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Key Takeaways

  • The best bikes for the beach typically have solid construction, comfortable seating and handlebars, durable materials, and convenient storage capabilities.
  • They should be easy to ride with simple gear shifters and braking systems.
  • If a beach cruiser doesn't come with accessories such as fenders, racks, and bottle cages, it is helpful to at least have braze-ons and other mounts to secure extra accessories.
  • The best cruiser bikes for the beach include the Schwinn Huron 3, Priority Coast, Brooklyn Brighton 7, Tuesday June 7 LS, and Schwinn Mikko 3.

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If you’re looking for a great bike to ride at the beach, you should take a look at the best beach cruiser bikes.

The best beach cruiser bikes include the Schwinn Huron 3, Priority Coast, Brooklyn Brighton 7, Tuesday June 7 LS, and Schwinn Mikko 3. These bikes have strong materials, solid construction, convenient storage options, and are easy and comfortable to ride.

When I go to the beach, I like to bring a bike that is comfortable and easy for me to ride. My list of best cruiser bikes for the beach includes bikes with wide padded seats, soft grips, simple brakes, and easy shifting.



What Makes A Good Beach Cruiser Bike?

One of my favorite activities when going to the beach is riding a beach cruiser along the coastline.

When I’m in a beach town like Newport Beach in California or Palm Beach in Florida, I enjoy riding through town and checking out all the shops and attractions.

I can quickly get to where I want to go while riding on a simple beach bike that is easy to maneuver.

One of the things I look for in a good beach cruiser bike is simplicity, comfort, and ample storage features.

It can get really hot during the day around the beach, so I want to be able to carry water bottles and snacks in case I'm not near any shops.

I also want to carry beach-related supplies such as sunscreen, sunglasses, and towels.

Since my swimwear typically doesn't have pockets, I also need compartments on my bike to store my phone, watch, and wallet while I take a dip.

Since I often go on trips with family and friends that are different heights, I like to bring bikes that can fit a wide range of people.

I usually opt for a beach cruiser with a low top tube so people can mount and ride the bike easier.

Beach cruisers with a large and sturdy rack is not only good for storing bags and other items, it can be great for some of my friends who want to hold on to my bike while riding a skateboard.

The weather conditions at the beach can be quite rough, so it's important to have a bike that can withstand the elements with a solid materials construction.

I don't want a beach cruiser bike that has poor construction and weak parts that are easy to break down.

Though I generally prefer carbon fiber or aluminum frames and forks, I don't mind a beach cruiser that has steel since it is still durable material that can withstand high levels of rain and heat.

If I need to throw my bike in the sand and leave it there for a while, I want to be sure my bike will function properly regardless of what I put it through.

The 5 Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

Schwinn Huron 3

Schwinn Huron 3
Schwinn Huron 3


  • Easy to pedal and stop with coaster brakes
  • Smooth gear shifting system
  • Solid construction


  • Assembly can be troublesome
  • Some reports of defective or missing parts

Schwinn is a bike brand I’ve trusted since my first days of riding a bike, so it only makes sense I put them on this list.

Schwinn has produced a wide variety of quality bike models for professional and casual riders.

Since they have consistently made finely-crafted bikes that are durable, comfortable, and well-performing, it’s no surprise their Schwinn Huron 3 is an excellent beach cruiser.

The price of the Huron 3 might be higher than many standard bikes, but it is competitively-priced among premium beach cruiser bikes with similar features and quality.

Style And Performance

Though the Schwinn Huron 3 is an adult bike, it has a simple and fun style that reminds me of my childhood biking days.

It has a solid and wide steel frame and 26 x 2.1-inch wheels that provide great traction and stability for everyday beach rides.

The coaster brakes on the rear end of the Huron 3 are sturdy and capable of quick stops near pedestrians and other bike riders.

This is a fantastic bike to take on an all-day ride near the coastline or along beach city walkways.

It’s a versatile bike that different people around the same size can ride without much effort.

The 3-speed gear shifter is easy to operate and provides enough speed options to get me through standard beach area terrain.

