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It isn't easy finding a worthy vehicle to drive your tech-precise fitness journey. So, I saved you the trouble and found the best bikes for Apple Fitness.

Whether it's for Apple Fitness+ or just having accurate metrics to track your fitness progress, it's difficult knowing if there's more than just relying on the Garmin computers to better complete your Apple ecosystem.

The best bikes for Apple Fitness are:

  1. Triban RC520
  2. Boardman SLR 8.8
  3. Trek FX 3 Disc 2022
  4. Cannondale Synapse 3L
  5. Vitus Vitesse Evo CR AXS Rival
  6. 2021 Giant Escape 0 Disc
  7. Boardman Hyb 8.9
  8. 2020 Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

You might be reeling from being suddenly thrown all the options you've been searching endlessly for; that's why I've taken care to give a tiny manual on how to use each suggestion and what to consider before you plunge into the cycling depths. Hint: follow below.

If it's still unclear, I'm a fitness-tech and cycling fan. Rather, an obsessive stalker. That's why I've done my due diligence in digging deep and wide to bring you only the best conclusive suggestions. I had help from customer feedback, experts, and first-hand testers like road-dot-cc, bicycling-dot-com, and bikeradar.



8 Best Bikes For Your Apple Fitness Goals

It's tough trudging through the miasma of bike options and narrowing them down through a singular constraint as this one. I found a mixture of road, hybrid, and touring bikes with integrated tech that you can link with your Apple and other fitness devices to get accurate metrics straight from the bike.

The other options that don't have this tech are either capable of mounting it or are just so sleek that they'll give you confidence as you use your phone or fitness watch to track the exercise.

1. Triban RC520

The picture of the Triban RC520

Decathlon's Triban RC520 is rigorously designed, tested, and manufactured for the comfort you typically find on a commuter hybrid. Unlike other road bikes made aerodynamically as possible to slice the wind, the RC520's geometry is less aggressive and catered to newcomers who want a fitness-focused ride without aggravating body strains.

The sleek 6061 T6 aluminum Triban Evo frame has a balanced composition of high tensile strength and fantastic rust resistance. Like most aluminum machined frames, the frame reduces the bike's overall weight and cost.

When riding for fitness, you want a bike with the best precision possible, and fortunately, the RC520's carbon blade fork with a 1" ⅛ steerer headset offers that steering precision. The added carbon blades help the frontal reduction of vibrations while steering.

However, the vibration dampening on the rest of the bike isn't as present. At over 23 pounds, the Triban RC520 isn't the lightest road bike, but its 21.25-inch top tube is plush enough for longer bike rides.

Kitted with the mostly Shimano 105 R7000 groupset, the bike might have extra weight because of the entry-level components. But, the 105-derivative drivetrain is still smooth enough for a trouble-free ride. Finally, the TRP HY/RD disc brakes are super-efficient and dependable, primarily because of the cable-operated hydraulic pistons.

2. Boardman SLR 8.8

The picture of the Boardman SLR 8.8

Improving on the lacking SLR 8.6's 8-speed groupset, the SLR 8.8 soared into our hearts with its mostly Shimano Tiagra groupset. While less expensive than Boardman's SLR 8.9, this bike offers comparable performance.

The triple-butted 6061 X7 aluminum hides most welds at the bike's joints and provides a nearly uniform design. This more upright frame geometry, paired with the tapered C7 Carbon fork, provides responsive handling that also quiets some of the additional vibrations that you often experience from rigid forks like it.

The efficient and inexpensive Tektro MD-C511 disc brakes provide immediate and excellent stopping power. It also helps that these brakes use the newer flat-mounted system, which uses space more efficiently and is lighter than typical post-mounts.

The bike's commendable specs, responsive handling, and affordability make it a desirable entry. The only major issue is the bike's 21.83-pound weight because premium road bikes are built to be way lighter to maximize pushing those quads.

3. Trek FX 3 Disc 2022

The picture of the Trek FX 3 Disc 2022

Right off the bat, simplifying the drivetrain to a single crank makes the latest addition to the budget-end of the FX line a beginner-friendly ordeal. Removing the extra gear you found upfront on the 2021 version of the Trek FX 3 Disc makes the bike ever so lighter.

