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I'll never forget the agony of chasing down a cab to get to college. A bike seemed like the perfect solution, but which bike is best for college students?

With gas prices at apocalyptic standards, taking a bicycle to college is starting to become a no-brainer and environmentally friendly while also helping you maintain shape. The next step would be to find an excellent and affordable bike perfectly tailored for students to commute to college.

The following bikes are some of the best for college students:

  1. Public Bikes R18 Drop Bar
  2. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike
  3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance
  4. Elops Hoprider 100 City Bike
  5. Brooklyn Co. Fraklin 3
  6. Sixthreezero Hybrid Cruiser Bike
  7. Specialized Alibi Hybrid Bike
  8. Marin Presidio 2 Hybrid Bike
  9. Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1
  10. Cannondale Treadwell EQ

But it's not as simple as picking up any old bike and riding it around. While the ease of accessibility is part of the allure of cycling, you'll want to be sure you acquire the correct bike for your needs and that you have everything you need to make your rides quick, safe, and straightforward.

As a result, I interviewed students who were part of college cycling communities and bike shop merchants, read online reviews, and visited sites like and to offer the best results. Thus, I've gathered a diverse selection to ensure that there is something for everyone.



Best Bikes For College Students

Unless you have a compelling reason to bring a car to college this year, a bicycle will likely be your best mode of transportation. After all, many institutions prohibit first-year students from having a car on campus.

In addition, many campuses are all-inclusive or close to downtown, which means you'll be able to get to anything you need within walking—or riding—distance. As a result, riding a bike will undoubtedly become their preferred mode of transportation for many students.

So, starting with the Public Bikes R18 Drop Bar, here's what value these bikes may bring to your everyday college life, along with knowing their basic specs and pros and cons.

1. Public Bikes R18 Drop Bar

The picture of the Public Bikes R18 Drop Bar

The Public R18 Drop Bar is a commuter and workout bike inspired by classic road cycles and ideal for college commuting students. This road-style bike's design places the rider in a much more forward position, making it easier to cycle harder but might strain your shoulders and back if you're not used to it.

Puddles won't splatter your pants on the way to class, thanks to the standard metal fenders, and mounting bosses let you add racks if you desire. Alternatively, keep things straightforward for a lighter, quicker ride along the bike lane.

Many riding postures, from semi-upright to aerodynamic, are possible thanks to current features such as a 1 1/8" threadless stem and modern dual control shifters, which provide easy-to-operate, light, and rapid shifting.

In addition, the updated Shimano Sora 2x9 drivetrain on the Public R18 Drop Bar delivers the same dependable performance as considerably more costly road bikes and is ready to help you climb even the steepest slopes.

The 18-speed bike has a variety of gears to let you climb comfortably or improve your fitness. The steel frame absorbs road shocks and cracks for a more comfortable ride, but it's a little hefty to carry if you live in a walk-up. On the other hand, it's easy to transport on a roof rack or in your car, thanks to the quick-release wheels.


  • Fenders are included in the R18.
  • For hilly cities, it provides a wide variety of gears.
  • Having two sets of brake handles makes switching between grips a breeze.
  • Public Bikes provides excellent customer service.


  • The seat may not be too comfortable for extended trips.
  • Few customers found it significantly heavier than typical bikes to take upstairs since it has a steel frame.

2. Schwinn Discover 700c Hybrid Bike


The Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike is the next bike on our list, and it has all the makings of becoming one of the finest bikes for college students. It has a clean and lovely appearance, excellent performance, and other valuable functions to provide a pleasant experience for the user.

The Schwinn Discover bike features a simple design that combines black and white to create a timeless appeal that is appropriate for both men and women. In addition, the situation of the wheels is extra-large to improve stability and balance.

It has a sophisticated Schwinn suspension fork that absorbs shock and ensures a smooth ride. Its crank, brakes, and frame are built of high-quality alloy and aluminum elements. Its interesting 21-speed function is also not to be overlooked.

At the very least, the Schwinn Discovery comfort bike is excellent for commuting to college or cruising down a leisurely bike path, thanks to its aluminum city frame, shock-absorbing suspension fork, and cushioned seat with the suspension seat post.


  • Excellent performance and shock-absorbing
  • Built to last and made of durable components
  • Promotes an upright riding position
  • A versatile city bike for all types of riding.


  • Some users experienced difficulty with assembly.

3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance


The Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance is the bike for you if you want a robust bike with top-notch performance without breaking the bank. It comes equipped with high-quality disc brakes on both the front and back wheels, allowing it to stop instantly in any situation.

It's also a good choice if you're traveling on congested roads. It has a charming appearance that will attract a lot of attention.

The frame and fork are made of high-quality aluminum, making it light, strong, and rust-resistant. In addition, it boasts a 24-speed cassette, adjustable chainrings, and alloy crank arms to keep you comfortable on any terrain.