Comfort And Protection

The retro style of this bike allows me to ride upright in a comfortable position that lets me enjoy my surroundings.

Though my neighborhood isn’t close to a beach, I can still enjoy riding the Schwinn Huron 3 to my local market or park.

The padded seat and classic wide handlebars make the Schwinn Huron 3 comfortable for cruising at the beach or any other casual riding spots.

Though I prefer clear and sunny days at the beach, I like to be prepared for rain, puddles, and other biking obstacles.

The long vintage fenders on the front and rear of the Schwinn Huron 3 not only add to the fun beach cruiser style, they give me protection from splashes of water and mud I might roll over.

Priority Coast

Priority Coast
Priority Coast


  • Aluminum frame
  • Durable and low-maintenance carbon drive belt
  • Puncture-resistant tires


  • Higher-end pricing
  • Limited sizing options

The Coast is a special beach cruiser bike from Priority, a premium bike company that manufactures many types of bikes for casual and professional bike riders.


One of the main features that stand out on the Priority Coast beach cruiser bike is the carbon drive belt, which is designed to withstand dust, sand, moisture, and other elements.

Unlike other drive belts, you don’t have to worry about stretching, rusting, and grease with the Priority Coast drive belt.

Even though little maintenance is required for this drive belt, it is built to last long and perform well for everyday rides.

Metal bike chains can often cause problems when I go riding on the beach for hours, so it’s a welcome relief to have a dependable drive belt on the Priority Coast.

Many beach cruiser bikes come with a heavy steel frame, so I appreciate that the Priority Coast comes with a light and strong aluminum frame that is commonly seen on high-end professional bikes.

Fun And Easy To Ride

This frame makes the bike easier to maneuver and transport, which helps me conserve more of my energy for the actual ride.

The Priority Coast has an upright frame geometry that makes it easy for me to pedal and coast.

The internal Shimano gear hub gives this bike a cleaner design and intuitive functionality that helps me focus more on relaxing and enjoying my day at the beach.

The Priority Coast is a relatively easy bike to ride and stay on comfortably during casual rides at the beach or around my neighborhood.

Friends and family members can take turns riding this bike without any great difficulties.

Along with the bike chain, bike tires have also caused many problems for me in the past.

I like that the Priority Coast comes with tires that are puncture-resistant, so I can stroll along wherever I want without worrying much about a flat.

If I get stranded somewhere without a way to fix my tire, that can turn a fun day at the beach upside down.

Tuesday June 7 LS

Tuesday June 7 LS
Tuesday June 7 LS


  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to ride
  • Mounts for accessories


  • Difficult to buy
  • Rack not included

The Tuesday June 7 LS is a fitting name for a bike that is as fun and exciting as an early summer day.

The June 7 LS is a pleasant beach bike to ride and can brighten your day just by looking at it.

High-Quality Engineering

Though the June 7 LS has a steel frame that is somewhat heavy compared to other beach cruiser bikes, the overall engineering somehow makes it feel light and easy to manage.

The tough frame can stand up well to all the rough elements you may face at the beach such as wind, sand, and sprinkles of salty beach water.

Being durable and long-lasting is one thing, but it doesn’t mean much to me without comfortable features.

The saddle and grips on the Tuesday June 7 LS can support me well throughout my ride.

I feel as though I’m on vacation as opposed to grinding through a grueling marathon.

The geometry of the Tuesday June 7 LS keeps me in an upright position with my hands extended in a comfortable and enjoyable manner.

Easy To Ride

The natural riding position also helps to keep me alert and in control of my bike regardless of where I’m riding.

The LS in Tuesday June 7 LS stands for “low-step” since the bike has a low-step frame that is easy to mount and dismount.

The coaster brakes make stopping more intuitive and easy for novice riders to operate.

Riding a bike on the beach shouldn’t be a complicated or intimidating activity.

Since many child bikes use coaster brakes, most adult riders I know have no problem using them.


This beach cruiser bike has bright and beautiful color options that boost my mood just by looking at them.

