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Are you a female college student looking for a bike you can use for commuting to school? We’ve compiled a list of the best bikes for female college students.

Which is the best bike for female college students? Which bike should female college students buy for commuting to school and moving around campus? There are numerous options for someone looking for bikes for female college students.

The best bikes for female college students are:

  • Schwinn Discover Hybrid
  • Raleigh Cadent 1
  • Specialized Roll
  • Civia Lowry Step-Thru 7
  • Sixthreezero EVRYjourney
  • Liv Alight 3
  • Adventon Pace 350 e-bike

This guide will take a closer look at the best bikes for female college students. We will also share some key tips to consider when it comes to buying bikes for female college students. So, if you are a female college student who needs a bike you can use for commuting to school and moving around campus, then this article should help you select the right one.

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Getting to class on time can be a challenge for most female college students, especially if you don’t have a car. You will have to rely on taxis every morning, which can be costly. At the same time, public means of transportation are not always reliable. Fortunately, a bike can help to address these issues.

Biking can provide an affordable, healthier, eco-friendly, and convenient means of getting to and around campus. The only thing you will worry about with a bike is its maintenance, which will only cost you a few dollars. Besides, it’s highly convenient. You will always get to classes on time, even when there are severe traffic snarl-ups.

The Top 7 Best Bikes for Female College Students

As noted above, a bike provides an affordable, fun, and convenient means of getting to and around campus. However, with so many different bikes on the market, choosing the best bike for a female college student can prove to be an overwhelming process.

The good news is that we’ve simplified things for you. We’ve scoured the internet and identified the best bikes for college students. If you are looking for an affordable, versatile, easy-to-maintain, and comfortable bike for getting to and around campus, here are the best options to explore.

Schwinn Discover Hybrid

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid is undoubtedly one of the best bikes for female college students. It comes with a step-through frame, making it much easier for women to ride. It comes with an affordable price tag, making it a great option for someone looking for a budget-friendly bike for commuting to campus and moving around. And thanks to its adjustability, this bike can be used by female riders as short as 5’2.

Schwinn has outfitted this bike with a back sweep handlebar and a suspension fork, which work together to deliver a comfortable and smooth ride. So, even if you live quite a considerable distance from your campus or your classes are spread across different places on campus, you will not experience any tiredness or discomfort moving around with this bike.

Considering that the Schwinn Discover Hybrid is more of a commuter bike, it comes outfitted with all the features and comforts that you will find in other similar bikes. For instance, it features wide, front and rear fenders, which help to keep off dirt, mud and water splashes. It also comes with a rear carrier, which you can use to haul a bag.

This bike has also been provisioned with a suspension seat post, ergonomic grips as well as a Schwinn hybrid post, and an upright riding position, which help to enhance its comfort further.

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid also features rear and front alloy linear-pull brakes. These pull brakes help to deliver precise and powerful stopping power so that you can ride safely and confidently in different on and off-campus.

Weighing approximately 44lbs, this bike is not too heavy. Hence, transporting it shouldn’t be a problem for most people. Also, it features a stylish design, meaning you will always get admiring looks and compliments wherever you go.

Overall, the Schwinn Discover Hybrid will be a great bike for female college students. It’s easy to use, comfortable to ride and portable. So, if you are in the market for a bike that you can use to get to and around campus, then you should get yourself the Schwinn Discover Hybrid.

Specialized Roll

Specialized has been making bicycles for more than 30 years. Hence, they have the expertise, experience, skills, and resources needed to create high-quality bikes. And the Specialized Roll is no exception. While it’s marketed as an entry-level bike, this doesn’t mean this bike is of poor quality. Every component and feature on this bike has been fine-tuned for optimal performance and quality.

What makes the Specialized Roll one of the best bikes for female college students is its super comfortable ride. From the upright sitting position to the ergonomic grips, the ground control geometry to its body geometry saddle, everything in this bike has been designed for optimal comfort.

It features a leaned-back seat tube, which makes it easy to put a foot on the ground and stop. Also, it comes with a low step-through frame, making it easy to mount and dismount, regardless of your mobility or riding capability.

The bike’s saddle is supremely comfortable. It also features a wide back, which helps to provide optimal support to your sit bones. Furthermore, the saddle features a cutout in its middle, designed to redistribute pressure and ease the strain.

Specialized has further provisioned the Roll with a set of rim brakes. Besides delivering solid stopping power, these rim brakes also help to reduce the bike’s weight and cost. This bike for female college students also features wide tires, which will provide a stable, smooth, and comfortable ride on both paved surfaces and gravel.

The Specialized Roll also features fender and rack mounts, meaning you can easily convert this bike into your daily commuter. At the same time, its BMX-style handlebars provide adequate room to mount a phone holder, bell, and lighter.

The Specialized Roll is a high-quality and stylish bike. It’s fun and comfortable to ride. Also, it comes at an affordable price tag. Simply put, we can’t recommend the Specialized Roll enough for female college students.

