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Are you new to cycling and you are wondering which bike to purchase? Here are some of the best bikes for adults learning to ride.

Are you a beginner cyclist looking to purchase their first bike? Are you wondering which bike to purchase?

There are numerous entry-level bikes on the market, designed for beginner cyclists. However, the best bikes for adults learning to ride are Cannondale Trail 6, Kona Rove, Trek Roscoe 7, Liv Avail 1 Endurance, Priority Coast, CO-OP CTY 1.1, and Liv Embolden.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at some of the best bikes on the market for adults learning to ride. We will also give you some tips and key factors to consider when buying bikes for adults learning to ride. So, if you are in the market for the best bikes for adults learning to ride, the information in this guide should help you choose the right one for your needs and budget.

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Riding a bike, whether you are cruising around town, exploring the streets around your neighborhood or riding on dirt trails in a local park, is a healthy, safe, and effective stress-relieving activity.

The problem isthat some of the adult bikes on the market, are aimed at those who already know how to ride. And as you may probably know, such bikes may not be ideal for adults learning to ride.

So, if you are an adult learning to ride, you will need to purchase a bike that is specifically designed for your category. And finding one can be a challenge, especially with so many available options. Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. We’ve scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best bikes for adults learning to ride.

The Top 7 Bikes for Adults Learning to Ride

1. Cannondale Trail 6

The Cannondale Trail 6 is designed for riding enthusiasts looking for an affordable, entry-level bike. It’s packed with high-quality features and components, without the high price tag that you may expect for such a bike.

Cannondale produces this bike in two-wheel sizes – 27.5 inches and 29 inches. Hence, you get an opportunity to choose the one that suits you. But, regardless of the size that you choose, this bike will be a great option for someone looking for bikes for adults learning to ride.

Cannondale has outfitted this bike with a SAVE C2 alloy frame. This frame is lightweight enough, making it easy to navigate or maneuver the bike. At the same time, it’s durable enough to handle plenty of abuse. As you may expect, you will be dropping your bike occasionally when you are learning to ride, and the sturdiness of this frame will come in handy.

The bike’s alloy frame has also been optimized to absorb vibrations on the road. Hence, you can ride this bike for longer, without experiencing any discomfort issues. The Trail 6 also comes with a Shimano 2x9 drive train. Hence, it has enough gears to tackle different surfaces and terrains.

Wide, 2.25-inch Ranger Comp tires ensure the bike will keep rolling smoothly, even when you encounter rough terrain. According to those who have used this bike, it remains well-balanced and agile throughout, making it one of the best bikes for adults learning to ride.

Overall, the Cannondale Trail 6 is a great, entry-level bike. It comes with all the key features that you may need to get started on your riding journey. It’s also well provisioned, to tackle different terrains and surfaces.

2. Kona Rove

The Kona Rove is a great entry-level bike, for adults learning to ride. It’s ideal for short bikepacking trips, day rides, and casual rides. It’s built to deliver a stable ride, regardless of the terrain you are riding on or the speed you are cruising at. Also, this bike sports stylish looks, with its details and paint-work that glint and pop.

Kona has outfitted the Rove with outstandingly durable parts, the standout components being the Schwalbe Delta Cruiser plus tires and the 32-spoke wheels. Thanks to the high-spoke count on these wheels and the alloy sturdy rims, this bike can handle lots of abuse.

The Rove also sports 35c tires, which are wide enough, to absorb bumps, potholes, cracked pavement and other surface imperfections. The tires also come with Schwalbe’s proprietary 3mm Puncture Guard strip, which helps to provide additional protection against punctures.

Kona has built this bike in such a way that it can handle almost any type of road. Its geometry has been optimized to deliver predictable and stable handling. So, whether you are spinning on hard or soft surfaces, you will not experience balance issues with this bike.

This bike also comes with an ergonomic, and adequately padded saddle. So, even if you spend the entire day cruising on this bike, you will not experience back strain or other types of discomfort that come with prolonged riding.

With its stable and predictable handling, durable construction and affordable pricing, the Kona Rove comes across as a great bike for adults learning to ride. It has all the key attributes for someone looking to purchase their first bike.

3. Trek Roscoe 7

Trek is a renowned brand when it comes to cross-country mountain bikes. Its bikes are popular among riders, due to their outstanding built quality, comfortable riding and predictable handling. And the Trek Roscoe 7 also follows this great tradition.

The Roscoe 7 is a well-rounded bike, which delivers a great riding experience. As much as it’s more of an entry-level bike, it comes with some great features, which you will only find in premium models.

If you are an adult learning to ride and you intend to be exploring different trails, then the Roscoe 7 will be perfect for you. Once you begin pedaling, you will experience a certain sense of confidence, which is usually not the case with some of the other bikes for adults learning to ride.

Its traction is outstanding while its wide tires handle gravel and dirt with maximum ease. Also, its suspension is great. It absorbs potholes and bumps confidently. Trek has also outfitted this bike with a locked suspension, which will come in handy in case you need to maintain high levels of pedal efficiency.

