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If you plan to take the leap into more extreme riding you need the proper bike. The best bikes for dirt jumping give you more stability and performance.

Handling jumps and sharp turns off-road in a rugged environment can go wrong without the right equipment. This is why bikes for dirt jumping are specially made with a unique frame design and advanced features for better safety and performance.

Dirt jumpers should know the importance of their bike and we recommend the Polygon Trid Dirt Jumper, GT Labomba Rigid Dirt Jumper, and Verde Radix BMX Dirt Jumper as the top three bike options. Each of these bikes has angled seating, taller handlebars, and excellent performance capabilities.

A dirt jump is a type of bike riding in which the rider jumps over obstacles such as dirt mounds, ramps, and bumps while riding a mountain bike. Dirt jumping is typically done on a specialized bike but can also be done on a BMX bike. This guide includes some of the best bikes for dirt jumping that you should consider as your next purchase.

We have tested each of these dirt jumper bikes to provide expert information and opinion to help you choose the best one for your riding needs. We have also provided some helpful tips on how to choose the best bike for your riding needs and how they compared with BMX bikes.



10 Best Bikes For Dirt Jumping

Dirt jumping is a type of extreme sport which involves riding a dirt bike or motocross bike over jumps and obstacles. The sport is typically done on off-road trails, although it can also be done on purpose-built courses.

The best dirt jump bikes are those that can easily handle the jumps and stunts while also being agile enough to maneuver through the terrain. These bikes are designed to be used in all terrains but are primarily used for this activity.

With this bike type, you can expect an extremely specialized and unique design too. The frame is extremely rigid with much more strength and stability than other bikes to give you added flexibility. The design includes a steep head angle on the frame for better maneuverability.

You will find the 10 best bikes for dirt jumping below. Each of these options is considered highly durable with all of the features needed to be a successful dirt jumper bike rider.

1. Polygon Trid Dirt Jump Mountain Bike

Picture of the Polygon Trid Dirt Jump Mountain Bike

The Polygon Trid Dirt Jump Mountain Bike is a top-of-the-line dirt jumper bike with so many unique features to offer. The Polygon Trid has a hydroformed aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork and front wheel, which makes it lightweight and strong.

It also has a single-speed shift drivetrain as well as Tektro BL-MT201 5 hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping power. This bike also comes with 26-inch wheels, which are larger than most other dirt jumpers on the market today.

The Trid bike has a great design that makes it easy to use and easier to maintain. The bike also comes with a cool mudguard, which makes it perfect for any type of riding. This is the best overall dirt jumper bike because of its features, durability, and price.

The design of this bike is impressive too with an X Fusion slant fork. This fork is advanced because it has adjustability to allow for more intense compression while riding. It also holds up well with excellent shock absorption when landing a jump.

The tapered headtube includes horizontal dropouts to increase the width of the bike without adding much weight. This provides better stability and improved rigidity while riding too. You also have access to plenty of extras as well.

2. GT Labomba Rigid Dirt Jumping Bike

Picture of the GT Labomba Rigid Dirt Jumping Bike

The GT Labomba Rigid Dirt Jumping Bike is a top-rated dirt jumper bike with a powerful and reliable 6061 aluminum frame and high-quality components. It has a strong design with the ability to take on any terrain.

It has an adjustable front suspension system that can be easily adjusted to accommodate different needs. The bike also comes with a powerful and reliable engine that will allow you to ride as fast as you want without having to worry about the engine breaking down.

The bike has been made with a rigid frame which means that it will not be able to bend, giving riders the confidence they need when performing tricks and stunts. Riders can also adjust the handlebars while they are riding the bike, giving them more control over their movements.

The GT Pro Pump Track fork integrates with the chainstay to ensure the bike can handle proper shocks without a problem. This works with the Promax Mech rear disc brakes to increase stopping power and safety too.

The wheels are made of double-walled, low-profile rims that can provide superior traction and control on any terrain. You also get a fully adjustable slim padded saddle to allow for maximum riding comfort.

3. Verde Radix BMX Dirt Jumper Bike

Picture of the Verde Radix BMX Dirt Jumper Bike

The Verde Radix BMX Dirt Jumper Bike is designed to provide a smooth ride, with the ability to perform incredible tricks. This is a highly reliable bike made for dirt jumping and aerial tricks too.

This BMX bike is made of high-quality materials and has a durable Chromoly frame that will last for years. It also has an aluminum frame that provides excellent strength, while its fork is made of carbon fiber which provides excellent rigidity.

This bike comes with powerful brakes that are built into the wheel hubs which are easy to adjust, while the pedals are adjustable as well so you can find your perfect fit. It is built with a lightweight aluminum frame and it has a durable construction.