Raleigh Cadent 1 Step Thru

If you are looking for a bike that can double up as a school commuter bike and fitness bike, then the Raleigh Cadent 1 is just what you need. It’s designed for female riders who also want to enhance their overall fitness levels.

Unlike some of the other bikes for female college students on the market, you don’t have the switch out this bike’s saddle. It’s comfortable enough for daily commuting riders. And in case you decide to take your bike for casual off-road rides over the weekend, this saddle is also comfortable to handle the rigors of off-roading terrains.

Raleigh has further outfitted the Cadent 1 with a vibration-absorbing steel fork. This key component enables this bike to deliver an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride, even when you are riding on rough surfaces.

The Raleigh Cadent 1 also comes with a set of Tektro rim brakes, which deliver fast and precise stopping power. And unlike the case with other rim brakes, these aren’t jerky. Simply put, the stopping will be smooth.

Raleigh has also equipped this bike with a flat handlebar. This handlebar helps to maintain a comfortable posture while riding. Also, it provides adequate stability needed for maneuvering the bike.

The Cadent 1 has also been outfitted with 35c tires, which deliver adequate grip and traction. Also, these wide tires roll over bumps and potholes easily, thus helping to provide a smoother and stable ride.

If you take a closer look at this bike, you will also notice that its seat is adjustable. Hence, you can move it up or down, depending on your height or riding position. And, adjusting this seat is quick and easy.

According to Raleigh, the Cadent 1 will provide you with a fast, comfortable and stable ride. It can also help you to become fit, especially with your regular riding. If you are in the market for a versatile bike that you can be using for commuting to campus, casual weekend rides and fitness rides, then you don’t have to go any further. The Raleigh Cadent 1 will be an ideal choice.

Aventon Pace 350 E-Bike

If your college campus is located in a hilly or hot area, then you should get yourself an e-bike. It will help you to get to your classes on time, without sweating too much. However, there are numerous bikes which fall under this category.

Unfortunately, the majority are too expensive, meaning they are out of reach for most college students. And the Adventon Pace 350 was designed to bridge this gap. It’s one of the most affordable e-bikes for female college students.

Adventon has provisioned the Pace 350 Tektro mechanical disc brakes. These disc brakes come with a motor shut-off feature. So, whenever you apply the brakes, you won’t be shutting off the motor and interfering with the bike's performance. As you can see, it’s quite a handy feature for an e-bike.

The Adventon Pace 350 also comes with an easy-to-read LCD screen. This LCD screen will display key metrics such as the bike’s remaining battery life, assist mode, current speed, as well as trip distance. Hence, it makes it easy and convenient to monitor various aspects of the bike. For instance, it will show you how far or close you are to campus and adjust your pedalling accordingly.

Its 350-watt rear-drive motor can deliver speeds of up to 20mph. At the same time, its integrated battery will deliver approximately 30 miles per single charge. Hence, you may need to charge your bike several times a week, if you ride back and forth to campus several times a day. However, this is only a slight issue, considering the convenience that this bike will offer.

The Adventon Pace 350 weighs approximately 46lbs. As you can see, it’s light enough to haul up a flight of stairs going to class. Hence, portability won’t be an issue. Furthermore, it’s much lighter compared to other e-bikes in its category.

Overall, the Pace 350 delivers a controlled and balanced ride. And thanks to its low standover, mounting and dismounting it won’t be an issue. So, if you are an inexperienced rider looking for a commuting bike for school, then the Pace 350 will be a great choice. It’s reliable, stylish, affordable, easy to ride and comfortable.

Civia Lowry Step-Thru 7-Speed

The Civia Lowry Step-Thru 7-speed is a simple bike, designed for commuting to campus and moving around. As its name suggests, it features a step-through frame design, meaning even inexperienced riders or beginners can use this bike, without worrying about safety issues. Furthermore, the step-through frame means you can ride this bike with almost any type of outfit.

The best bikes for female college students have one thing in common – they are lightweight. And the Lowry Step-Thru also follows this design. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, as well as narrow tires. Hence, hauling this bike up a flight of stairs won’t be a challenge.

Civia has outfitted the Lowry Step-Thru with a Shimano Acera 7-speed rear derailleur as well as a 14-34T cassette. If you usually encounter hilly terrain on your way to or from school, then this combination will make your commute much easier.

The Lowry Step-Thru also comes with Kenda Kwest tires. These tires are renowned for their stable cornering performance, especially at higher speeds. Also, these tires feature grooves throughout their outer edges, designed to channel water away on wet surfaces.

Its soft-to-the-touch and adjustable saddle will provide a comfortable ride during your trips to school while the matching grips will help to provide safe handling. Civia has also provisioned the Lowry Step-Thru with mounts for a rear rack, which you can use to haul your backpack.