Don't be dismayed, though; the pairing of the 10-speed Shimano Deore M4100, 11-46 cassette with a 40t crank still gives ample low and high shifting range.

You could also argue that the minor jump to a Shimano Deore groupset from an Acera/Alivio warrants the $100 increase in pricing. At $999, the bike performs comparably in speed with other similarly priced and specced bikes.

So, you'll get fit without running your wallet dry. Also, having a single derailleur saves you time from worrying about multiple things needing maintenance, and you can focus on tracking your excellent work on Apple Fitness.

At 25.09 pounds, you shouldn't have too many issues with carrying the bike up a flight of stairs. The Bontrager alloy stem is Blendr compatible, meaning you can mount your fitness tracking monitor, Apple Fitness + app on your iPhone, or whatever upfront and look ahead.

The Bontrager Satellite Plus IsoZone handlebars are comfortable even though they don't have bar ends, and they do dampen some pesky road vibrations and save your hands from grip exhaustion.

The aluminum frame is light and appears posh with all the internal cable routing. The DuoTrap S compatibility is a bonus since you are knee-deep into your Apple Fitness voyage.

If you aren't familiar with Bontrager's DuoTrap S technology is a sensor that makes your bike communicate with your fitness devices. The sensors give more accurate cycling stats like speed, cadence, and distance cycled.

If you install the DuoTrap S on your bike, you can connect it to your iPhone through third-party apps like Cyclemeter or Wahoo Fitness, which then connects the stats to Strava. You can also save yourself the frustration connect DupTrap S straight to your Apple Watch.

I hope you've thoroughly enjoyed this tangent because it's eaten into my word count. I'll quickly let you know that the rim is Bontrager-solid and tubeless-ready. The 700x32c H2 Comp tires are also some grade-A and affordable additions that roll easy but confidently.

4. Cannondale Synapse 3L

The picture of the Cannondale Synapse 3L

There aren't many other brands that rival Cannondale in infusing technical convenience with competitive performance. The Synapse 3L sits somewhere in the happy median in the Synapse line. It's not as technically kitted out as the Synapse RL or RLE models.

The longer the suffix at the end of the Synapse name means, the more outfitted tech. Each more advanced version has everything its lower-tier offering has. Our Synapse 3L has intelligent, battery-powered lighting to keep you visible and safe.

You'll find a customized version of Garmin's Varia radar system on the RL models, which acts like the proximity sensors on newer cars. Finally, the RLE models have the complete set with electronic shifting to seal the deal.

Fortunately, the $3,000-ish 3L is SmartSense enabled, which means it can accommodate the radar system with upgrades, unlike the cheaper Synapse Carbon.

All of this is before I can even discuss the wheel sensor that's been standard on the Synapse line for some time now. The wheel sensor is perhaps why I'm so partial to the Synapse for intelligent fitness tracking.

The wheel sensor app is IOS-compatible and works great to display all the metrics that you expect for a complete Apple Fitness experience. With the ability to record your workout time, the speed and distance of your cycling can allow your Apple Watch to track your caloric expenditure.

The carbon fiber frameset is light and flexible for speed and bump-absorption while bringing ample stiffness to the build. The 700x30c Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Reflective tires are also a generous width for a road bike, although they may not be as fast as their thinner counterparts.

Cannondale delivers all-day comfort and versatility with this endurance Synapse, and the 35 mm tire clearance backs it up. It's not the largest frame clearance on an endurance bike, but it is one that pacified most of us without compromising too much on speed.

The Shimano 105 groupset remains Shimano's most value-packed groupset, and I can confirm that our collective wallets will agree.

I'm also pleased to inform you that the 11-speed 3L is not too stingy with its gears, the Shimano 105 11-34t cassette, and the Shimano RS510 50/34 crank. The drivetrain doesn't add too much to the 21.1-ish pounds of the setup.

I also found that the Fizik Aliante Delta saddle shouldn't need replacing for many hundreds of miles. The seat has enough padding over the carbon shell and a silky look and feel.

5. Vitus Vitesse Evo CR AXS Rival

The picture of the Vitus Vitesse Evo CR AXS Rival

The Vitesse Evo CR is probably the cleanest-looking road bike you'll ever see for this price point. The Evo's price roughly translates to five grand, plus or minus one or two of Starbucks' Super Venti Flat White.

