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Key Takeaways

  • The number one bike we recommend for girls is the Woom 4 microSHIFT Girls Bike because it is easy to ride, light, durable, and fun for girls of all ages.
  • The proper bike size for girls is determined by age and height, and once a girl reaches 48” or five years old, they should use 16-inch tires and upgrade every 1-2 years.
  • Three more of the best bikes for girls include the RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike, Guardian Ethos Girls Bike, and JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike.

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Younger kids love to go outside for adventure, including riding bikes around the neighborhood with friends. The same is true for girls too.

The best bikes for girls include the following:

  • Woom 4 microSHIFT Girls Bike
  • RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike
  • Guardian Ethos Girls Bike
  • JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike
  • Cleary Hedgehog Bike
  • Schwinn Krate EVO
  • Belsize 16-inch/20-inch Girls' Bike
  • Mongoose Exlipse Bike
  • Spawn Cycles Yogi 16
  • Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike

The idea of a bike is not just limited to men. In fact, bike riding is one of the most popular activities among girls too. To help, we have researched and tested the best bikes for girls to get started at a young age while using the best equipment to maximize safety.



10 Best Bikes For Girls

Girls have different needs and desires than their male counterparts regarding bikes, especially at a younger age. They are more likely to want a small, light, and easy-to-maneuver bike.

These types of bikes will often have a lightweight frame with wide tires and a low center of gravity. This is especially true for younger rides, and the best bike choice will vary based on the rider's age.

The best bikes for girls are usually lightweight, easy to control, and comfortable. They also have a low center of gravity that makes them easy to balance, especially for younger girls with less riding experience.

We have compiled an extensive list of the best bikes for girls, and the ten best options are reviewed below for any interested buyers.

Bike Price
Woom 4 microSHIFT Girls Bike $499.99
RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike $144.99
Guardian Ethos Girls Bike $369.00
JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike $155.99
Cleary Hedgehog Bike $234.00
Schwinn Krate Bike $649.99
Belsize 16-inch/20-inch Girls' Bike $239.95 to $339.99
Mongoose Exlipse Bike $254.45
Spawn Cycles Yogi 16 $425.00
Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike $219.99

1. Woom 4 microSHIFT Girls Bike

Woom 4 microSHIFT Girls Bike
Woom 4 microSHIFT Girls Bike

The Woom 4 micoSHIFT Girls Bike comes with many features that are perfect for young girls. It has a lightweight aluminum frame that makes it easy to carry around, and the front suspension fork makes it easy to ride over bumps and rough terrain.

It also comes with a kickstand so you can easily park your bike in any location. It has wide handlebars and seat posts, making it easier for riders of all heights to reach the ground while riding.

The pedals are adjustable so riders can customize their fit depending on their preference. The seat height is also adjustable, so riders can adjust their height as they grow taller or shorter throughout the years.

It has several features that make it stand out from the rest. This includes its sturdy construction, easy-to-use brakes, and lightweight design. It also comes equipped with 20-inch wheels and seven speeds.

They have a range of available colors, including purple and power pink. This bike is designed for children aged six years and over with a height between 45 - 50″.

2. RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike

RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike
RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike

The RoyalBaby Stargirl Kids Bike has an adjustable seat height, which makes it easier for kids to get on and off the bike. It also comes with a padded handlebar, which makes riding more comfortable for children of all sizes and ages.

This bike also allows children to ride in style with its stunning colors, glittery decals, and shiny chrome accents. It also has a lightweight frame, making it easy for kids to carry around.

There are also many variations available, including five sizes between 12-inches and 20-inches and models with and without training wheels. The larger model removes the training wheels and comes with a kickstand instead.

The bike also has dual brakes to make it easier to stop on uneven surfaces. The extra wide tires are durable for a youth bike and provide solid traction and stopping distances for young girl bike riders.

This is a good starter bike to get for a young child to allow them to grow with the bike. It’s adjustable, making it useful for multiple years until they reach a point where an adult bike is needed.