High-quality Tektro rim brakes provide dependable, fast, precise and smooth stopping while a kickstand provides a convenient means of holding your bike upright, especially when you have to attend to something urgent.

Overall, the Civia Lowry is an affordable, super comfortable, lightweight and easy-to-ride bike. It will provide you with a convenient means of commuting to campus and breezing between classes. So, if you shopping for the best bikes for female college students and you are wondering which one to choose, then you should check out this one.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is designed for riders who prioritize fun and comfort as opposed to speed. If your main reason behind purchasing a bike is having a reliable and versatile means of commuting to campus, then the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney will be the perfect bike for you. According to consumers who have used this bike, it’s currently one of the best bikes for female college students.

The EVRYjourney has been outfitted with a 17.5-inch aluminum alloy frame. The female version of this bike features a step-through design. And this means that mounting and dismounting this bike will be easy, whenever or wherever you want. Furthermore, you will also notice that its pedal position is somehow foot forward, making it easy for all types of riders.

The ergonomic design of the handlebars will provide an upright sitting position. Consequently, there will be minimal strain and pressure on your shoulders, back, arms and lower back, resulting in a comfortable riding experience.

Another standout feature about this bike for female college students is its saddle. The saddle has been adequately cushioned, meaning you will enjoy a comfortable ride at all times. Also, its saddle is super wide, which helps to add to the bike’s comfortable riding experience.

As earlier mentioned, the Sixthreezero has been designed to deliver maximum versatility. To this end, it has been built for all types of female riders. It’s available in different sizes, hence finding the right one for your size shouldn’t be a challenge.

The EVRYjourney is also among the few bikes on the market, where you are given the option of customizing your bike, depending on your preferences. From colors to baskets, bells to beam light, you have the freedom to customize your bike as much as you want. Besides, it’s available in different gear options, meaning you can choose one that aligns with your riding terrain.

With all these great features, you may be probably thinking that you will have to pay a fortune to purchase this bike. But, this is not the case. Its final price is within the affordable range for almost every college student.

When it comes to affordability, practicality, versatility, comfort and ease-of-use, it’s almost impossible to find another bike for female college students, which can compete with the EVRYjourney in this price range. If you are in the market for an amazing bike for commuting to campus, then you should definitely buy the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney.

Liv Alight 3

The Liv Alight 3 is a great commuting bike for female college students, designed to deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. It features an upright riding position, as well as flat handlebars, which make commuting to campus super comfortable.

The manufacturer has equipped this bike with a lightweight ALUXX-Grade aluminum frame, designed to deliver a nice blend of stability and speed. The Alight 3 also comes with wide 38mm tires, which deliver top-notch traction and grip on gravel and dirt, without sacrificing speed on paved surfaces.

This bike also comes with a steel fork, which helps to dampen or absorb vibrations. So, if you find yourself riding on uneven surfaces, you will not experience too much discomfort.

Liv has also equipped this bike with provisions for rear and front fenders and racks. So, during the rainy season, you can simply mount fenders on this bike, to help keep off dirt, mud and water splashes. You can then remove them once the conditions improve. Also, it has provisions for installing a rear rack, which you can use to carry your backpack to and around your campus.

With its ergonomic and comfortable riding position, lightweight design, easy and fun riding as well as provision for fenders and racks, it’s easy to see why the Liv Alight 3 has been consistently ranked as one of the best bikes for female college students.

Considerations when Selecting the Best Bikes for Female College Students

As we mentioned earlier, there are several types of bikes designed for female college students. The question is, what makes a great bike for female college students? Well, here are the key factors to consider.


Money can be an issue for some college students. So, when it comes to buying a bike for female college students, you need to make sure you look for the most affordable one. Also, bicycle theft can be a serious issue on campus. To this end, it will be advisable to avoid buying overly expensive bikes.


College campuses are located in areas with varying terrains. Therefore, if you are buying a bike for commuting to and around college, it should be functional and practical enough, to handle the demands of the terrain you will be riding on. For instance, if you will be commuting in hilly areas, then you should go for a bike that comes with several gears or an e-bike. And if your commute is on flat surfaces, then a single-speed bike should suffice.

Lightweight and Portable

Female college students usually have to carry their backs around. For instance, you may be hauling it onto a train or up a flight of stairs. Therefore, you should make sure you go for a lightweight and portable bike. Such a bike will be easy to carry around, meaning it won’t be a burden on your commute.


As much as you have to go for an affordable bike, it doesn’t mean you should buy a poor-quality one. So, you need to conduct thorough research, ask around, and read online reviews. Ideally, you should purchase a bike that provides the right balance between affordability and quality.

Wrapping It Up

Female college students need an affordable, reliable, convenient, and comfortable means of commuting to school and moving from one class to the other. And all the bikes that we’ve reviewed in this guide tick all these boxes. You simply need to go through our list and then choose a bike that aligns best with your needs, budget, and personal preferences.