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Exercise bikes are the ideal method to keep in shape while escaping the pressures of daily life. But what are the best bikes for exercise?

However, you don't need a top-tier road racing model to get the perfect exercise. Instead, fitness bikes, also known as hybrid bicycles, provide a harmony of lightweight, speed, and an upright stance that may boost confidence and make cycling more enjoyable. In light of that, the following are excellent examples of some of the best exercise bikes for outdoor fitness.

The best bikes for exercise are:

  1. Giant FastRoad Advanced 1
  2. Batch The Fitness 700c
  3. Specialized Sirrus X 4.0
  4. Ribble Hybrid Trail AL
  5. Canyon Roadlite 5
  6. Trek FX 3 Disc Hybrid
  7. Marin Fairfax 3 Hybrid
  8. Tommaso La Forma
  9. Trek Marlin 7 Hybrid
  10. Jamis Allegro A2
  11. Cannondale Quick Disc 3
  12. Giant ToughRoad SLR 2

Due to the somewhat more upright riding position and larger grips on the bars, various hybrid bikes provide flat handlebars that can increase your confidence to push harder and go faster. Consistency is one of the most critical features of riding for weight loss. That said, you have one less reason not to exercise if you have a bike that can operate on various terrain.

As a devoted outdoor fitness fanatic, I have tested various bikes on multiple terrains, visited several sites, including and, and scoured the internet for reviews to find the best result for this list and where to buy them.



Best Bikes Exercise

The best qualities of a road bike and a mountain bike are combined in a hybrid bike. It is a good alternative for cyclists that ride on various surfaces. It is a middle-of-the-road mountain bike, which means its tires are narrower and not nearly as hefty. This type of bike has the benefit of allowing you to ride on nearly any surface.

Fitness bikes are essentially hybrids with a performance focus. These bikes are ideal for commuting as well as being excellent exercise tools.

In less than ideal riding circumstances, dirt on the road won't be flung up at you thanks to various models that include mudguard mounts and a pannier rack, and you can carry extra gear on the bike rather than in a backpack, which puts pressure on your shoulders and back.

Finally, these bikes are popular among those trying to improve their general fitness and health by riding about the neighborhood because they are simple to operate and control. So, starting with the XYZ, here's what makes these bikes the best for exercise.

1. Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 Mountain Bike


Giant's FastRoad Advanced 1 is agile thanks to its light aluminum frame and carbon fork, and its flat handlebar configuration gives you confidence and control.

The large volume 32mm wide tires installed will also give a comforting grip and fewer flats so you can keep pedaling without bothersome pauses. These tires are also tubeless-ready and protect against puncture, which will help smooth out any bumpy roads.

The FastRoad Advanced is a speedy, effective, and enjoyable mode of transportation for anything from energetic commutes to fitness rides.

These high-quality components, including hydraulic disc brakes and a Shimano 105 gearing groupset, will let you push yourself to the limit with the knowledge that you can stop when necessary and change gear smoothly in the middle of an exertion.

This bike is perfect for exercising, commuting, and weekend adventures, thanks to its simple pannier and mudguard (fenders) installation mechanism.


  • Remarkably lightweight
  • It has a quality groupset
  • Includes wide tubeless tires
  • Excellent performer


  • Expensive

2. Batch The Fitness 700c Hybrid Bike


The Batch The Fitness 700c Bike is made for riders who want to increase their everyday fitness routine a little bit. With their sub-$500 commuting bike, Batch Bicycles initially stunned the world in 2018, bridging the price gap between inexpensive big-box store setups and the significantly higher asking rates at neighborhood bike shops.

Even fewer bells and whistles are included in this Batch bike, but it still has everything you need to go to work or enjoy a great exercise on two wheels.

The Fitness is a relatively straightforward bike with a steel fork and frame made of 6061 aluminum, rim brakes, a flat bar, and rack and fender attachments for easy commuting. It also includes a Shimano Tourney 3x7-speed transmission.

However, the bike is innovative in that it meets a market demand by offering a low-cost, secure, and enjoyable workout choice with recognizable brand names.


  • Excellent value
  • It includes fender and rack mounts
  • Decent durability
  • Wide tires


  • Heavy bike and shifting might become less accurate with the triple ring.

3. Specialized Sirrus X 4.0


Bikes that are both enjoyable to ride and practical are hard to come by these days; sure, there are reviews here and there, but they often miss the most important features; that's why I have the Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 hybrid bike as an excellent and fun choice as an exercise bike! This bike combines speed and comfort in a gleaming package.

This bike has a broad gear range and fenders, so even if you head for the trails, you can always bring some essentials that won't slow you down.

Because of the 38-mm wide pathfinder sport tires, you receive incredible momentum and speed on the road regardless of the surface. As a result, the Sirrus X 4.0 is ideal for exercise, everyday commuting, or even getting to work; the bike's design allows you to operate it efficiently.

There are gravel tires and Specialized's unique "Future Shock," which is a rubber-based coil that helps the bike absorb shocks and vibrations, resulting in a very smooth ride. There is also a carbon fork for added protection and to make the bike lighter.