It also has an integrated front fork, which allows the rider to easily balance on the bike while performing stunts. The bike also has an adjustable seat height, which helps riders adjust the position of their body while they are doing tricks.

This bike has several features that make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their riding experience. This also includes Tektro mechanical disc brakes and Kenda tires for better safety and durability.

4. Haro Steel Reserve 1.2 Dirt Jumper

Picture of the Haro Steel Reserve 1.2 Dirt Jumper

Haro is a bike manufacturer that specializes in BMX and mountain bikes. But they also make great dirt jumpers like the Haro Steel Reserve 1.2 Dirt Jumper. This bike is made for riders who want to get the most out of their bike and their skills.

This bike has a unique design, which makes it easy to handle and perform stunts on the bike. It also has a very lightweight 100% Chromoly steel frame, which makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces or on rough terrain.

The bike also has an integrated front suspension fork that offers better control over the bike's movements. It also features an aluminum frame with a durable steel rear end, which offers stability while performing tricks on dirt jumps or rails.

The Haro 1.2 bike is also equipped with a single-speed rear derailleur, which makes it easier to ride over rough terrain or jump off of curbs and ledges. The bike has a Manitou Circus Sport fork that offers crisp handling that will help you get the most out of your riding experience too.

The bike design also included rear hydraulic disc brakes for top-notch braking power along with improved handling in wet conditions. The tires hold up well over time because of the double-wall alloy rims too.

5. Redline MX 24 BMX Bike

Picture of the Redline MX 24 BMX Bike

The Redline MX 24 BMX Bike is a dirt jumper that is designed for extreme tricks. It has an aluminum frame, a long wheelbase, and an extra-wide fork to absorb shock and make it easier to land jumps. The bike is available in two colors for you to choose from too.

The design gives you an extra-wide fork to absorb shock and make it easier to land jumps. The frame is made from aluminum which helps keep the weight low while providing rigidity for easier maneuvering. It also comes with an oversized headtube that helps give you more control over your ride.

This bike has a cool design, with red and black components that look good on the road or off of it. This bike offers a lot of performance for its price point, with a 24-inch wheel size that makes it easy to maneuver in the air and on any terrain.

The braking system includes a set of Tektro BX310 Linear pull brakes to give you enough stopping power at high speeds. This bike is perfect for beginners who are just looking for some fun riding time without spending too much money on their first dirt jumper bike.

6. SE Bikes Maniacc Flyer BMX Bike

Picture of the SE Bikes Maniacc Flyer BMX Bike

The SE Bikes Maniacc Flyer BMX Bike is a dirt jumper bike that has a lot of features that make it perfect for performing tricks. It also comes with an adjustable stem, which helps riders keep their bikes balanced when performing

This bike is designed with the rider in mind. Its frame is made from high-quality aluminum and the Landing Gear Cr-Mo fork makes it durable and strong. The frame also has a protective top tube guard to prevent any damage to the top tube during tricks.

The front wheel and rear wheel are both 27.5 inches in diameter, which makes them perfect for handling aerial tricks. It has an aluminum frame and fork, a super short wheelbase, and is designed to be agile and easy to maneuver in the air.

The seat of this bike can be removed and replaced with a different size if necessary, and it includes sealed bearings in the headset and bottom bracket. It also includes Tektro MD-280 Mechanical Disc for strong stopping capabilities.

It is only available in one size and this model includes a powder blue frame design with black and yellow tires. It is certainly the type of bike to attract attention and one that you can be proud to ride every day.

7. Mongoose Tyax Comp 29 Dirt Jumping Bike

Picture of the Mongoose Tyax Comp 29 Dirt Jumping Bike

The Mongoose Tyax Comp 29 Dirt Jumping Bike is a solid dirt jumper bike to handle aerial tricks. It is perfect for riders looking for an all-around bike that can handle a variety of terrains and riding styles.

This bike is a great option for riders looking to start dirt jumping and performing advanced tricks. It features a 100mm suspension fork and also has a 1 x 11 drivetrain, which provides reliable shifting and easy maintenance.

The bike has a sleek design and features several high-quality components, like the aluminum frame, front fork, and disc brakes. It also comes with 29-inch wheels that are perfect for maneuvering through obstacles in the dirt.

It's also easy to assemble, as it comes with step-by-step instructions that can be followed by anyone with an average skill set. The SR Suntour XCM 100mm travel fork gives you a steel steering system for excellent bike control.

The lightweight aluminum frame also optimizes your ability to get higher within your jumps. This is because the tapered headtube helps with the aerodynamic design of the bike to improve your riding performance.

