue altogether. This is also an excellent design feature to perverse the sleek exterior design of the bike, as cables tend to be an unattractive characteristic.

With all of these incredible specs in mind, you can expect the price to be quite steep - but not nearly as much as our Santa Cruz option. You can get yourself this world-class mountain bike from Specialized for $5,000. Although this is still quite pricey, it is an incredibly great value for a bike that has such dynamic capabilities and top-notch specs.

Ibis Ripmo V2 XT ($4,400)

Picture of the Ibis Ripmo V2 XT

The Ibis Ripmo V2 XT is a crowd favorite among so many trail riders - and for good reason. This is one of the most well-rounded mountain bikes ever manufactured and it will take care of your riding needs in just about every type of condition that you put it through.

We found that this bike is going to be suitable for so many different riding styles out there, as it was designed to be dynamic for a variety of different types of terrains. The Ibis Rimpo V2 XT is a little bit heavier than some of its competitors but this is one of the key features that enable it to ride extremely fast downhill. This bike is going to destroy a lot of bikes when it comes to downhill racing, as it can reach speeds that few bikes can match.

The added weight however does not imply that it is going to slow you down much when going uphill. This mountain bike still features a carbon frame that makes it very lightweight compared to aluminum trail bikes out there. This material will not only help you with getting over tough inclines with ease but it will also give you the ability to be more agile when needing to make sharp turns and get around adverse terrain conditions.

With that being said, if a lightweight mountain bike is not the key focus of your riding style, the Ibis Rimpo V2 XT has a very similar model - the Rimpo AF. This trail bike features an aluminum frame that is going to add a bit more weight to your bike but it will still give you excellent performance for mountain biking. The aluminum frame is extremely durable, so you know that it can take a lot of wear and tear on even the most intense terrains out there. However, you should also keep in mind that the Rimpo AF alternative is also going to be less expensive than the Ibis Rimpo V2 XT.

The Ibis Rimpo V2 XT does sit at the high-end price range for trail bikes out there but the manufacturer ensured that you get what you paid for when they designed it. The premium parts in virtually every design feature and component combined with the excellent manufacturing materials make this a bike not to be underestimated or overlooked.

We also really enjoyed how balanced of a ride experience this mountain bike offers as far as ride comfort. The Ibis Rimpo V2 XT has a very well-designed geometry, which makes it an adaptable bike for so many different riders out there. This factor combined with the dynamic capabilities of the Ibis Rimpo V2 XT makes it hands down one of the best trail bikes on the market right now.

Polygon Siskiu T8 ($2,500)

Picture of the Polygon Siskiu T8

One of the most frustrating things about getting into mountain biking is not only how challenging the sport can be but also how expensive it is. Just about every high-quality mountain bike that you look at is going to be priced at $4,000 to $5,000 - or even considerably more. This is quite defeating for a lot of people out there who want a quality bike but cannot match the outrageous prices on the market.

Although it is hard to find a premium mountain bike for less than $4,000, it is not impossible. And manufacturers like Polygon are what enable so many budget riders to tackle some of the most intense trails out there. After looking at a variety of different mountain bike options from Polygon, we found that the Siskiu T8 was the one that ticked virtually every box - yet still managed to stay under $3,000.

The Polygon Siskiu T8 is hands down one of the best mountain bikes that you can buy on a budget. Polygon designed this trail bike conservatively using high-end parts but with costs in mind to ensure that it stays affordable for riders of all financial means and riding capabilities.

This is a mid-sized mountain bike and one of the most important characteristics that it has to offer is how well-rounded it is. This is a very versatile bike that you can count on for a variety of different trail conditions, which is great for riders that want an all-in-one package. The Polygon Siskiu T8 will handle mud, rocks, and gravel with ease and you can approach just about any technical trail out there with total confidence.

The dynamic capabilities of the Polygon Siskiu T8 make this simply a really fun bike that you can rely upon through thick and thin. Instead of having a focus on specifics and technical abilities, the Polygon Siskiu T8 is a trail bike that you can take with you everywhere.

This is going to be an especially attractive quality for riders out there that are just getting into more advanced mountain biking and want something well-rounded. However, we did find that due to the Polygon Siskiu T8’s slack, it did favor downhill riding more than anything. If downhill charging and racing are a focus of your riding style, the Polygon Siskiu T8 is not going to let you down.