  • Great value for a carbon frame
  • Lightweight
  • Sock-proof
  • Wide variety of frame sizes


  • Not the best for extended tours

4. Ribble Hybrid Trail AL


The Ribble Hybrid Trail AL is ideal for fitness fanatics looking to personalize their exercise bikes. One of my favorite features about Ribble bikes is that you can completely customize your ride with the bike builder. You prefer 650b wheels and tires over 700c. No issue.

How about mudguards with a parcel rack? Of course. Do you believe the front derailleur should be retired permanently? No problem, you can have a 1x drivetrain without any worries.

The Hybrid all-rounder is made to be quick and effective, but Ribble has a flexible shape that enables it to be modified for your intended purpose. As a result, this lets you customize the components for a more comfortable exercise.

For example, the bike has a front, and rear rack and fender mounts that use thru-axles and have reduced seat stays for more compliance. But you don't have to customize it; other thoughtful pre-packaged options exist.


  • An easily customizable bike
  • Road smoothing suspension
  • Contains through-axles
  • Lightweight for an aluminum build


  • The standard grips may be too mushy for some

5. Canyon Roadlite 5


The Canyon Roadlite 5 is an excellent choice if you want more bike for the money. With a large 11-42 tooth cassette in the back and a 46-tooth chainring up front, the Roadlite 5's component combination from SRAM Apex 1 SGS 1 x 11 gives you a variety of gear ratios to push your fitness to the limit.

Additionally, the fork with VCLS technology and high-volume 30 mm tires provides a quick, comfortable ride with outstanding grip and traction on the road for those short bursts of speed when exercising. The bike costs around $900 and comes with an aluminum frame, a carbon fiber fork, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

You can swiftly install and remove the wheels thanks to simple releases on the front and rear wheels. If you want a fitness bike that shifts well, is light and is reasonably priced, this is the quality shifting exercise bike you need.


  • Built for easy maintenance
  • Smooth and comfortable performance
  • Excellent gear control
  • Exceptionally lightweight for an aluminum build


  • Tires do not have the best traction for more rugged terrain

6. Trek FX 3 Disc


Use the Trek FX 3 Disc, designed for performance and adaptability, to destroy your fitness objectives. With a snappy ride feel, lightweight aluminum frame, and carbon fork, hills can be climbed quickly.

Bontrager H2 Comp tires have been installed for quick rolling speed on asphalt and enough traction in slippery weather. In addition, its hydraulic disc brakes will meet your needs for a regulated, strong stopping force.

Shimano's single chainring groupset on an otherwise highly well-specced bike keeps the price moderate while offering tons of range and dependable shifting.

You have all the gears required to climb hills and tear up flats with the wide-range 11-46 cassette. For added comfort on every ride, it also has an ergonomic handlebar and vibration-absorbing grips.

Perfect for cyclists seeking the speed of a road bike with the utility and stability of a hybrid bike. If you want it to be, it may be a commuter buddy or the ideal fitness partner on roads and rail trails.


  • Excellent on all terrains
  • Soaks up vibrations
  • Quality hydraulic disc brakes
  • Excellent geometry for exercising


  • Some users found the saddle not to be the best fit for them

7. Marin Fairfax 3


The top-tier flat-bar exercise bike from Marin is the Fairfax 3. The Marin Fairfax series is designed for commuters, flat-bar fitness road riders, and people who want to enjoy recreational bike paths.

It has a frame made of 6061 aluminum, and a fork made entirely of carbon, which helps to reduce weight and muffle road noise. Thru-axles and flat-mount disc brakes make sure it's current.

The 2x9 groupset combines chainsets from Shimano, Microshift, and Marin. A 48/32t x 11-34t combination gives the vast gear range a better than 1:1 low gear. As a result, the bike feels light and energetic yet stable and under control, thanks to Marin's sports fitness geometry.

Combined with the frame's rack and mudguard attachments, the bike's 700 x 32mm larger volume tires help smooth out bumpy roads and provide grip for a more secure ride. This workout bike is also a more than adequate commuter.


  • Includes puncture protection tires
  • Excellent carbon fiber fork
  • Exceptional adaptability
  • Great variety of gearing


  • Heavier compared to its competitors

8. Tommaso La Forma Hybrid Bike


The Tommaso La Forma is among the few hidden gems for fitness fanatics. Thanks to its light aluminum frame, grippy tires, gel handlebars, and vibration-dampening construction, this quick unisex workout bike from Tommaso can handle any terrain you desire to ride. So the shift from a road or concrete path to the trails won't be difficult.

With its 11/32T cassette and wide range crankset, the 3x9 Shimano Acera Groupset offers riders an unrivaled selection of gears for all riding scenarios and road variances. In addition, the bike's ultra-light frame is made of aluminum alloy; it weighs only 25 pounds and is an excellent choice for both urban areas and off-road tracks.

Additionally, the flat handlebars and small frame with a more upright geometry provide riders outstanding comfort, making riding pleasurable even when working out. The La Forma is made for riders searching for a quick and dependable hybrid bike alternative that looks and feels excellent, making it ideal for commuting and daily riding.


