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Key Takeaways

  • The best bike for city riding is the Cannondale Bad Boy 3 because of the lightweight frame with a carbon fork and padded, adjustable Seatpost for improved comfort.
  • The best bike type for city riding is a hybrid bike because they combine the best features of road bikes and mountain bikes to be best suited for commuting.
  • Weight matters for bike riders with city riding because it’s easier to handle a lighter bike on daily commutes.

There is a bike for everything, including city riding and daily commuting. Finding the best bike will improve durability, comfort, and performance.

These are the best bikes for city riding:

  • Cannondale Bad Boy 3
  • Specialized Sirrus 2.0
  • Vilano Hybrid Urban Retro Bike
  • Pure Cycles Urban Bike
  • Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike
  • AVASTA Single-Speed Bike
  • Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed
  • DiamondBack DIVISION 2 Bike
  • Santa Cruz Stigmata
  • Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike

For city riding, the best bikes have a lightweight frame, a comfortable saddle, and brakes that stop the bike quickly. We have tested and listed only the best ones worth considering in this guide to ensure maximum safety and performance for all riders.



10 Best Bikes For City Riding (Commuting)

Nowadays, people are looking for more ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. One way is to use a bike as a primary means of transportation.

The best bikes for city riding and commuting should be lightweight with a comfortable and upright position. This allows for easy maneuvering, while the durable design provides long-lasting and consistent usage.

When it comes to city riding, a good bike is essential. A bike that is good enough for commuting may not be ideal for mountain biking or racing.

Bikes are made in different styles and sizes, and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. We'll discuss the different types of bikes below and some of their uses.

We also recommend setting a budget because the price difference in potential city riding bikes ranges quite a bit. Below are what we consider to be the ten best bikes for commuting.

Bike Price
Cannondale Bad Boy 3 $1,275.00
Specialized Sirrus 2.0 $775.00
Vilano Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter Bike $149.00
Pure Cycles Urban Commuter Bike $689.99
Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike $249.99
AVASTA Single-Speed Bike $289.99
Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed $599.99
DiamondBack DIVISION 2 Commuter Bike $595.99
Santa Cruz Stigmata $4,599.00
Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike $362.00

1. Cannondale Bad Boy 3

Cannondale Bad Boy 3
Cannondale Bad Boy 3

The Cannondale Bad Boy 3 is an excellent bike for city riding and commuting. It has a lightweight frame with a carbon fork, which makes it fast and agile. The bike boasts of the Shimano 16 components, which are durable and reliable.

The Bad Boy 3 is one of the most affordable bikes in this high-end category but still ranks on the expensive side. Because of this, we recommend this bike for more experienced riders.

This bike has many features, like the Shimano drivetrain and disc brakes, that make it easy to use. It also has an aluminum frame with an alloy fork, so it's light but still able to take on the bumps in our commute or ride around town.

It also has front and rear cargo racks to carry our gear or groceries with us on the commute. The frame size is also small enough for smaller riders so that anyone can hop on board this bike without any issues.

It also has a SmartForm C2 Alloy frame and 6061 double-butted handlebars. Both can be adjusted along with the seat post to accommodate various rider heights to maximize riding comfort for potential users.

2. Specialized Sirrus 2.0

Specialized Sirrus 2.0
Specialized Sirrus 2.0

The Specialized Sirrus 2.0 is a versatile bike that can be used for commuting in the city to and from work every day. Its durability and comfort rank near the top, and it’s hard to find a better option.

It has a lightweight aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork and wheels, giving it speed while remaining nimble in tight spaces.

This bike also has an adjustable stem that allows riders to find their ideal fit, along with quick-release wheels that make it easy to take this bike on trips or over obstacles in our daily commute.

This bike is also available in six different sizes and three different color schemes.

The price point makes this bike very affordable for most riders who are looking for their first hybrid or commuter bike. It's one of the best-priced bikes in its category, with features that make it worth every penny.

It also comes with an integrated front disk brake that provides reliable stopping power in wet conditions or during a downhill descent when we need to slow down quickly without skidding out of control on loose surfaces like sand or gravel roads.