This bike does not have a carbon frame, which is going to be a downside for a lot of riders that want to have the lightest trail bike possible. The aluminum will certainly give you exceptional durability but it is going to add weight to the bike overall, which can decrease your agility. With that being said, if you want ‘the best’ trail bike possible, the Polygon Siskiu T8 is probably not going to be it.

The performance capabilities and parts materials are not going to match up to the high-end options that we mentioned, which implies that you are not going to be able to compete with the best trail bikes that we mention. However, given that the Polygon Siskiu T8 is being sold for a mere $2,500 does make this bike much more accessible for budget shoppers, which implies that this could be one of the best options for someone who wants to shred trails without breaking the bank.

Giant Talon 29 ($530)

Picture of the Giant Talon 29

The biggest name in the world of mountain biking right now is Giant. This Taiwan-based bicycle company has been one of the leaders of the industry since it first came on the scene in the ‘70s. Over the years, Giant has pioneered a lot of the technology and innovative design that has pushed mountain biking to new horizons.

If we were to look at Giant’s line-up of impressive mountain bikes, there are so many that rank among the best of what is out on the market right now. A lot of Giant’s bikes go well into the thousands but what we really like about this manufacturer is their complete dedication to making mountain biking accessible for everyone.

Giant strives to release mountain bikes so that people of all riding levels can shred trails - with keeping costs low being an important value to them. That is why they released the Giant Talon 29. This is one of the low-best budget mountain bikes on the market and it can be purchased for just over $500, which is incredibly affordable considering that a lot of people end up spending upwards of 10k on a bike.

Before we get into this trail bike’s specs, it is important to understand this is by no means the best bike as far as performance and parts. This mountain bike deserves recognition for what it can do based on the incredibly low price that Giant is asking for it - making it the most budget-friendly mountain bike that you can get.

To start, for the price that you pay, Giant has equipped this mountain bike with a very impressive ALUXX SL aluminum frameset. Although this is an aluminum frame, it is still an excellent quality option that can be found on other trail bikes for a considerably higher asking price. On top of that, Giant utilized Shimano parts for the drivetrain, which means that you have got a reputable foundation to rely on when trail riding. The Talon 29 is built with hydraulic brakes which provide excellent stopping power - even when downhill mountain biking.

Although the Talon 29 is not going to match up to the performance of the other bikes that we mentioned, it is still a mountain bike that you can take out on trails. You will be amazed by how well a budget mountain bike like this can perform on beginner and intermediate trails. The capabilities that it can deliver make this an excellent option for someone who is just getting into mountain biking or a rider that likes to take things easy and ride for fun.

With that being said, you do not want to get overconfident when riding the Talon 29. This is a budget mountain bike and it is not designed with parts that are as reliable as a premium option, which is why you do not want to overdo it by hitting expert-level terrain. The fact that the Talon 29 is around the $500 range and available for riders from XS to XL, makes it the most accessible mountain bike on our list.

Best Bikes For Gravel Trails

A lot of riders out there prefer to have a bike that is going to be ideal for lighter terrains and not necessarily adverse mountain biking trails. For this style of bike riding, the best option that you can get is a gravel bike.

A gravel bike is essentially a road bike that is optimized for gravel trails and light-rugged terrain. Although gravel bikes cannot handle as much impact and adversity as mountain bikes, they are much better for speed. You will find that gravel bikes are normally about 10lbs lighter than mountain bikes and are much more practical for casual riding.

Gravel bikes have a major speed advantage when riding trails. The acceleration and top-speed performance is going to be a whole different type of adrenaline rush. In addition, gravel bikes are also great because they are more dynamic for different types of riding styles. Given that gravel bikes are essentially heavy-duty road bikes, you can utilize your bike for commutes and casual riding, which is something a mountain bike is not going to be ideal for.

However, if you want to get the best gravel bike possible, you need to consider your budget and your desired specs, as there are a ton of options out there that vary in these characteristics. Much like with all quality bikes, there are a lot of amazing gravel bicycles that are going to have superb features but will be rather expensive. With that being said, some budget-friendly options deliver on performance as well. Let’s dive into the best gravel bikes.

Specialized S-Works CruX ($9,000)

Picture of the Specialized S-Works CruX

When it comes to road and gravel bikes, Specialized is considered by many to be the greatest manufacturer out there. They are exceptional in just about every type of bike classification but road and gravel bikes are a specialty of theirs - with options like the S-Works CruX it is easy to understand why.