3. Guardian Ethos Girls Bike

Guardian Ethos Girls Bike
Guardian Ethos Girls Bike

The Guardian Ethos Girls Bike is an affordable, sturdy and versatile bike that is perfect for beginners looking for a bike that won't break the bank. This bike is suitable for girls 5-8 years old.

The frame is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and durable. The brakes on this bike are also reliable, as they use a patented lever hand brake for quick stopping. The gears are easy to use, and the wheels offer good traction on different surfaces.

This bike has many features that make it easy to ride, such as puncture-resistant tires, adjustable handlebars, water bottle mounts, and reflective tires for night riding. It also has 20-inch tires for riders 43” – 51” tall.

However, there are multiple frame options and upgrades available. It’s possible to get a slightly bigger bike for the child, so they can ride it as they get older before the time to upgrade to an adult bike comes.

Lastly, parents don’t need to worry too much about assembly. It comes 99% assembled, so after about 10 minutes, it’s ready for road use.

4. JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike

JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike
JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike

The JOYSTAR Angel Girls Bike is a great option for girls looking for a sturdy bike that is designed to last. We consider this to be one of the best overall bikes for girls. It is a great bike for beginner riders.

It has a steel frame with a sturdy fork, which makes it durable and lightweight. It’s quite durable for a youth bike and recommended for girls aged 3-5 years old. The bike comes in multiple sizes, so finding the perfect fit is easy.

The bike also comes with cool features like the coaster brake, which makes braking easier and safer by reducing the amount of force needed to stop the bike when it is in motion. The stable training wheels help young riders get more experience.

It also has alloy wheels that are lightweight but durable, so they won't get damaged easily, even if they're ridden over gravel or rough terrain frequently. The rubber tires have outstanding grip and traction too.

The soft handlebar grips are anti-slip and wear-resistant, so it’s easy for girls to handle the bike comfortably. This is one of the key safety features to note with this bike.

5. Cleary Hedgehog Bike

Cleary Hedgehog Bike
Cleary Hedgehog Bike

The Cleary Hedgehog Bike is one of the best overall youth bikes for girls. It offers many great features, making it an excellent choice for kids and adults alike.

It's easy to assemble, lightweight, and durable, with a sturdy frame that allows for more maneuverability and flexibility. The bike is designed specifically for riding off-road, but it also can ride on the pavement with its front suspension.

The Cleary Hedgehog Bike also comes in four colors and different sizing options too. It can be used for riding around on flat ground or on some hills and going on adventures in the woods or around town.

This is a compact bike, and it’s best suited for girls around the age of 4-5. But there are upgrade options for older girls too, and this model comes with 16-inch durable wheels to take on adventures.

The handlebars are built with Cleary 19mm Grips for better comfort. The bike also has a vegan leather saddle with an adjustable alloy seat post. The Punk Rock Pink color scheme is also the top seller for girls.

6. Schwinn Krate EVO Bike

Schwinn Krate EVO Bike
Schwinn Krate EVO Bike

The Schwinn Krate EVO is an excellent option for those looking for an entry-level bike with many features. It has a durable steel frame, front suspension, and adjustable seat height in different sizes.

This bike has many features to help keep your child safe on the road. It has a lightweight SmartStart frame, front, and rear coaster brakes, front and rear wheel suspension, and the ability to fold to store it easily when not in use.

The single-speed drivetrain is also ideal for youth girls to learn how to ride a bike well before worrying about different gears. This bike is a 20-inch model recommended for girls aged 5-10.

The vinyl Stingray saddle can also be adjusted based on the rider’s preference. The bike design also is available with 16-inch wheels for younger riders with less biking or cycling experience.

With its lightweight frame, this bike is easy to carry around. This bike also has an adjustable stem that allows riders to find their perfect riding position, and it has many cool features that make it an excellent choice for girls

7. Belsize 16-inch/20-inch Girls' Bike

Belsize 16-inch/20-inch Girls' Bike
Belsize 16-inch/20-inch Girls' Bike

The Belsize Girls’ Bike has an aluminum frame with a steel fork and handles that are covered in rubber grips. The bike also comes with front and rear fenders, as well as an adjustable seat post and handlebar height.