3. Vilano Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter Bike

Vilano Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter Bike
Vilano Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter Bike

The Vilano Hybrid Urban Retro Commuter Bike is an excellent choice for city riders who want to enjoy the benefits of both road bikes and mountain bikes.

This bike has 29-inch 700c wheels, which make it perfect for speed on the road but also provide a more comfortable ride than a traditional road bike. It also has an aluminum frame, which makes it strong and lightweight.

The seat is padded with gel foam padding, making this one of the most comfortable commuter bikes on the market today. This bike also has an alloy linear-pull brake, which makes it easier to stop the bike when needed.

This bike is a great choice for urban riding and commuting. It may not be the flashiest option, but it rides with excellent comfort and balance, so any entry-level bike rider or commuter can handle it well.

This bike can be used for commuting and recreational riding because of its wide range of gears. This includes seven speeds, and the bike is recommended for riders taller than 5’4” because of the raised seat position and longer frame.

4. Pure Cycles Urban Commuter Bike

Pure Cycles Urban Commuter Bike
Pure Cycles Urban Commuter Bike

The Pure Cycles Urban Commuter Bike is made of steel and aluminum. The high-tensile steel frame is lightweight but sturdy, and riders can expect it to hold up extremely well for a long time too.

The Shimano drivetrain makes it easy to pedal up hills or when we need to stop at traffic lights. The wheels are made of high-quality sealed bearings that make it easy to roll smoothly over rough terrains like gravel roads or cobblestone streets.

It has many features that make it great for city riding and commuting, like the quick-release seat post, the integrated kickstand, the front rack, and more.

It’s one of the best bikes for city-dwelling commuters, and it can also be used as an alternative for people who are looking for a bike that is easy to transport. The bike also comes in different sizes, so we can choose the size that suits our height and riding style.

It’s built with a lightweight aluminum frame and carbon fork, which makes it easy to carry around when we need to move it from one place to another. There’s also the option to choose from three different color schemes too.

5. Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike

The Barron Comfort Hybrid Bike is great for commuting and city riding. It is a comfortable hybrid bike that can be used by commuters, bikers, and fitness enthusiasts.

The bike's frame is made from high-quality aluminum alloy with a sleek design. The frame also has an integrated front fork suspension system that provides smooth ride quality.

The wheels are made from tough yet lightweight aluminum alloy with 26" diameter tires that offer superior ride quality and rolling resistance. The bike comes with puncture-resistant tires that are up to 3 times stronger than the standard bicycle tires.

The hybrid frame allows riders to pedal the bikes forward or backward without having to worry about falling over due to the more upright position of this model.

The bike features a Shimano 21-speed drivetrain with a wide range of gearing options for riders of all abilities and styles of riding. The derailleur system offers smooth gear changes on the fly while providing more than enough gear range to cover most situations on the road or trail.

The bike's saddle height can be adjusted to fit riders of different heights, while the seat post can be raised or lowered to accommodate different leg lengths. The bike also comes with puncture-resistant tires, which are perfect for pothole-filled city streets.

6. AVASTA Single-Speed Bike

AVASTA Single-Speed Bike
AVASTA Single-Speed Bike

The AVASTA Single-Speed Bike is a reliable city riding and commuting bike. It can be used for long-distance travel, short commutes, and recreational rides.

This bike also has a longer wheelbase that provides stability. This helps create a low center of gravity, making it easy to balance on the bike because of the robust 1020 Hi Tensile frame and fork.

The frame comprises double-butted aluminum alloy with an internal H2O bottle cage mount. The bike also has a kickstand with an adjustable height setting for various terrains or accommodating riders of different heights.

This is a single-speed commuter bike, so it rides steadily with no need to change gears. This makes it easier for riders to pedal in different gears depending on their speed preference and terrain conditions.

It’s also equipped with a pair of 700 x 25C tires with excellent puncture resistance. They also have a narrow design, so they pick up speed well without sacrificing too much balance.

This bike is widely available in six color schemes and four sizes. All riders can expect excellent bike control, smooth riding, and a lightweight feel, with this bike only weighing in at 23.6 pounds.

7. Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed

Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed
Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford 8 Speed

The Brooklyn Bicycle Co Bedford bike is great for commuters who commute within the city limits. The frame is made from 7005 aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. It also has a carbon fork to reduce vibrations and make riding more comfortable.

The tires are puncture-resistant, so we can ride without worrying about getting flats while commuting on our bikes. It has features such as a steel frame, 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, and low rolling resistance tires that make it perfect for commuting and city riding.

This bike is perfect for commuting to work or school or just getting around town on our own terms.

It has an aluminum frame with a steel fork that makes it durable yet lightweight, while its low rolling resistance tires make it easy to ride on all surfaces, including gravel or dirt.

The frame uses a combination of aluminum, steel, and carbon fiber to keep weight low while providing stability and strength.

The frame also includes an integrated head tube to provide greater rigidity in the front end without adding much weight or sacrificing comfort or performance.

The seat post is made from aluminum with a composite resin coating for increased durability without compromising on comfort or performance, as some other materials can do. Riders can expect amazing traction when riding this bike.

8. DiamondBack DIVISION 2 Commuter Bike

DiamondBack DIVISION 2 Commuter Bike
DiamondBack DIVISION 2 Commuter Bike

The Diamondback Division 2 Commuter Bike is one of the best city riding and commuting bikes we can find in the market. It is made of aluminum, making it lightweight and durable for everyday use.

This bike has a front basket that is perfect for carrying groceries or other items to work or school. The design also includes 9 speeds with durable tires, reflectors, fender mounts, and some durable racks for cargo.

This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame, an alloy fork, and Shimano Alivio and Acera components, which are some of the best parts on the market.

It also has several other features, such as disc brakes and suspension forks, that make riding this bike both safe and comfortable.

For example, the Shimano Acera M3100 9-Speed Trigger Shifter is one of the most efficient designs. This includes a Shimano Alivio M3100-SGS Shadow rear derailleur and aluminum DDM-5 rims.

This bike comes in various sizes, with a wide range of features that make it an all-around good commuter bike. The wheels are also made from aluminum, which makes it lighter than most other bikes on the market.

9. Santa Cruz Stigmata

Santa Cruz Stigmata
Santa Cruz Stigmata

The Santa Cruz Stigmata is a bike with good overall performance for city riding and commuting. It is made of lightweight aluminum and has an impressive range of gears that make it easy to ride over varied terrain.

This bike has a full Shimano drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and mounts for fenders and racks. It has a steel frame, hydraulic disc brakes, and 700c wheels.

The frame is also made with 6061 aluminum, making it durable and strong. The wheels also have some great features, like the quick-release hubs, which make it easier to get the bike on and off the car when we need to transport it.

Santa Cruz also offers a lifetime warranty on all bikes, including the Stigmata. This is why we love this bike and think it is perfect for riders who are not big fans of mountain biking or long-distance rides.

The 12mm front axle and mount brakes also help this bike perform with such precision. These are more advanced features, which is why this bike's price tag is steep.

10. Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike

The Pendleton Somerby Hybrid Bike is a commuter bike that will make our rides in the city enjoyable. It is a hybrid bike with many features to make it easier to ride in traffic.

This bike is designed to reduce wind resistance and ride with excellent aerodynamics, which will help us save time in our commute or during our everyday rides. It has an aluminum frame with a front suspension to provide a smooth ride.

The bike also has a rear suspension to provide comfort on long rides. The design includes Alloy V-brakes and a step-through aluminum frame, which is extremely versatile and lightweight.

The bike has durable Shimano drivetrain components that should last for years without needing any maintenance or replacement parts. The bike also comes with a Shimano Claris derailleur which makes shifting gears easy and efficient.

The bike also includes 700c alloy double wall wheels, which make it easier to maneuver on sidewalks, curbs, and other obstacles while riding our favorite route in the city or commuting to work on time every day.

The bike has a classic design with an ergonomic shape that makes it comfortable to ride over long distances. It is comfortable, lightweight, and has a low-maintenance design.

What Makes A Bike Good For City Riding And Commuting?

As mentioned, the best bikes for commuting are those that are light, comfortable, and durable. But there are plenty of other features worth considering before making a final purchase.