8. Mafiabikes Blackjack BMX Dirt Jumper Bike

Picture of the Mafiabikes Blackjack BMX Dirt Jumper Bike

The Mafiabikes Blackjack BMX Dirt Jumper Bike has a durable frame and is perfect for beginners and experienced riders to level up their skills. This bike also has plenty of clearance so riders can use the bike on rough terrain without worrying about getting hung up on rocks or roots while taking jumps.

The frame design is made with a stiffer, more responsive geometry that makes it easier to do tricks and wheelies. The frame also features an integrated headset, which makes it easy to swap out different headsets for different riding styles like flatland or downhill riding.

This bike has a great design that makes it easy to ride and looks like a professional. It also comes with an adjustable seat, which is comfortable for riders of all sizes. It also has a set of 26-inch BMX tires to make it easier to land without damage too.

Mafiabikes is a brand that specializes in the best dirt jumpers. Their products are great for riders of all levels of experience, but they also have a few models that are specifically designed for beginners.

9. Cannondale Dave Dirt Jump Bike

Picture of the Cannondale Dave Dirt Jump Bike

The Cannondale Dave Dirt Jump Bike is a bike that has a lot of features that make it a perfect dirt jumper. It is an all-around machine that is made for the rider who wants to do aerial tricks, stunts, and rugged rides on their bike.

This bike has a lightweight aluminum frame with a durable carbon fork, which makes it ideal for riders who put their bikes through rigorous use. The dual-link suspension fork also makes it great for riders who are looking for an aggressive ride.

Its SmartForm aluminum alloy frame makes it durable and lightweight while its Tektro mechanical disc brakes allow you to quickly and easily stop at shorter distances. This bike also has an alloy fork to absorb bumps in the road while landing big jumps.

The amazing thing about this bike is the available customizations available to you by Cannondale. This bike also features 26-inch tires with puncture resistance to avoid flats and other damages.

This bike does come at a higher price tag and it is considered one of the premium options on the market. If you are less experienced, it may be smart to spend a little less until you gain more experience for an upgrade.

10. Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Dirt Jumper Bike

Picture of the Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Dirt Jumper Bike

The Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Dirt Jumper Bike is a perfect dirt jumper bike for aerial tricks. It has a low center of gravity and it's lightweight, so it's easier to handle while in the air. It has a lot of features that make it worth the money and is perfect for tricks and stunts.

The frame is made out of aluminum, which makes it super durable, and has been tested to have an extremely long life span. The frame also comes with an integrated kickstand that can be adjusted in height, so you can easily set your bike up on any surface.

This gives you plenty of options when it comes to putting the bike through your tricks or just cruising around town without worrying about the suspension bottoming out. It also includes a single-speed drivetrain with highly durable 26-inch Kenda tires.

The adjustable chain and tapered headtube both make it possible to maximize your shock absorption too. This improves the versatility and agility of the bike and when you get more air in your jumps, you don’t need to worry about the landing.

Dirt Jumping Bikes: What To Look For

Dirt jumping bikes are a great way for people to get in shape and stay active. They are also a great way for people to have fun outdoors and try some advanced tricks and land impressive aerial jumps with precision.

When looking for a dirt jumping bike, it can be difficult to know what you should look out for. The first thing to consider when buying a dirt jumping bike is what kind of riding style you want to use it for.

Below we have included some of the key features of these bikes and what the best would be for your dirt jumping needs.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio refers to the number of times your back tire will rotate when the bike is moving and in use. This is measured based on a full turn by the crank arms, also known as the pedals on a bicycle.

The ideal gear ratio for a dirt jumper bike is around 30:11 to 36:13. This is not exact because of different preferences but it is close and you should try to remain within this range to get the best performance bike.

This would mean on average your gear inches would be around 55. By remaining within this range, you can ensure proper handling, speeds, and bike support, especially when attempting aerial jumps and tricks.

Brake Type

The brake type on a dirt jumper bike is important. You will see either hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes on nearly all dirt jumper bikes regardless of the size or brand but the ideal brake type depends on your riding style.

Disc brakes are the best option for a dirt jumper bike. They offer a lot more control, braking power, and efficiency than hydraulic brakes. The main advantage of disc brakes is that they do not require any fluid to operate and they are less likely to leak.

However, you can still get plenty of stopping power with mechanical disc brakes too. They just tend to provide slightly less rear-stopping support.

Slick Tire Tread

A dirt jumper bike is a type of mountain bike that is designed to be used on off-road terrain. The tires on this type of bike should be smaller and have a slick tread pattern that is designed to grip the ground and move through it.

The tires on these bicycles are not just for jumping, though, they also have an aggressive tread that helps the rider grip the ground to ride over bumps or rough terrain. This makes them perfect for riding on dirt or sand roads, which make up a big part of many mountain biking trails.

Suspension Type

The suspension type on your dirt jump bike is another critical feature you must consider. It is important to consider the suspension type on your dirt jump bike because it can greatly affect your riding.