This is one of the best all-around youth bikes on the market today. It has an adjustable seat height, so you can make sure your child is comfortable while they learn how to ride.

This bike is a great option for girls looking for a bike to help them develop their skills. It is designed for girls who are just learning how to ride and has one single gear, making it easier to start riding at a young age.

It’s available as a 16-inch or 20-inch bike, depending on the height and age of the rider. There are dual handbrakes, making it much safer for kids to stop at shorter distances.

The Kenda tires are some of the best on any youth bike, providing excellent traction and puncture resistance. This is also an extremely easy bike to assemble.

8. Mongoose Exlipse Bike

Mongoose Exlipse Bike
Mongoose Exlipse Bike

The Mongoose Exlipse Bike is designed with the girls in mind. It has a lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around, hand-built wheels that make riding more comfortable, and an overall design that makes it easy to get on and off of.

This bike does not come with bells and whistles, often found on more expensive models, but it offers an affordable price point that will not break the bank compared to other models in their range.

The design includes 21 speeds with a Shimano rear derailleur for off-road riding.

Its low center of gravity and easy steering make it easy to handle and maneuver through tight trails or even on roads. It also has a lightweight, durable steel frame, making this bike ideal for girls looking for a reliable ride.

It’s also equipped with 24-inch tires and front and rear linear-pull brakes. This is an impressive bike for girls with no experience on mountain bikes and who want to learn and become more skilled.

9. Spawn Cycles Yogi 16

Spawn Cycles Yogi 16
Spawn Cycles Yogi 16

The Spawn Cycles Yogi 16 bike is great for younger girls. It has a wide range of features that make it an ideal choice for children ages 3-5.

We consider this to be one of the best overall youth bikes for younger girls. The 16-inch frame makes it easy to get on and off and has a low center of gravity, which means balance and control are easier for riders than most other models.

The bike’s design is also unique in that it has an integrated saddle bag that can hold small items for quick access without having to take off your backpack or panniers when you need to grab something on the go.

It's extremely lightweight, weighing only 14 pounds, and provides some off-road riding capabilities. The aluminum alloy frame is versatile, and the bike is also equipped with front and rear Tektro mini v-brakes and the same for brake levers.

Spawn Cycles also offers larger models for older girls who want to try this bike too. It’s the perfect beginner option with so much to offer.

10. Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike

Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike
Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike

The Schwinn Elm Girls' Bike is one of the best overall youth bikes for girls. It comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, a wide range of sizes to fit each child and a kickstand or training wheels for stability.

The bike also offers an easy-to-use coaster brake system and quick-release seat post clamp, making it easy to adjust the height quickly while on the go.

It has a unique design that includes an adjustable handlebar, seat height, and adjustable stem length. This bike is available with 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch wheels, depending on the age and height of the rider.

It comes with hand brakes and a plastic basket at the front for style and storage. The Schwinn SmartStart steel frame is also extremely lightweight and durable, with strong weather and waterproof resistance.

We recommend girls aged 5 and up use 18-inch wheels, and any rider above age 10 use 20 or 24-inch wheels. This bike is also equipped with a BMX handlebar style and adjustable Seatpost, so it's the perfect beginner option.

What’s The Best Size Bike For Girls?

Bikes come in different sizes, but the most popular sizes are 12 inches and 16 inches. This varies based on height and age, though.

The 16-inch size is generally easier for people who are shorter than 5 feet tall to handle but still provides enough space for taller people to sit comfortably on the seat without straining their heads or back too much.

When buying a bike, you must consider your child's height and the type of bike they will use most often. Below is an easy-to-understand chart showing which bike size is best for each girl.

Girl's Age Bike Wheel Size Height
2-4 12-inch 36-40 In
3-5 14-inch 40-46 In
5-8 16-inch 48-52 In
6-10 20-inch 52-56 In
8-12 + 24-inch & 26-inch 56+ In

Best Bike Type By Age For Girls

The best bike type for girls by age can vary depending on your height, weight, and riding style.