Seat Height And Adjustability

Seat height and adjustability are two critical factors to keep in mind when searching for the best city-riding and commuting bike. The seat height should be adjustable for different riders to accommodate their needs.

The bike's adjustability is also important because it helps the rider get a perfect fit on the bike without any hassle. Daily commutes can be miserable without proper comfort.

For example, a tall rider will find it difficult to reach the handlebars, while a shorter rider may need help to reach the ground. The adjustable seat height helps riders of all heights find their most comfortable riding position.

Frame Material

The best material for bike frames is a topic that has been debated, especially for city riding and commuting bikes. Aluminum is lightweight and durable, but Chromoly steel is best for bike frames.

It’s heavy and durable, which are important qualities for commuting and city riding. It’s also much more flexible, and it’s known to provide the most forgiveness and comfort for riders.

The reason many bikes are made with aluminum frames is because of cost. This is why spending more money typically results in a steel or titanium frame instead.

Brake System

The brake system on a bike is important for the rider's safety. It is also important for the rider to understand the braking system before deciding whether it would work best for city riding and commuting.

This includes the option of disc brakes or rim brakes. The style of brakes is also noteworthy, and we prefer mechanical disc brakes because they tend to provide the best consistency and shortest stopping distances.

Tire Size

If we are going to be riding in the city, we want to make sure that our bike has the right size tires so that we can ride smoothly. It’s also important to ensure we are comfortable when sizing the bike.

Typically, the ideal tire size will range between 27 and 29 inches, depending on the exact bike type and size. This provides enough puncture resistance without causing too much discomfort on the road while commuting.

Handlebar Style

Lastly, consider the handlebar style on a bike before choosing it as a city riding or commuting bike option. We prefer lower handlebar angles to allow for a forward-leaning position with maximum comfort.

This provides the most comfort and support to reach proper speeds for daily commutes. It’s also easier to maneuver through busy roads in the city this way.

Does Bike Weight Matter For City Riding?

As a city rider, the weight of a bike isn’t the first thing that comes to mind because speed isn’t the primary reason for riding. However, it still does play a factor in commuting.

Weight affects the power required for cycling. The heavier the bike, the more power required and the less efficient riding becomes.

This can be especially difficult in city traffic, where stopping and starting quickly is needed to avoid collisions with cars or other cyclists. For beginner riders, the difference likely won’t matter much.

But overall, the weight of a bike is an important factor when it comes to city riding. The lighter the bike, the easier it is for us to move around without back problems.

Bikes that are too heavy can be more difficult to maneuver in the city, especially if we are not pro cyclists. It's best to find a balance between weight and maneuverability.

Which Type Of Bikes Are Good For City Riding?

A bike is a convenient and inexpensive way to travel in the city. However, not every bike is suitable for riding on city streets. This is because different bikes are designed for different purposes.

Bicycles are a great way to get around the city. They're cheap, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. But there are some things we should keep in mind before we buy a bike.

Some of the best bikes to use include hybrid bikes, road bikes, electric bikes, and touring bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes are versatile and considered one of the best bikes to use for city riding and commuting. They have a variety of uses. They can be used for commuting, fitness, touring, or just general riding around town.

This bike type mixes the characteristics of a road bike and a mountain bike. This means the bike can provide the smooth-riding feel of a road bike with the durability and shock absorption of a mountain bike.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are good for city riding because they are light and efficient in traffic - they can get up hills more easily than other types of bicycles.

They also have a specific frame geometry, which can be pushed less to keep moving forward, even when stopped at intersections or red lights. This makes it easier to control the bike's speed by using the rear brake while pedaling forward.

A road bike is efficient, fast, and easy to maneuver. It’s also comfortable enough to be used all day long without pain or discomfort. In addition, it’s affordable for anyone who can ride a bicycle.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have become popular in recent years because they have many advantages over traditional bikes. For starters, they have battery power to save energy while riding and commuting.

However, they tend to be more expensive, and battery power is not strong for long commutes. We recommend this option if there is less interest in getting exercise or too tired while riding.

Touring Bikes

A touring bike is good for city riding because it's easy to maneuver in tight spaces, such as between cars or through narrow passages. It also has a low center of gravity, making it easier to balance on the bike even when carrying a bag with us.