The suspension type has a large impact on the stability and control of the bike. A full-suspension dirt jumper bike will cost you more than a hardtail BMX bike, but it will give you better performance over rough terrain.

It can make a huge difference in the quality of the riding experience and can also help you stay safe. You should consider the technology involved in the design of the suspension on these bikes too.

Frame Material

Frames are the most important features on your dirt jumper bike. You will mostly use aluminum or steel frames depending on your bike size, weight, overall riding experience, and jumping capabilities.

Aluminum frames are lighter and less expensive than steel frames. Aluminum also has a better corrosion resistance than steel. Steel is more durable and can be used in harsher environments like mountain biking.

Dirt jumper bike frames provide superior strength and durability in comparison to other bike types too. This is because they are built to withstand impact so they remain sturdy and supportive at all times.

Seat Angle & Size

Dirt jumpers are not for seated pedaling. These bikes were designed for jumping over obstacles and landing in a crouched position while seated. The seats are usually low to the ground, which can be uncomfortable if you are not used to it.

It has a low seat height and an aggressive seat angle, which makes it difficult to use for seated pedaling. The seat is also made of a more durable material than the average bike seat, so it can endure the bumps in the terrain that these bikes are used to.

What Makes A Dirt Jumping Bike Unique?

Dirt jumping bikes are designed specifically for dirt jumping and have a very specific set of features that make them ideal for this type of riding.

What makes these bikes unique is the way they are built. Unlike other types of bicycles, dirt jumping bikes have a low center of gravity which helps them maintain their balance on jumps even if they land off-center or with more speed than intended.

The design includes better shock absorbers, adjustable handlebars, and extremely angled seat tubes. The function includes the ability to adjust the height and the angle of the handlebars for an athletic feel.

All of these features combine with larger tires too. This gives you a compact frame with larger tires so handling becomes much more precise. This is what allows you to make jumps and land easier without injury or bike damage.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dirt Jumping Bike?

The general rule of thumb is once a week, but it is smart to at least do a basic wipe down after every ride. This is a good way to check for any damage and avoid any mud getting caked up on the bike frame.

Dirt jumping bikes are great for a lot of things. They make it easier to jump over obstacles and they also help you get to places that would be difficult to access otherwise.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of dirt jumping you do, but it is generally recommended to clean your bike after every few weeks of use. It can also make riding easier and more enjoyable.

If you are riding a dirt jumping bike, then it is important that you keep the bike clean so that you can enjoy the ride. The first thing to do is remove all the dirt and debris from your dirt jumping bike.

Next, spray some cleaner on the tires and scrub them with a brush or sponge. Finally, dry off your dirt jumping bike with a towel or air dryer. You can also consider re-lubing the chain after every ride or two.

Dirt Jumping Bike Vs. BMX Bike

BMX bikes and dirt jumper bikes are both extremely impressive, but they have specific use cases to keep in mind. Dirt jumping, in general, is becoming more and more popular too, causing an increased demand for these bikes.

Dirt Jumper Bike

A dirt jumper is a type of bicycle that is used for jumping, freestyle, and other aerial tricks and activities. It has a single gear, which makes it easier to maintain momentum and the design does not include a front brake either.

A dirt jumping bike is made up of a front wheel with a large diameter and smaller diameter wheels on the back. It also has a long wheelbase which makes it easier to balance when performing tricks.

The frame, fork, and handlebars are also different from those of conventional BMX bikes to facilitate jumps and stunts while riding at high speeds. The design of the dirt jumping bike makes it easy to balance while performing these stunts.

BMX Bike

The BMX bike is also designed for tricks and use on racing tracks, but with less focus on aerial tricks and jumps. These types of bikes are usually compact in size with a sturdy wheelbase which makes them extremely stable during use.

Many riders opt to use a BMX bike as a dirt jumper and it is something that can be done. However, you should expect to get significantly less air with your jumps, and landing will put added pressure on your frame and wheels.

If you intend to find a bike that can do a little bit of both, a BMX bike is capable. However, it is not considered the better choice when it comes to dirt jumping and getting air while performing your tricks.

What’s The Best Tire Size For A Dirt Jumping Bike?

A common mistake that riders make is to try to put too much power into the bike by going for a tire with too much tread. This causes the bike to lose traction and have a hard time jumping over obstacles.

Another factor that matters is the tire size, but this will depend on your bike size, height, and weight too. These factors will impact which tire fits your needs, but you should understand which tire size performs best.

The best tire size for a dirt jumping bike is between 24 and 29 inches in diameter. This is the most common size that riders opt for. It allows you to have enough traction on the ground, while still having enough width to avoid obstacles on the trail.


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