As for its drivetrain, you won’t be disappointed. It’s smooth and precise. It changes gears smoothly, thus making it easy for you to tackle even the most demanding inclines. It also comes with a dropper seat post. During descents, you simply need to drop it and you won’t experience too much discomfort.

The only slight drawback to this bike is that it may be slightly heavier than other bikes for adults learning to ride. But when you consider its great features, comfortable ride, precise handling and construction quality, then the weight may just be a slight issue.

Overall, if you are looking to buy a mountain bike for exploring local woods, then this one will be a decent choice. With the Roscoe 7, you are getting a great bike without breaking the bank.

4. Liv Avail 1 Endurance

The Avail 1 Endurance is a great entry-level bike, designed for women who are looking to get into road riding. It’s built to deliver a comfortable ride over long distances.

Avail has outfitted the 1 Endurance with an ergonomic geometry, which will put you in a more upright position. Thanks to this riding position, you will not experience much strain on your shoulders, lower back and wrists. Hence, it will be ideal for those long, scenic rides, when you want to absorb some country vibe.

The Avail 1 Endurance also features an extra set of brake levels. The second set has been positioned right on top of the bike’s handlebar. This extra set is designed to provide easy access for learners who are still trying to figure things around.

It comes with an aluminum frame, which tends to deliver better road feedback, compared to bikes with carbon frames. Also, this frame will be highly beneficial to adults learning to ride on different surfaces and terrains.

The Avail 1 Endurance also features a longer wheelbase than most of this brand’s other bikes. This longer wheelbase helps to deliver a more stable ride, which is a great feature for new riders.

Liv has also outfitted the Avail 1 Endurance with tubeless tires, featuring an all-road tread, designed to provide maximum grip and traction in different conditions, surfaces and terrains.

At the same time, the tubeless tires will allow you to ride with lower air pressure, resulting in a smoother, softer ride. Also, the tubeless tire helps to reduce the risk of a flat, meaning you will have ample time to practice around the neighborhood before you venture out on the roadways.

Overall, the Liv Avail 1 Endurance will be an excellent bike for adults learning to ride. It’s stable and comfortable. Also, it comes at a budget-friendly price, making it ideal for anyone who wants to venture into the world of riding.

5. Priority Coast

The Priority Coast is a cruiser-style type of bike, designed to deliver a comfortable and fun riding experience. It comes with all the desirable features that you would find in a beach cruiser. It’s available either in a diamond frame or step-through style. For beginners and older adults, the step-through frame will be the recommended option. It will provide easier and faster mounting and dismounting, without the risk of falling.

One of the best features about this bike is its extra-wide, well-padded seat. It comes with a form-fitting cushioning, which will provide a hug-like feel. Thanks to this seat, you are assured of a comfortable ride, even over long distances.

Priority has also provisioned this bike with Velo high-density foam handgrips. These handgrips will provide a firm and sweat-free grip, even when the weather is sweltering. These handgrips are also weather resistant.

At the same time, its handlebars have been designed in such a way that you will assume an upright sitting position when riding this bike. Hence, they will allow your back and arms to be relaxed. As a result, you will enjoy a smooth, easy and comfortable ride.

The bike’s tires are puncture-resistant. Hence, they will make your ride easy and smooth. Also, these tires will allow you ample practice time around your home. So, if you are in the market for the best bikes for adults learning to ride, then you should add this one to your shopping list.

The Priority Coast is also one of the lightest bikes in its class. It only weighs approximately 25 pounds. Besides making it easy to transport the bike, this ultra-lightweight build makes it effortless and faster to ride. Again, this will be a great feature for learners.

The Priority Coast is a fun, easy and comfortable cruiser bike to ride. It combines all the great features of a beach cruiser. Also, it’s ideal for cruising around town, exploring coastal trails or tackling moderately-hilly terrains.

Overall, if you are looking to start recreational cycling and you need a lightweight, affordable, and easy-to-ride bike, then the Priority Coast will be perfect for you. And, it doesn’t need much maintenance.

6. CO-OP CTY 1.1

Are you in the market for a feature-packed entry-level bike but your budget is limited? If the answer to this question is yes, then the CO-OP CTY 1.1 appears like a great option for you. This stylish bike comes equipped with a 3x8 drivetrain, an upright geometry, disc brakes, as well as fender and rear rack compatibility. And with its friendly price tag, you wouldn’t ask for more. As we mentioned earlier, the CTY 1.1 is an entry-level bike, meaning it's best suited for casual riders and adults learning to ride a bike.

The CTY 1.1 comes with a lightweight aluminum frame, which has been forged from 6061 alloy. The use of aluminum for the frame makes this bike strong, lightweight and sturdy – the perfect combination of attributes for someone who needs a bike they can learn to ride with.