The bottom line is that the Specialized S-Works CruX is one of the best gravel bikes that money can buy. Given that Specialized has it marked at $9,000, you can expect it to have only the most sophisticated design and high-end parts down to the detail. This is the gravel bike that everyone dreams they could own but few can afford.

The Specialized S-Works CruX is designed with a jaw-dropping 725 gram (25oz) frame, which is currently the lightest gravel bike ever manufactured. This is an astonishing figure that has raised the bar for all competition within the gravel riding world and it is going to be tough to beat. Specialized already shocked the world with their previous lightweight models, as they were already so light, to begin with.

The Specialized S-Works CruX weighs in at just over 15lbs, which is going to give a serious edge to any gravel rider out there that likes to race. The lightweight of the Specialized S-Works CruX has earned it the title of being one of the best racing bikes out right now and it going to take some serious design improvements from a lot of the competition to surpass what Specialized has achieved with this gravel bike.

You will find that the Specialized S-Works CruX has excellent tire clearance and geometric design that is going to enable optimum stability and ride comfort. The bike features an S-Works FACT 11r carbon frame and carbon materials throughout, as well as titanium and alloy components - all responsible for its lightweight. In addition, you will find Shimano and S-works parts are on just about every detail of the bike.

This is a professional gravel bike - no doubt about it. Specialized designed the S-Works CruX to be a world-class showstopper of a gravel bike with the intent of pushing the sport to new horizons. If you want a technical gravel bike that will give you the best performance possible and have $9,000 to spend, there is really no better option than the S-Works CruX.

BMC URS One ($3,500)

Picture of the BMC URS One

The BMC URS One is without a doubt one of the best gravel road bikes is a world-class gravel bike. Since its release, it has been praised by gravel riders for being an incredibly dynamic and well-designed piece of machinery.

The reason why the BMC URS One has so much appeal is that it delivers on everything that a quality gravel bike should. This is a gravel bike that you can truly take on rugged terrains that are suitable for advanced riders - making it a great upgrade for someone who wants to improve their technical abilities. The build of the bike is tough and feels very reliable when you are on the trail - with a slacker head angle that enables perfect positioning for rough gravel.

The bike weighs just 20lbs, which means that you can maneuver it very easily - whether you are loading it onto your car for riding out in the countryside or hauling it around public transport as your commuter bike.

However, the BMC URS One is a bit heavier than your average road bike, but this is actually a huge plus for gravel trails. When you are riding on rugged terrain you do not want to have a bike that is too light, as you will have a lot of turbulence when cycling. BMC designed the URS One with an optimum weight balance so that you have the best of both worlds of a lightweight bike that is tough enough to withstand rough gravel.

Another key feature of the BMC URS One is how well the geometrical design of the bike is. Ride comfort is a very important characteristic of any bike that you end up going with but it is especially important for trail riders that spend a lot of time cycling. BMC is highly-praised for how well the geometry of the bike was set up, as it was designed specifically for the gravel rider.

On top of that, you have got a carbon frame, as well as SRAM parts in virtually every part of the bike from the derailleur to the cassette. All in all, there are some better gravel bikes out there that are priced considerably higher than the BMC URS One, but what makes this bike really stand out is how much you get for what you pay - phenomenal specs and performance at a very reasonable asking cost of $3,500.

Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra ($900)

Picture of the Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra

Bianchi is a legendary bicycle manufacturer from Italy and they have been producing world-class bikes for nearly 150 years - with a lifespan of that length, they have gotta be doing something right.

If you look up bikes from Bianchi, you are going to find that they have a lot of great options and many of them are going to cost thousands of dollars. These are top-of-the-line gravel and road bikes, which are among the best of any of the competition out there. However, Bianchi also has some fantastic gravel bikes that are much more reasonably priced and within the financial reach of the budget shopper.

A bike that really stood out to us in this regard is that he Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra. This gravel bike has some excellent specs and performance capabilities but it can be bought for as little as $900, which is pretty much unheard of for a bike of this caliber.

The Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra is built with high-end parts, but you should expect that, for this price range, it is not going to match up to the specs of the high-end gravel bikes that we mentioned. To reach this very attainable price range, Bianchi had to cut some corners - but you will find that this is still a high-performance machine nonetheless.

To start, the Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra is built with a solid 6061 aluminum frame and it is equipped with a carbon fiber fork. The aluminum frame used to build this bike has excellent durability for gravel riding. However, this does add on a bit to the weight of the bike - making it 22lbs. For a gravel bike, the added weight is not always such a bad characteristic, as it will enable better stability when riding on rugged terrain.