This model comes with Weinmann 700c rims and Kenda 700c x 35c tires, which are both durable and maintain your performance on the road.

It has an excellent handlebar design and may be adjusted to your preference. When you're going fast, the pedals feature a curve to help you avoid slipping. Unfortunately, you'll also notice that it lacks a fender, making it unsuitable for wet terrain.

Even though it does not come with a back rack, it has an eyelet for future upgrades or modifications. Finally, the Vilano Diverse 3.0 ships factory directly, but reviews indicate assembly and tuning are simple through manual instructions.


  • Great Value
  • It's a bike that's both lightweight and durable.
  • It comes with high-performance disc brakes.
  • Easily assembled and disassembled for maintenance.


  • It does not come with fenders or a rear rack.

4. Elops Hoprider 100 City Bike


According to numerous cycling communities I visited, the Elops Hoprider 100 City Bike is an all-around favorite among college student commuters. Elops is one of the bike brands sold by Decathlon, a sports megastore.

This bike is ideal for all sorts of weekly journeys both within and outside of town. In addition, they're perfect for trips of more than 6 miles.

Because the company sells bikes all around USA and Europe, its city bikes are designed with all sensibilities in mind, which means the Hoprider 100 features dynamo lighting, which is uncommon on City-specced bikes. As a result, the bike stands out on the road or pavement and is one of the safer options on this list.

A generator powers the lights in the front wheel, so they're constantly on. You also get a gel saddle, mudguards, and a rack, and the Shimano Altus mechs are superior to those found on less expensive bikes. A kickstand is also included for easy parking.


  • The Hoprider Includes a self-generating powered dynamo front and rear lights.
  • A durable bike that is ideal for comfortable rides up to 6 miles.
  • Includes chain guards and mudguards.
  • It is manufactured to be an ideal college student commuter.


  • Heavier than most of its competitors.

5. Brooklyn Co. Fraklin 3


Brooklyn Bicycle Co. specializes in creating bikes built for durability, comfort, and elegance. Thus, Brooklyn Co.'s Franklin 3 demonstrates this concentration.

The step-through frame makes mounting your bike easy no matter what you're wearing, and it's built of lightweight steel, so you can simply take the about 33-pound bike up and downstairs, proving its optimal value as a college student commuting option.

In addition, their fundamental city bike is a popular choice for traveling around town without breaking a sweat. The Franklin 3 is both stylish and functional, allowing riders of all types to get on and go.

Shimano, one of the industry's leading brands, manufactures the rear hub and shifter. The bike also has puncture-resistant tires. For ultimate comfort, both the saddle and the grips are constructed of vegan leather.

The Franklin 3 has three speeds, although it also comes in single and seven speeds. In addition, the bike is available in small, medium, or large sizes. Finally, this bike is as flexible as it is attractive, with a low-maintenance 3-speed internally geared hub and puncture-resistant tires that allow you to overcome diverse terrain.


  • The assembly of the Franklin 3 is included in the price.
  • It is built to last.
  • Excellent value for the quality.
  • It boasts comfort for long rides.
  • It is designed for both relaxed and upright riding.


  • It is only manufactured in a 3-Speed.

6. Sixthreezero Every Journey Hybrid Cruiser Bike


Because of its sturdy structure and dependable gearing system, the Sexthreezero Every Journey Hybrid Cruiser Bike, designed for ladies, is excellent for taller riders.

In addition to vintage aesthetics, this step-through Sixthreezero model has an upright riding position and sweeping cruiser handlebars to keep your back and shoulders relaxed for optimal comfort. This Cruise bike has already won the hearts of many with over 470 excellent reviews and a fantastic price tag.

In addition, it includes mudguards or a chainguard; thus, it is best for all climates and includes a rear rack for luggage and a 17" durable steel frame to last throughout your college years and longer.

Furthermore, from pleasure rides to long-distance college commutes, the Shimano 7-speed external derailleur with front and rear handbrakes pamper the rider on every run. However, its steel frame can be a heavy bike to carry upstairs. On the bright side, the bike comes in three lively colors: Navy, Teal, and Cream.

Finally, with excellent reviews, easy assembly, and reputable Customer service support, the Threesixzero Every Journey Hybrid Cruiser bike is a dream on two wheels.


  • Designed for comfort to reach speeds from 3-30Mph
  • The bike comes 80% assembled
  • A sturdy steel frame ensures long-lasting durability.
  • It is a stylish bike that promotes an upright riding position.
  • Excellent customer rating.


  • Not excellent at handling bumpy terrain.
  • The bike can be heavy to carry.

7. Specialized Alibi Hybrid Bike


Several reputable sources, including and, suggested this seven-speed Specialized Alibi hybrid bike as a top selection for students because of one unique feature: its semi-solid tires never run flat.