The frame features an upright geometry, meaning it will position you in a relaxed position. This relaxed position helps to alleviate stress from the wrists, hands and lower back. Furthermore, the bike’s top tube is somehow slanted, thus providing adequate stand-over clearance for shorter users. A step-through frame is also available for this bike, making it ideal for shorter riders, women and people with balance issues.

The CTY 1.1 comes with 24 gear combinations. Hence, you can tackle almost all types of terrains. So, whether you are doing some fitness riding or casual weekend cycling, finding the right gear for your riding environment shouldn’t be a challenge.

CO-OP has also provisioned this bike with Shimano disc brakes. Shimano disc brakes are renowned for their dependable stopping power. So, if you were to encounter an emergency, these brakes will come in handy.

The CTY 1.1 has also been outfitted with 40mm 700C tires. These wide tires will roll over obstacles smoothly. Also, they come with a waffle tread, making them ideal for both unpaved and paved surfaces. Also, the waffle tread on these tires will deliver adequate traction, whether you are riding on dirt roads or gravel roads, without sacrificing speed on smooth city roads.

Considering its numerous, high-quality features, ease of riding, and riding comfort, it’s almost impossible to find another bike that can match the CO-OP CTY 1.1 at this price range. Overall, the CTY 1.1 is a decent entry-level bike and one of the best bikes for adults learning to ride.

7. Liv Embolden

Live is renowned for making great entry-level bikes, which come at affordable prices. And this is also the case with the Embolden. It’s designed for beginners looking to make their leap into the cycling world. It’s currently one of the cheapest full-suspension mountain bikes on the market. According to people who have used this bike, it’s fun and easy to ride, notwithstanding its entry-level pricing.

The Embolden is available in four different frame sizes. These frame sizes can suit different riders who fall between 145cm and 185cm tall. It also comes with tubeless tires, meaning you can practice with this bike as much as you want, without worrying about getting a puncture.

Compared to other bikes in its class, the Embolden feels more confidence-inspiring and comfortable, whether you are riding at higher speeds or navigating sharp corners. It’s one of those bikes, which will encourage you to keep riding.

Another great feature of this bike is its centralized riding position. This riding position leaves you relaxed, without having to extend your back. So, if you were to go on an extended ride, you will not experience any form of back strain or discomfort, thanks to this design.

Liv has also outfitted the Embolden with full suspension. This suspension helps to absorb bumps on uneven terrains and potholes on paved surfaces, resulting in a comfortable ride.

This bike also comes with fat 29-inch wheels, which deliver a great combination of stability and traction. And thanks to the sure-footedness that this bike delivers, you will be able to tackle different trails and terrains.

Without a doubt, the Liv Embolden is one of the best bikes for adults learning to ride. The ride is controlled and comfortable, the suspension is plush and effective, and the tires deliver adequate grip. And when you throw in its contemporary geometry, dropper seat post, confidence-inspiring performance and plenty of stability, it’s clear that the Embolden is a great bike for the money.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bikes for Adults Learning to Ride

When you are buying your first bike, choosing the right one can prove to be overwhelming. But, we’ve simplified things for you. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the main factors to consider when buying a bike for adults learning to ride.


One of the main factors to consider when it comes to selecting a bike for adults learning to ride is the terrain it will be ridden on. Different bikes are designed for different terrains. For instance, some are designed to deliver maximum speed on paved roads while others are built for soaking up bumps on uneven terrains.

If you intend to be riding your bike on unpaved roads, then you should go for a hardtail mountain bike. If you are planning to be riding your bike on sidewalks, boardwalks or paved paths, then a cruiser bike will be your better option.

In case you will be doing your riding on paved roads, then your safest option will be a road bike. And, if you will be riding mostly on gravel roads or dirt roads, then you should get yourself a gravel bike.


Once you’ve determined where you will be riding your bike, the next step is to choose a stable bike. Whether you decide to purchase a road bike, a cruiser bike, gravel bike or mountain bike, you need to ensure you choose a bike with adequate stability. After all, you are still learning how to ride.

To this end, you should choose a bike that has wider handlebars, a longer wheelbase, as well as a low standover height. Such a bike will make it easy for you to put your foot down whenever you want to stead yourself.

Also, you should go for a bike that has wider tires. A bike that has wider-than-usual tires will deliver more traction and grip. Consequently, you will be able to ride safely across different conditions and surfaces.

Riding Position

You should also ensure you select a bike that has a relaxed riding position. A bike with a relaxed riding position will deliver a comfortable ride. And the more relaxed and comfortable you are, the more you will ride. And with more practice, you will learn how to ride faster.

To this end, you should choose a bike whose riding position lies between 900 and 700 with the ground. Such a riding position will ease the strain on your neck, shoulders and lower back, resulting in a relaxed and comfortable ride.

Wrapping It Up

The best bikes for adults learning to ride are comfortable, easy to mount and dismount, stable, easy to ride and fun to ride. Also, they come at an entry-level price. And, all the bikes that have made our list tick all these boxes. So, you simply need to choose one that aligns with your needs, budget and personal preferences.