We also really liked that the Bianchi Via Nirone Allroad Tiagra was designed with Shimano shifters and derailleurs which gives it an extra sense of quality for a budget gravel bike. All in all, this bike is not going to be the best trail bike for someone that wants to have the highest level of performance. But if you are on a budget and want a quality gravel bike for trail riding, this is an excellent option to consider and it can be yours for under $1,000.

Best Bikes For Paved Trails

Trail riding comes in a lot of different forms. Some people prefer the intensity of a rough mountain biking trail or the rugged yet speedy nature of a gravel trail. However, plenty of riders out there like the smooth feel of a paved trail.

For paved trails, there is nothing that will be better suited than a road bike. Road bikes are exceptionally popular for how practical they are. If you own a road bike, you can use it for so many different things such as commuting to work, running errands, and riding on paved trails. These are not going to be suited for any kind of rugged terrain but they are perfect options for city limits and long-distance cycling.

So many metropolitan areas these days are designed to be bike-friendly and no one benefits from this more than a cyclist who uses a road bike. Given that so many cities are building infrastructure for cyclists, we are seeing more paved trails than we ever have in the past, which is encouraging a lot of people to get a road bike and in many cases, replace their car with it.

There are so many road bikes out there that range in specs. These bikes are generally the lightest options that you can find and they are very dynamic for that reason. However, the technical abilities that you have on paved trails will vary depending on the specs that you end up getting. Let’s take a closer look at the best road bikes for paved trails.

Look 785 Huez RS Disc ($6,250)

Picture of the Look 785 Huez RS Disc

Look are a French bike manufacturer and they are known for incredible and innovative design. The release of their Look 785 Huez RS Disc road bike has been a sensation within the cycling world, as it takes lightweight to a whole new level.

The frame of this road bike weighs in at a mere 990 grams, which is just under 2.2lbs. This is absolutely insane, as it is one of the lightest road bikes that you can buy.

When you get behind the Look 785 Huez RS Disc road bike, you will experience speed on a bicycle like you never have before. This bike is designed to do one thing - race. If you love riding on paved trails and want to break some speed records - look no further, as few bikes are going to be able to compete with you in the world.

The frameset of the Look 785 Huez RS Disc is nice and stiff, which is exactly what you want for a road bike designed for racing. The geometry of the bike is excellent, as Look designed this race bike to feel as comfortable as possible. This is not only an important feature for paved trails but also for long-distance cycling - giving you the ability to feel comfortable and secure on your bike after miles of riding.

With that being said, the Look 785 Huez RS Disc road bike is a phenomenal bike for paved trails and racing, but the asking price is far too expensive than most riders can afford. Look currently has this road bike marked at $6,250. This is going to be way outside of the reach of the budget cyclist. However, if you want the best road bike for paved trails, this is it.

Bianchi Sprint Ultegra Disc ($3,250)

Picture of the Bianchi Sprint Ultegra Disc

Bianchi is back with another fantastic road bike. The Bianchi Sprint Ultegra Disc is a road bike that will be perfect for paved trails. What is great about this option from Bianchi is that they have made it accessible to a lot more riders financially.

This is not the most budget-friendly road bike on the market - nor is it the most expensive either. Bianchi manufactured an excellent bike that is very well-rounded in specs and performance - using quality materials and parts.

To start, the carbon frame makes this bike very lightweight and perfect for high-speed riding. This is great news for riders that like to go fast on paved trails, as well as for people who use their road bikes for commuting. The geometry of the bike will give you a very level of comfort that will make riding on paved trails feel super smooth.

The Bianchi Spring weights in at just 20lbs, which is really ideal for a road bike of this price range. The way that Bianchi was able to pull this off is by using carbon fiber in all major components of the bike including the frameset and fork. In addition, you will find Shimano parts in the cranks, brakes, shifters, derailleur, and wheels. All in all, Bianchi did not hold back on quality parts or materials when designing the Sprint.

In addition to all of the top-notch specs, Bianchi’s Sprint looks great. The vintage/modern fusion design gives this bike an excellent aesthetic which makes it as fun to look at as it is to ride. You can certainly find some better road bikes out there for paved trails, but they will likely be entering the $5,000 range (or more).

Bianchi deserves to be in the spotlight for manufacturing a bike of this caliber at a very reasonable asking price of $3,250. If you want a quality road bike to ride on paved trails and do not want to opt for the most expensive options out there, this is a bike that you should not overlook.


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