It is a biting price, but the singular hewn Vitesse Evo Carbon frame and fork almost justify the splurge. Vitus reports the combined frameset to me at an unladen 2.82 pounds. Over the years, the company's work on the frameset has made it stiffer, lighter, and grander.

The long reach and short stack geometry isn't the most coddling for touchy lower backs, but it's right in a road racer's base.

Evo CR Rival's seamless design does suffer a bit from the loose cabling in front of the headset. I found this two-cable play only noticeable because I came in already knowing that it uses a wireless groupset with stated internal cabling.

To be fair, the brake cables only momentarily stick out before going into the fork and frame. Because the frameset doesn't have some crazy hyper aero-optimization, it's safe from those UCI rules and regulations.

The Evo also stands on some serious legs; a Prime Attaquer Aluminium Clincher Disc wheelset. Call up the galactic president for a refund if you can find better explosive power in such a humble, tubeless-ready wheelset.

The 700x25c Michelin Power Road tires are light, roll fast, have decent puncture resistance, and still have a fair amount of traction on wet roads.

I've already touched on the wireless groupset, but it deserves a bit more screen time when something is this good. The groupset comprises a 2x12 speed SRAM Rival eTap AXS front shifter and a single matching rear shifter.

The shifter situation plays an available and happy house with the parental unit of the 10-33t SRAM XG 1290 D1 cassette and 48/35t SRAM Rival D1 DUB crankset. Cut, cut, cut. I was going to continue this family metaphor, but it got tiring much quicker than I thought. I am my father's child, after all. Folks, don't we have fun?

The short cage rear derailleur does a fantastic job of hitting those notes accurately and without delay. Like myself, I guarantee you that you'll enjoy the SRAM AXS app on your iPhone. It lets you nitpick and adjust almost everything on your wireless groupset.

It also connects to Strava, which you can link to your Apple Health for stats and accountability you'll ever need. I could glean minimal fault from the ether concerning this Evo.

The grip tape proved a formidable foe for all-day riding for the pack that prefers the raw feeling on a glove-less grip. There were also some tiny quibbles over the Vitus Race Performance saddle, even with its slick, pressure-relief channel.

6. 2021 Giant Escape 0 Disc

The picture of the 2021 Giant Escape 0 Disc

Even though my recommendations don't have those smooth, unifying transitions, I am for the people. I fought multiple ninjutsu-wielding e-bikers to add the Escape 0 Disc.

It's no secret that the Giant's Escape line has family-friendly and pocket-friendly hybrids. You'd expect to get a brick of a bike for a hybrid that's only flirting with a thousand dollars of your money.

However, the Escape 0's weight averages around 22-plus pounds which isn't great, but it's not terrible for the fun potential you get.

If you take the Escape off-road to chase the winding river, the ALUXX-Grade aluminum, Advanced-Grade Composite fork, and D-Fuse seat post will all the beating so that you don't have to.

The primarily Shimano Deore groupset dramatically affects the quality of the rides. There are no mischievous chains even with provocation. The stated 42t ProWheel RPP crankset is apparently a 46t, which isn't too impressive for the lot used to a double or triple crankset.

The limited range does prove a bit of an Achilles' heel, but it's a small price to pay for a bike that everyone in my family can enjoy. The matrimony with the crankset and the 11x42 Shimano CS-M5100-11 cassette is a quaint one-bedroom starter—there's no friction, and it appears to last.

I found no strife with the 700x38c Giant CrossCut Metro ERT tires. The ERT is Giant's Easy Ride Tubeless technology, which shakes down to some durable, smooth rollers. The 38mm (the 'c' is the rim type and not a unit of measurement) translates to 1,5 inches, which is plenty of thickness for most people.

You can blithely trail over rundown roads with these bad movers. However, if you aren't satisfied, there's up to a 1,77-inch clearance for 42mm or full-on 45mm gravel tires. I have to move on now, but all you need to remember is that this is a solid buy.

You do have to use your external fitness tracker for metrics that won't be quite the same as those straight from the bike, but I'd say being able to mount a sturdy rack and bottle cage is a fair trade-off. Also, the Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes might seem like they are about to squeal, but they won't. They are responsive and capable little ones.

7. Boardman Hyb 8.9

The picture of the Boardman Hyb 8.9

My last bit went over so well that I had to milk it. Boardman's Hyb 8.9 is also a bike for the republic: it's affordable, versatile, and competent.