As you age, you should also consider the bike's safety features and comfort. The following list of some of the popular bicycle brands experts has recommended.

Single-Speed Bikes

Single-speed bikes are the best option for beginners because they are easier to control and maneuver than other types of bikes.

They don't require gears, making them more convenient when you're learning how to ride, and they have fewer moving parts that could break down or get stuck in the wrong gear.

For these reasons, many bikes for girls under ten years old will not have gears. Once a rider gets more experience, they can upgrade to a multi-gear bike like a mountain bike.

Balance Bikes

Depending on the girl's age, balance bikes are an option. However, this is for riders extremely young because they don’t have pedals and the rider moves using their feet on the ground.

This is only used by children up to 3 years old, and after that, they can upgrade to something bigger like a single-speed bike.

Cruiser Bikes

A cruiser bike is a type of bicycle with a large wheel at the front, which has been designed to be ridden in an upright position with no hands on the handlebars.

There are many reasons why a cruiser is the best bike type for girls. For starters, it’s easy to maneuver and control, so it’s perfect for beginners and young riders.

It also has a low center of gravity, making it easier to balance. It’s also less likely to tip over or fall when learning new skills such as tricks or jumps.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are designed for riding on difficult terrain. They have a suspension system that absorbs shocks and makes the ride more comfortable. They are also lightweight, making them easier to carry.

Youth mountain bikes are a good option for girls to ride. Because they are lighter and more comfortable than adult mountain bikes, they can be easily carried around without too much strain on their bodies.

What To Look For In The Best Bikes For Girls

When it comes to finding the best bike for girls, there are a few things that you should look out for. We have listed some of the key factors all parents should keep in mind when finding a bike for their girls.

Bike Size

The size of the bike is important because it determines how big your child can grow before they outgrow their bike.

If you buy a smaller bike for your child, you may have to upgrade them every year or two as they grow into an adult-sized bike that you cannot fit on anymore.

This is why we recommend waiting to upgrade to an adult-sized bike until a girl reaches 16 years old. Smaller bikes can be adjusted when needed.

Wheel Size

The bike’s wheel size is important because it affects how comfortable the bike is to ride. The larger the wheel size, the easier it is to maneuver in tight spaces.

For example, a 20-inch wheel is good for smaller riders and those who like to navigate crowded places like city streets or sidewalks. Once girls get a bit taller, they can think about upgrading to even larger wheels.


The adjustability of a bike is critical, especially for girls, because it can get expensive to replace their bike every year or two. Instead, buying bikes with adjustable seats and frames can make a bike last longer.

This allows the rider to adjust the seat height so that even though they got taller, the bike still supports them with ease. This will save money by upgrading bikes less frequently.

Safety Features

Next, parents need to consider safety features like brakes, training wheels, and more for the best bikes for girls. This will make it easier for girls to learn how to ride a bike without injury.

This also includes necessary accessories like helmets or knee/elbow pads if they fall off their bikes a lot. However, a bike for a new rider with training wheels will help a lot while they get the hang of bike riding.

Frame Style

One of the most important things to consider when buying a youth bike for a child is the frame's weight and how it will affect their riding experience.

The models mentioned in this guide are light enough to make riding easy while still being durable enough to last through many years of use.

One example is a step-through frame on smaller single-speed bikes for young girls. This is ideal for beginners, too, because it’s easy to get on the bike and ride without much of an issue.

What Age Should Girls Upgrade To An Adult-Sized Bike?

This question is often asked by parents who are looking to help their daughters learn how to ride a bike. However, the answer is not as simple as it sounds.

It’s less about the age and more about the rider's size. Typically, around age 13-16, girls begin to grow and get taller, so the time comes for them to upgrade their bikes to something larger.

For example, riders are recommended to upgrade their bike to one with a wheel size of at least 26-inches when they reach about 5 feet tall. For most girls, this happens by the age of 13-16.

However, less experienced riders can also start briefly by using a youth bike to get familiar with how to ride before making this upgrade.