  • Great value
  • It offers a comfortable upright riding
  • Easy maintenance
  • Great for both exercising and commuting


  • Users experience that gears occasionally start slipping as the bike ages

9. Trek Marlin 7 Hybrid


Trek makes its second appearance on the list with its Amazing Marlin 7 model. No matter how you use it, the Marlin 7 is a fantastic all-around bike that performs superbly.

The bike is ideal for daily commuting, workouts, exploring trails, going to work, and everything else you can think of! Even if your plans included tackling some single-track roads, the Trek Marlin would make it easy for you to succeed.

This bike is ideal for aggressive riders since it has a high bottom bracket and sharp head and seat angles. In addition, the incredible fat tires this bike is built with further increase comfort. You may not expect this bike to have internally routed wires given the price tag, yet that is the case.

Shifting gears has never been more enjoyable, thanks to the Shimano 1X10 Speed Drivetrain, so you won't have to worry about it. In addition, the bike is amazingly shielded from all types of shocks and vibrations by the RockShox Judy 10mm Coil-Spring Fork.


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Internal cable design
  • An extremely low-maintenance bike
  • Excellent gear shifting


  • The only thing missing is tubeless wheels
  • Heavier than most of its competitors

10. Jamis Allegro A2 Hybrid bike


The word "Allegro" denotes quickness and vitality in music. This perfectly captures the essence of our Allegros: exercise bikes that are swift, agile, and really enjoyable to ride. The Jamis Allegro A2s combine a heads-up riding posture with the speed and efficiency of a road bike.

Jamis' Allegro A2 bike, which has a 16-speed transmission and an aluminum frame, will get you on the road and over any hill. You may benefit from the double chainring, Shimano Acera RD-M360 rear derailleurs, and Shimano FD-TY710-2 front derailleurs.

Nothing is more destructive to flying quickly regarding fitness training and optimum performance than carrying more weight than you need to. For this reason, lightweight triple-butted 6061 aluminum tubing is used in the construction of every Allegro. In fact, compared to their steel Coda equivalents, the aluminum Allegro frames lost 14 ounces.

By choosing large volume 32c tires, utilizing identical geometry to its Codas, and then adding a few mm to the wheelbase length for just a hint of extra compliance, Janis incorporates comfort into the inherently harsher ride. Not bad for a hybrid bike intended for exercise that costs around $760.


  • Fun and sharp handling
  • Upright geometry designed for fitness training
  • Quick responsive gears
  • Excellent weight control
  • Budget-friendly


  • Average Tektro HD-280 hydraulic brakes

11. Cannondale Quick Disc 3


The Quick will soon convince you that hybrids are not necessarily slow and heavy if you are still hanging onto the notion that they are. Because of its low weight, quick feel, smooth ride, and comfortable upright riding position, the Cannondale Quick Disc 3 is a favorite among energizer bunnies and an easy recommendation for beginner riders.

Shimano provided the 2x9-speed transmission, which has a good range for conquering hills on your commute. The Tektro hydraulic disc brakes assure your stopping power, and the 35mm Schwalbe tires easily handle urban detritus.

Furthermore, the Quick road-bike-type wheels are equipped with bigger volume tires for additional bump absorption, traction, and durability to mix speed with comfort.

Additionally, the SP-Connect compatible smartphone cover is secured by the Intellimount stem mount so you can monitor the app's dashboard display metrics.

The Quick Disc 4 has a steel fork, 1x9 gearing, and a microSHIFT Advent groupset (instead of the Quick Disc 3's Shimano Altus, carbon fork, 2x9, and Acera group) rides similarly well and is slightly less expensive. Still, the Quick Disc 3 is my top pick in the Quick Disc line as an exercise bike.


  • It offers a smooth experience
  • Appealing sporty and clean aesthetic
  • Excellent hydraulic disc brakes
  • Durable
  • Great value for quality components


  • The handlebar may be too wide for some users

12. Giant ToughRoad SLR 2


With a second appearance and last on the list, Giant offers the ToughRoad SLR 2 as an excellent exercise hybrid bike for those looking for more of a mountain biking feel. The ToughRoad, as its name indicates, is made to keep you moving whether you're riding on bone-jarring cobblestones, gritty gravel, or glass-smooth tarmac.

The ToughRoad is made from the company's ALUXX SLR aluminum, and it also sports a carbon fork to lighten it up and help dampen some of the front-end vibrations. In addition, Giant has chosen to employ their D-fuse Seatpost for greater compliance, 50C Giant Sycamore tires for traction, and lots of damping to keep your back in place.

The frame has several attachments and an integrated fender on the down tube, and the flat-bar geometry maintains the rider in a comfortable posture that strikes the appropriate mix between comfort and pedaling effectiveness.

The bike has a 9-speed, 11-36T cassette and 44/28T chainrings made by Shimano and using Acera, Alivio, and Altus components.


  • It includes a joined downtube fender
  • Quality carbon fork
  • Has space for even wider tires
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Great performer on dirt trails


  • The slowest-rolling tires on the list