I love Boardman; I've found them to continually bring stellar-quality products that undercut some of the best products on the market. This Boardman Hyb is no exception.

For a pause, I was tempted to suggest a more rugged machine to take your Apple Fitness back to Mother Nature. I found few products that could contend with the lighter, carbon fiber Trek FX Sport 4.

The Sport 4 has a Shimano Deore and Ultegra-esque groupset that uses some Shimano gravel kit and GRX RX600 components.

As you can see, the Sport 4 would also be a solid value buy for an adventure bike, but it is closer to two grand, and our humble Hyb 8.9 has a competing groupset with gears at almost half that price. Hyb 8.9's hybrid game is more versatile and simply more potent—no contest.

The Hyb 8.9 will last you for many years with its "weldless" triple-butted 6061 X7 Alloy frame. You might see where the costs were cut when your attention is snapped back to reality with the external cables dancing in front of the headset and going down the bike's tube.

The almost surreal blue color you see on the pictures also does appear more muted and closer to Navy in real life, but besides those immediate cosmetic cost-savers, there's very little else to fault this build.

The C7 carbon, tapered fork is responsive and made to shed some excess pounds out of the 22.04-ish pound setup. A quick unpopular opinion, I would have liked a matching-material alloy fork.

I always have this unease when jumping curbs with a carbon fork that it'll get damaged because I like to be rougher on my hybrid bikes—aren't they made for a more risqué affair than road bikes?

The Hyb 8.9's groupset is a dependable 12-speed Shimano Deore meeting. The 10-51t cassette and single FSA Gossamer Mega Exo 44t chainset offer plenty of range for a hybrid. You really won't be in want of the best fitness on this machine.

The Shimano MT400 hydraulic disk brakes are also quick to respond and perform commendably in most conditions.

To close this glorious meek entry, the outfitted Schwalbe Marathon Racer 700 x 35c tires have phenomenal traction and performance for fitness, commuting, or touring and are complemented by the premium, firm, and comfortable Selle Royal Lookin Gel saddle.

8. 2020 Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

The picture of the 2020 Specialized Sirrus X 4.0

You'll see that Specialized usually has a slightly cheaper Sirrus and an accompanying Sirrus X. The latter is meant to perform better and be more comfortable because of the suspension in the fork and moderately better components.

The 2020 Sirrus X 4.0 flies that flag brilliantly. It is cheaper than the current model at around $1,350 while still possessing components with a sustained bearing two years later.

None of these options have been particularly cheap, but they made it through because their direct predecessors have proven themselves there for the long haul.

However, if you want to pinch pennies, you can usually look down a specific model line of the bikes I've recommended if you like what that suggested bike offers.

For example, the fitness Sirrus line has the V-brake, 7-speed Shimano Tourney/ Altus Sirrus X 1.0 for $650, hydraulic disk, 8-speed MicroShift Sirrus X 2.0 for $775, and even older model, sibling V-brake Sirrus Sport models that go for around $450.

Okay, I've wasted enough time on swerving. The Carbon Monocoque fork handles excellently, and the thru-axle makes for a safe and convenient front. It is also equipped with Specialized's Future Shock 1.5 suspension system.

You won't get the dial to adjust the suspension on the fly like with the Future Shock 2.0, but the 20mm of travel provides for smooth riding without stealing your momentum like standard shocks tend to do. The Specialized A1 SL Premium Aluminum frame is sturdy and cheaper than a full carbon setup, albeit not as light or prestigious.

Specialized has designed the geometry for optimal adventuring on the tarmac and towpath. The entire finishing kit is optimized for the best comfort on a fitness bike. You can ride for longer while enjoying the world around you with a more upright and mellow riding posture.

The 700x38mm Pathfinder Sport tires can hold their own on the gritty gravel and not get sidewall tears. They have a smooth channel down the center for speed on the road and knobby sides for all the traction you'll need. You also won't be disappointed by the gear spread.

The understated but smooth-incrementing 10-speed Sunrace 11-42t cassette and the 40t aluminum chainring will take you high and low. The other noteworthy thing about the groupset is the Shimano Deore components played into the mix.

The Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc brakes will give you the performance you need, so don't let anything else stop you from checking this performer out.