That said, flat tires, caused by potholes and rough roads, are one of the most prevalent problems that city commuters experience, and they can cause them to be late for work. As a result, new commuters find flat-proof build a darn good option.

Furthermore, the hardworking and robust A1 Premium Aluminum frame is light and durable, with rack and fender attachments for simple carrying and dry riding in inclement situations.

It's also designed with our Fitness Geometry, which means you'll be able to go quickly with optimum efficiency while avoiding the pain of an aggressive riding posture. After all, the more relaxed you are, the longer you will be able to bike.


  • The bike doesn't require as much maintenance compared to its competitors.
  • It is budget-friendly, and no need to worry about flat tires.
  • Comfortable on long distances.
  • Excellent for various terrain.
  • It has a light and durable aluminum frame.


  • The bike does not have perfect traction for wet weather.

8. Marin Presidio 2 Hybrid Bike


I found that the Marin's Presidio 2 is the best alternative for students who just want a bike to travel around without having to stress over or even bother cleaning it regularly after scoring virtually full marks in several reviews!

It has a twin-butted aluminum frame and fork, which is better than many bikes at this price point and provides a solid base for a smooth ride.

The Shimano Nexus hub gear set is one of my favorites. It virtually eliminates the need for an external cassette, making it highly low-maintenance in terms of wear and tear. It also eliminates the frequent 'de-crudding' requirement that a typical gear setup necessitates if a bike is used in all weather conditions.

Furthermore, it has enough 'gears' to pick from for all but the most uphill journeys, with seven to choose from owing to its extensive range. More experienced riders may notice some significant 'gaps' in this setup, but if all you want to know is if you can ride it on the flat and upward, the answer is a resounding yes.

The backswept handlebars create a very relaxed and comfortable stance, while the strong Shimano hydraulic disc brakes provide enough stopping power.

Overall, it is the bike for you if you want one of the best commuter bikes for college students who don't care about the gleaming pro look.


  • The bike is perfect for beginners
  • The bike is highly versatile and boasts an easy-to-maintain drivetrain.
  • It's enjoyable to ride.
  • Great specs.


  • Some users may not appreciate the shift twisters.
  • Backswept bars should be made broader.
  • Slightly more expensive compared to its competitors

9. Co-Op Cycles CTY 1.1


The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 hybrid bike is ideal for urban and suburban trips to college, with rack and fender compatibility, a flexible 3 x 8 transmission, an upright ride, and robust tires. REI's house brand of bikes, Co-op Cycles, offers some of the finest value on the market.

A lightweight aluminum frame and fork, Shimano 24-speed gear, a beautiful Selle Royal bicycle seat, and fast-rolling 700c by 40c tires are all included for roughly $600.

In addition, the CTY 1.1 is quite responsive. Many evaluations claim that the brakes react swiftly and are incredibly trustworthy in critical situations. Moreover, many users have no problem handling windy trails or wet climates, and puncture protection is included to reduce the frequency of experiencing a flat tire.

In addition, the CTY 1.1 comes in two colors, four sizes in the normal frame design and four sizes in the step-through version. It's simple to put together. To assist with the procedure, REI provides an online video. They also offer the necessary tools for completion.

Overall, the CTY 1.1 is an excellent choice if you want a great value and a bike with many features supported by REI's unrivaled customer service.


  • For the price, you get plenty of bike.
  • It features 700c by 40c fast-rolling Kenda tires.
  • You may choose between standard and step-thru frames.
  • REI offers excellent customer service and support.


  • The cable-operated disc brakes may not be to everyone's taste.

10. Cannondale Treadwell EQ


Last but not least, we have the Cannondale Tradewell EQ, a bike that is not only ideal for college students but also a bike that may be used on any given day and in any location.

This elegant cruiser is popularly used as a commuter or fitness bike. Its geometry is a mix of upright and aggressive, making it comfortable for a full day of errands but still putting you in a somewhat forward position to speed through them.

It also includes bumpers from Urban Armor to help protect the frame from dents and dings while leaning and locking regularly.

On both paved and dirt roads, the aluminum frame and 27.5-inch wheels with wide, street-style tires provide a pleasant ride. The top-of-the-line EQ model includes fenders and a front luggage rack.

The integrated Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ wireless-compatible Cannondale wheel sensor (developed with Garmin) begins recording data such as distance, speed, time, ride routes, and calories burned as soon as you pedal the Treadwell EQ. You can view this data in real-time or use the free Cannondale app afterward to review your results.

In addition, a handy clip on the stem securely holds any SP Connect–compatible smartphone case, allowing the Cannondale app to create a dashboard display for speed, mileage, and more.


  • Mudguards and racks are included.
  • The bike is a top performer.
  • Hassle-free mechanisms
  • It is built to take a beating.


  • Expensive
  • Some may find it lacking in overall appeal.


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