Since I can sometimes bring many snacks, bottles, and other supplies with me on a beach trip, I appreciate the rack and attachment capabilities of the Tuesday June 7 LS.

There is space on the frame and the fork for me to add all the accessories I need for a full-day cruise at the beach.

Though you may have to pay more to fill out your bike with accessories like a rack and fenders, the Tuesday June 7 LS is a great value for a premium beach cruiser bike.

Schwinn Mikko 3

Schwinn Mikko 3
Schwinn Mikko 3


  • Dependable internal drivetrain
  • Beautiful vintage design with fenders
  • Rear coaster braking system


  • Reports of missing or damaged parts
  • Heavy steel frame

The Schwinn Mikko 3 beach cruiser bike is basically a smaller version of the Schwinn Huron 3.

Though this bike is designed for women, anyone that fits this bike should be able to get enjoyment out of riding it.

Style And Functionality

The Mikko 3 by has an elegant style that captures all the key aesthetics of vintage beach cruisers.

My wife enjoys riding the Schwinn Mikko 3 when we go to the beach, but I also enjoy riding it whenever she takes a break from the road.

I appreciate bikes with a beautiful design, but I also value functionality, safety, and low-hassle maintenance.

Unlike other bikes that don’t come with key cruiser bike accessories, the Schwinn Mikko 3 comes with front and rear retro-style fenders that finishes off the vintage beach cruiser look.

The fenders make the bike look more stylish and provide added protection against mud and water splashes that are sure to come my way.

The Mikko 3 has a internal drivetrain that can execute gear shifts more reliably than bikes with a derailleur.

Like the Schwinn Huron 3 beach cruiser bike, the Mikko 3 has a 3-speed gear shifter that is smooth and easy to operate.

As much as I like advanced racing bikes with complex shifting and brake levers, I appreciate the simplicity of the shifters and coaster brakes on the Mikko 3 when I want to take it easy at the beach.


The padding of the seat on the Schwinn Mikko 3 is comfy and supportive enough for smooth or bumpy rides at the beach.

I like to occasionally ride off the beaten path at the beach, so I’m in good hands with the design and support elements on this bike.

I can coast or pedal in a relaxed position with this bike’s upright frame geometry and wide handlebars.

Whether I’m at a beach, park, or parking lot, I can use the Mikko 3 to take me on a relaxed ride that safely gets me where I want to go.

Brooklyn Brighton 7

Brooklyn Brighton 7
Brooklyn Brighton 7


  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Light and durable aluminum frame
  • 7-speed gear system


  • Higher-end pricing
  • Sells out fast

The Brooklyn Brighton 7 is a fun beach cruiser bike that gives me high-end comfort and performance that lets me get the most out of my beach rides.


Though I like traditional beach cruisers with large fenders and minimal operational features, I can appreciate beach cruisers with more advanced engineering.

The 7-speed gear system on the Brighton 7 gives me better performance than standard beach cruisers.

The 6061-T6 frame on this bike is made of lightweight aluminum rather than heavy steel that is common on beach cruiser bikes.

The frame has a comfortable geometry that makes it straightforward for novice riders to get on and ride with ease.

The hardware used to assemble the Brooklyn Brighton 7 is stainless and anti-rust, so you won’t have to worry much about frequent contact with water and other beach elements.


The cushioned seat and grips make the key contact points plush and comfortable for long rides on the beach.

The plump tires add to the overall smoothness of the ride and help to manage bumpy roads and sharp turns.

If I want to pedal with my bare feet, the Brooklyn Brighton 7 still lets me ride with ease with its relatively flat pedals.

The wide Selle Royal saddle on this bike is a top-quality seat I could sit on for miles on end.


Though key beach cruiser accessories like the fenders and a basket are not included, the Brooklyn Brighton 7 has braze-ons to make adding attachments quick and easy.

When I need to bring loads of items with me, this is a great bike to streamline all my storage needs.

I like that I don’t have to think too much about where or how to attach the accessories to the bike.

I’m not the most technical person in the world, so I appreciate a bike that keeps things as simple as possible.